Why You Shouldn’t Use an Infographic Resume

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Your resume is the most important document you will use in your job search. Your resume is the first impression you give to potential employers. If your resume is not polished and professional, you will not be considered for the job.

In an effort to stand out from the crowd, many job seekers use infographic resumes. It’s difficult for both ATS scanners and hiring managers to understand fast so it could be a cost-cutting move to use a non-standard resume.

Experts agree that an infographic resume is not a good idea. It’s almost always a bad idea. Your resume design is not what a hiring manager will consider when making a decision. Your resume should not look like an art project. Unfortunately, many infographic resumes end up looking this way.

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What’s an infographic resume?

An infographic resume is different than a standard resume in that it uses images to communicate information about skills, education, and experience. This resume format is increasingly popular with job seekers as it allows you to show off your skills without writing every word. Instead, visual cues are used to communicate what you know as well as how well you can do certain tasks.

An infographic resume typically includes three sections: Education, Skills, and Experience. There are many subheadings to each section. Depending on how much space each element requires, you might add one to two headings to each section. You could, for example, add a heading called Skills and list the skills you have. You could also add a heading called “Experience” where you can describe your past positions and responsibilities. You could also add another heading for “Education.” You could also add a third heading for “Education.”

An infographic resume’s beauty is its ability to highlight certain aspects of you while keeping the text minimal. You can include some elements of an infographic in your cover letter if you are applying for a job that requires extensive writing. If you are looking for a job that requires little writing, an infographic resume might be a good option.

Why you shouldn’t use an infographic resume

ATS scans don’t like infographic resumes

Today, most employers use an ATS (Applicant Tracking System), to automatically screen resumes. The ATS can’t read infographic resumes, so the resume may be rejected automatically.

ATS resume scanning software scans a resume to find relevant information, such as work experience, education, and skills. It will send the resume to the hiring manager if it finds it is a suitable match for the job. A resume that does not meet the requirements is rejected. The resume is sent to the hiring manager.

It is more difficult to adapt an infographic resume for a job.

Your resume should be tailored to the position for which you are applying. This includes changing the content of your resume (e.g. To better match the job posting, you can change your summary, keywords, or work experience. It is ineffective to send the same resume for every job you apply for. You should instead take the time to customize your resume for each job and see an increase in callbacks.

It is very difficult to customize infographic resumes. An infographic resume can be difficult to modify the design or adjust the text.

Features unusual formatting

On average, hiring managers spend 6 seconds reviewing resumes.

They scan quickly for relevant education, skills, and experience. The hiring manager will not sit down and attempt to analyze your resume to find the information they are looking for.

They want to be able to quickly locate the information they are looking for when they go through hundreds of resumes every day.

Creative resumes are considered unprofessional.

What should you wear to an interview?

It is important to look professional. To stand out from your competition, you wouldn’t wear a tie-dye shirt to an interview. You want to be your best professional self.

The same reason why you wouldn’t make your resume into an artwork project is also true. During your job search, you want to look professional.

Infographic resumes detract from the content

It’s difficult to create an infographic resume if you are not a graphic designer. Too many job seekers place too much emphasis on the design of their resumes and not the content. It is your experience, skills, and accomplishments that will land you an interview, not the design of the resume. Write a resume that makes you stand out among the rest.

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Not all jobs can be suited for infographic resumes.

Infographic resumes may be perceived as less professional. Depending on the type of job to which you are applying, this could be the biggest downside. Don’t worry if a company doesn’t like your infographic resume. Many employers prefer a traditional resume for all job positions. Employers may use an applicant tracking system to scan the applicant and identify keywords that will assess their suitability for the job. Your resume would be deleted because the tracking system does not work with infographics.

Pros of infographic resume

It showcases your information. Infographics sort, arrange and showcase data in an easy-to-understand manner. It’s easy to share infographics online. You can easily share your expertise with one link.

When to Use One

When should an infographic resume be used? If it is not requested, you can use it to supplement your LinkedIn profile or as an attachment if you are directly contacting a recruiter or hiring manager. However, always include your original, traditional version.


For the reasons we have stated above, it is best to avoid using an infographic resume. Although it may give job seekers an “edge,” it can actually do more harm than good. Instead of focusing on graphics and colors, focus your attention on creating a resume that highlights the relevant skills and experiences. Traditional resume formats are preferred by hiring managers because they make it easy to find the information they need quickly. Our group of experts can help you upgrade your resume and land that dream job! We can help you craft an application-ready resume that will make sure you stand out from the rest.

All the best with your job search!

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