Why is Finding a Job So Hard? (+6 Tips to Get Hired)

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You’ve spent hours searching through job boards and applying for jobs. Now you’re ready to get hired. What happens next?

It seems simple enough: go to the company’s website or LinkedIn profile, read their requirements, apply, wait for them to call you back, and then they never do. Why does finding a job seem harder than ever before?

There are several reasons why employers don’t want to hire you. The biggest reason is that they simply aren’t looking for someone like you. They’re looking for someone who fits into their culture and has skills that match their current needs.

Some employers won’t even consider hiring someone who has recently changed jobs or moved cities. And then there are those who simply don’t want to hire anyone unless they already know them personally.

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Ever wonder why employers are not getting back to you?

The process of applying for a job isn’t always simple. And while some companies require you to fill out one form for every position you’re interested in, others ask you to submit multiple applications for different roles.

This is because most businesses don’t want to waste resources on candidates who aren’t qualified enough to land a role. But there could be another reason why you haven’t heard anything back from employers.

A recent study found that people are increasingly turning to social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to check up on prospective employees. This includes looking into things like previous employment history, education, skills, hobbies, and even family members.

Companies are also taking advantage of technology to make sure that they know everything about candidates. They’re using applicant tracking systems to screen resumes and look for certain keywords that indicate whether someone is likely to succeed at a particular job.

The use of applicant tracking systems by companies has been a problem for many applicants since they now have to exert extra effort in order to stand out from other job seekers.

There are 2 ways to handle this. You can optimize your resume and cover letter with the right keywords to have a higher chance compared to the rest. Or you can let our expert professionals do the work for you.

Once a resume passes the initial screening, the next step involves reviewing it manually. If the person is deemed a good fit for the position, a human employee will take a closer look at the candidate’s experience and work history.

Finally, once the hiring manager approves the candidate, he or she will contact the individual via email or phone call.

How to increase your chances of landing an interview

The job market is tough out there. And while it’s true that many people find themselves unemployed or underemployed, even those lucky enough to land a great job still face some challenges and concerns along the way.

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Here are six tips to help you get hired:

1. Network

This one seems obvious, but it bears repeating because it’s often overlooked. If you’re looking for a job, chances are you’ll want to network with others in similar positions.

Use social media to connect with friends, family members, former coworkers, and others you know. You never know what connections might lead somewhere fruitful.

2. Be proactive.

Don’t wait around hoping something good falls into your lap. Instead, look for opportunities where you can add value. For example, if you’ve been laid off, don’t sit back waiting for someone else to call; go ahead and reach out to companies you’d like to work for.

Many times, employers will contact candidates directly rather than rely on recruiters.

3. Keep up with trends

Companies are always changing. Look for ways to keep yourself current on industry changes and how they affect your field.

When possible, try to learn about new technologies and tools that could enhance your skill set.

4. Know when to ask questions

Asking questions during interviews helps you understand the employer’s culture and values. It also gives you insight into whether the position is a good fit for you.

Some interviewers love to talk about themselves, so asking thoughtful questions can give you a better sense of the person behind the desk.

5. Go beyond resumes

While resumes are important, they aren’t everything. Think about the qualities you bring to the table.

What makes you unique? Is there anything you can offer that sets you apart from other applicants? These are all things you can discuss during an interview.

6. Do more follow-ups

If you do end up getting hired, it’s important to remember to follow up with the interviewer.

And while you may think you’ve already sent off your thank you note, wait a few days before doing so. You never know what else the recruiter might want from you.


Sometimes you just have to be persistent until you land that dream job. While it seems like a long road, these tips should help you stay motivated and focused as you continue down the path toward employment.

So what do you say? Are you ready to start networking again? Or maybe you’re thinking about applying for jobs you would normally not apply for.

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