Why Do Recruiters Reschedule Job Interviews?

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There are a lot of reasons why recruiters reschedule interviews, but one of the most common is simple logistics. Some recruiters will tell you that they’re busy and have too much on their plate to make it work for an interview that day, while others may want to make sure everything is in order before taking the time out of their day to meet with a candidate.

It could also be as simple as not having any nearby candidates available or not being able to find a good meeting location on short notice.

Another reason why recruiters reschedule job interviews is that the candidate has done something that makes them look bad. If you miss the first interview or arrive late, for example, it’s likely that your recruiter will reschedule so they can make sure you’re on time and prepared for the next meeting.

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Is it normal for interviews to be rescheduled?

Yes. It’s normal for interviews to be rescheduled, especially if the recruiter is busy or you have something come up that prevents you from attending. Rescheduling an interview isn’t a bad thing as long as it doesn’t happen too often. If your job search becomes a series of rescheduled interviews, however, it could be time to look elsewhere.

The same goes for the recruiter, who may have other candidates to interview. If they’re constantly rescheduling interviews with you, it means they don’t see you as a priority and are likely moving on to their next candidate.

Is rescheduling an interview a red flag?

The answer is a bit more complicated than it might seem. Rescheduling an interview can be a red flag if it’s done too often or if the reason for rescheduling isn’t very legitimate.

For example, if you have several interviews scheduled and all of them are rescheduled because one recruiter is busy, it could mean that your schedule isn’t important to them. If this happens for more than one candidate, however, it may simply be that the recruiter has another project they need to focus on.

If you reschedule once or twice because of something that’s out of your control (such as a family emergency), it’s not necessarily bad. But if you have to reschedule more than that, it could be a red flag. If the reason for rescheduling is legitimate but unprofessional (such as “I woke up late this morning and didn’t have time to get ready”), then it could be another sign that they aren’t treating their candidates with the respect they deserve.

How do you acknowledge a rescheduled interview?

If you’ve been rescheduled, it’s important to acknowledge the new date and time. You can do this by sending an email or text that says something like, “Thank you for rescheduling my interview.” “I look forward to speaking with you again on [insert date].”

This will not only show them that you were paying attention when they sent out the message about their change in plans, but also that you are willing to accommodate them. Even if the interview has been rescheduled multiple times, always send a thank-you note after each one. This will help ensure that they know you are still interested and eager to speak with them again.

As you are waiting for a response from the company, continue to do research on them and their industry. This will help you stay up-to-date on what they are doing and how it relates to your interests. It can also give you some ideas for questions that might be useful during the interview process.

How do you confirm if an interview is still happening?

If you have not heard from the company, it is always best to contact them. This can be done in writing or via phone call, depending on your preference and availability. If you are nervous about calling or waiting for a response, send an email first so that they can confirm if the interview will still take place. It is also helpful to ask about any specific attire or documents that may be required for this meeting.

If the company confirms that they still want you to come in, then you can ask them if they have any additional questions. This is a good way to get an idea of what they are looking for in an employee and how they plan to use your skills.


There are many ways that you can prepare for an interview. You can review your resume and cover letter, practice answering questions, and update your social media profiles if necessary. Once you get the interview date, it is important to confirm with the company that they still want you to come in.

Then, be sure to show up on time and dress appropriately for the position. If there are any additional documents that need to be brought along, make sure that you have those ready as well. During the interview, listen carefully to what is being asked and answer thoughtfully.

If you don’t know an answer or need more time to think about it, say so politely and offer a suggestion for how you might get back to them with the information they are looking for. Answering questions with confidence can help you land your dream job!

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