What’s It Like to Work at Salesforce? (Review)

What's It Like to Work at Salesforce?
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Salesforce is an innovative company that many job seekers aspire to work for. Its reputation as a great workplace precedes it, but what’s it like to work there?

Salesforce has become a household name since its inception in 1999. The company offers cloud-based software solutions to businesses around the globe. What does working at Salesforce entail?

Salesforce is a global leader in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. They offer customer service, sales management, marketing automation, human resources, project management, accounting, finance, and analytics.

Working at Salesforce involves a variety of roles, from entry-level positions to senior leadership roles. There are opportunities to advance within the organization as well as outside of the company.

We looked at what employees have to say about their time at Salesforce. They love the company culture, the people they work with, and the ample opportunities for career growth. If you’re considering moving to Salesforce, read on to learn more about what you can expect!

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The work environment at Salesforce

The company claims that it is committed to providing a “manageable work-life balance.” At Salesforce, employees are encouraged to take advantage of the many benefits offered to help them achieve that goal. These include free gym memberships, paid vacation days, flexible hours, and even mindfulness sessions.

According to current employees, the company’s CEO and founder, Marc Benioff, is an inspiring manager who encourages everyone to find a comfortable balance. He believes that the best way to do this is to give his employees plenty of flexibility while still holding them accountable for their performance.

Is it hard to get a Job at Salesforce?

Salesforce is one of the most popular companies to work for, but getting hired there is no easy feat. You must apply online, complete multiple rounds of interviews, and pass a final test even to be considered for a position.

Suppose you are lucky enough to land an offer. In that case, you still face a long road ahead, including passing additional tests, completing training courses, and working out of a temporary office while you wait for permanent placement.

The good news is that you will find yourself in a great place once you reach the door. Salesforce offers competitive compensation packages, flexible schedules, and plenty of perks like free food, gym memberships, and unlimited vacation days.

What Does It Take to Get a Job at Salesforce?

Salesforce is one of the world’s leading CRM companies. The software provider invests in the professional and individual development of its employees.

This includes paying for conferences, workshops, training, and seminars. In addition to providing financial support, it also encourages employee participation in volunteer activities.

The company offers several career paths within the organization, including sales, marketing, product management, engineering, finance, and human resources. Salesforce also provides opportunities for international expansion, which appeals to many professionals.

If you want to know what it takes to work there, here are some things you might want to consider:

  • The company values diversity and actively promotes equal opportunity for everyone.
  • The company is committed to creating a safe environment where people can thrive professionally and personally.
  • Employees are encouraged to participate in volunteering projects.
  • The company also supports professional development, including attending conferences, participating in educational courses, and mentoring programs.

Salesforce Perks And Benefits At a Glance

Salesforce ranks among the best places to work in America, according to Glassdoor’s Best Places To Work 2018 report. But what do those rankings mean? What are the perks and benefits you receive at your job?

Employees at Salesforce rank their perks and benefits higher than most, placing them in the Top 5%.

This data set includes over 8,000 employee responses across several categories including salary, health insurance, retirement plans, vacation policy, 401(k), etc.

The data were analyzed based on job role, tenure, gender, race, age, location, industry, and education level.

It was found that the Admin department and employees who have been at the company for over ten years ranked their perks and benefits the highest, while African Americans / Black employees and those with entry-level experience ranked theirs the lowest.

In general, people in sales, marketing, customer success, and support roles ranked their perks and benefits higher than those in engineering, product management, and other departments.

What’s the typical day of a Salesforce employee?

Salespeople wake up in the morning at different times. Some start earlier than others. But what does it mean for their performance? In a recent study, 2,500 salespeople were asked how early they usually get out of bed and what they do first.

It was found that 76% of salespeople rose before 7 a.m., compared to the national average of just over 50%. Also, the most popular activity among those waking early is checking emails (49%), followed closely by reading news headlines (46%).

But there’s one big difference between the people who rise early and everyone else: They check their phones first. Nearly half of them say they check their phone first thing. Only 10% of the rest of us check our phones first thing.

Interestingly, even though some salespeople say they don’t use their phone first thing, they still check their email inboxes. So maybe it isn’t always about what you’re doing but about whom you’re talking to.

And here’s another surprise: People who check their email first tend to sleep later than those who don’t.

So why do they check their email first thing? Maybe because they want to make sure they didn’t miss anything important. Or perhaps they want to see whether they got a response to something they sent yesterday. Whatever the reason, it seems like they’re trying to catch up on everything that happened during the night.

Or maybe they’re just looking forward to starting the next day.

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Why should people consider working at Salesforce?

Salesforce is among the fastest-growing top five enterprise software companies in the industry today. The company has grown over 10x since 2010 and continues to see explosive growth every quarter.

Salesforce believes everyone deserves access to great customer experiences. Through its products, services, and philanthropy, the company works every day to improve the state of the world around us.

Salesforce is building the future of enterprise software – where people everywhere can access information, insights, and tools to help make better decisions faster. And while the company is making strides toward achieving this vision, there’s still plenty of room for improvement.

Its culture is built on collaboration, innovation, learning, empathy, and respect for each other and customers. It embraces diversity and encourages individuality, celebrates differences, and value humility. It doesn’t just focus on what’s best for ourselves; the company thinks about how it can positively affect others.

And it’s working. Salesforce has gone from being a small startup to a global powerhouse in less than three years. Today, it is used by some of the largest organizations on earth, including NASA, Walmart, AT&T, Pfizer, Toyota, BMW, GE, Procter & Gamble, Barclays, and many more.

Salesforce takes pride in our ability to deliver amazing technology solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries. But the company knows that it can do even better.

So, What’s It Like to Work at Salesforce?

If you’re looking for a place to build your career with some of the brightest minds in tech, then Salesforce is somewhere you should consider.

Not only do they offer competitive compensation and benefits, but their focus on social responsibility is evident in the way they advocate for certain socio-economic issues.

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