What’s It Like to Work at Adidas? (Review)

What's It Like to Work at Adidas?
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Adidas has always been known for its high-quality shoes and apparel. The company also offers various other services, such as sports equipment, clothing, footwear, accessories, and furniture.

Adidas was founded in Germany in 1949 by Adolf Dassler. He started out selling leather goods before moving into sportswear. Today, Adidas employs over 60,000 people worldwide.

Working at Adidas means having access to a great career opportunity. Various positions are available within the company, from sales representatives to marketing managers.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at Adidas and explore what it’s like to work there and if it is the right job for you. Keep reading to learn more!

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The work environment at Adidas?

The experience of working in the company is worthwhile. You will meet and learn from great people in different job cultures and be surprised to learn things you didn’t know before.

This place is very relaxed, and everyone gets along well together. They are always willing to help you out, and the work-life balance is great.

The hours are flexible. You can work whatever shift you want. The schedule was pretty much every weekend and sometimes during the weekdays too.

They provide several benefits and pay ranges depending on the position you’re applying for. For sales associates, the starting wage is good. Then it goes up depending on how long you’ve been with the company.

Is it difficult working at Adidas?

Adidas Group has been around for several decades and is one of the world’s largest sportswear companies. Adidas is known for producing quality products and having fun while doing it. They are ranked #1 in customer satisfaction according to Forbes.

There are many different departments that you can join. Some of them include the following:

Sales – Sales Representatives sell their products to customers. They have extensive knowledge about the industry they represent.

Marketing – Marketing Managers create advertising campaigns. They manage budgets and oversee all aspects of the campaign.

Finance – Finance Managers handle financial matters. They ensure that the company stays profitable.

Design – Designers create designs for the company. They make sure everything looks good and fits properly.

Production – Production Workers, produce the final product. They are responsible for ensuring the product meets the standards set by the company.

Finance – Finance Managers handle finances. They ensure that the money is spent correctly and efficiently.

Human Resources – Human Resource Managers recruit employees and train new ones. They are responsible for creating a positive work atmosphere.

Legal – Legal Counselors advise the company on legal issues. They make sure the company follows the law.

Logistics – Logisticians coordinate the shipping process. They ensure that orders arrive safely and quickly.

Accounting – Accounting Analysts keep track of the company’s finances. They ensure that all expenses are paid.

Quality Assurance – Quality Assurance Analysts test the products to ensure they meet the brand’s standards.

Research & Development – Research & Development Analysts develop new products or improve existing ones. They may even invent something unique.

Adidas offers training programs for its employees. There are several levels of training available. Depending on your level of expertise, you could earn a reasonable amount.

What benefits can I expect when working at Adidas?

You will receive a competitive salary. This means you’ll be able to save more money than if you were working elsewhere.

In addition to a competitive salary, you will also get free food, discounts on gym memberships, and access to various events.

If you need help with childcare, you can take advantage of the company’s childcare program.

Adidas provides medical coverage for employees who want it. You can choose from three plans: basic, comprehensive, and dental.

Adidas offers other perks like life insurance, a retirement savings plan, a 401(k) matching program, and tuition reimbursement.

What’s the typical day of an Adidas employee?

Adidas employees are diverse, but some things tend to be typical of most days at the office.

First and foremost, Adidas is all about sports. Whether working on designing the perfect sneaker or coming up with a new marketing campaign, everything revolves around making the company’s products the best they can be.

That means that even when there isn’t an important game or event, there’s still a feeling of excitement.

And, of course, with such an emphasis on fitness, it’s not uncommon for employees to take a break to go for a jog or play pick-up basketball. Of course, not every day at Adidas is filled with rallies and sneakers.

There’s also plenty of work that goes into keeping the company running smoothly. From holding meetings to crunching numbers, Adidas employees always hustle to keep things moving forward. But even on the busiest days, there’s always time for a little bit of friendly competition.

After all, what would Adidas be without a little healthy competition?

Why should people consider working at Adidas?

There are many reasons why someone would want to work at Adidas. Some of them include the following:

  • Competitive pay
  • Free food
  • Discounts on gym memberships
  • Access to various events
  • Childcare
  • Medical coverage
  • Retirement savings plan
  • 401(k) matching program
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Life insurance

How can I start working at Adidas?

The Adidas hiring process is a very detailed one. Candidates are assessed based on work experience, skills, personality traits, etc. This ensures that the company gets the most suitable person for the job.

Generally, the hiring process consists of three stages: the application, the interviews, and the assessment. Here is a brief overview of what happens during each phase.

Application: In the application phase, potential applicants fill out an online form where they provide information about themselves, including personal data, education history, professional development, and references. After applying, the candidate receives a confirmation email with a link to the next step.

Interview: During the interview process, the applicant meets with hiring team members to discuss their qualifications and answer questions. The discussion aims to determine whether the candidate fits the role and can do it well.

For example, some positions require specific knowledge or skills, while others involve working under pressure. Interviewers determine whether the applicant has what it takes to perform the job.

Assessment: Once the interview is over, the hiring manager reviews the candidate’s application and sends them a feedback report. Based on the information, the candidate is either invited to continue with the process or rejected.

If they are asked to proceed further, the candidate completes another round of interviews. At the end of the process, the hiring manager selects the best candidate and makes the offer.

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So, What’s It Like to Work at Adidas?

Working at Adidas is not easy. There are many challenges involved in the daily routine. But if you have the right attitude and mindset to achieve your personal goals, you will enjoy every moment of your career at Adidas.

Here is some career advice to help you get started:

  • Be open-minded
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Take initiative
  • Stay motivated
  • Have fun

Indeed, a career at Adidas is an opportunity to be part of a company that impacts the world through sports.

Don’t let the idea of working at a large corporation intimidate you. Many people feel that way, but once they get their foot in the door, they find out it’s not so bad.

In fact, working at Adidas has many perks and benefits you might not be aware of. Is Adidas somewhere you’d like to work?

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