Top 12 Jobs That Are Safe From the Robots or AI

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Fear not; you are not completely out of a job in the near future. We must resist the urge to blame robots and AI for the poor economy at the moment, but they will be taking over faster than we think.

Here is our list of the 12 “safe” jobs that can still be a career choice in the future and aren’t being threatened by AI or automation.

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Writers are in demand and can still be a good choice for people who want to pursue a career that will not be taken over by robots or AI.

There is always an audience for great stories, whether they’re written on paper or online. Writers will always have work because people enjoy reading about interesting events in other people’s lives.


Lawyers are needed in every society because people need help with legal problems. We need laws to protect our rights, and we also need lawyers to interpret those laws. We will always need lawyers because, no matter how good computers get at doing things for us, there will always be some problems that require human intervention.

Even though there are some software programs that can draft legal documents, lawyers are still needed to review the documents before they’re used. They will also be needed in future societies because we need laws that govern us and protect us from harm.


Psychiatrists are trained professionals who can help people with their mental health. They diagnose and treat mental illnesses and disorders, including depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. A psychiatrist will ask you questions about your symptoms, as well as about your life history and family background. This information helps them determine the best treatment for you.

Psychiatrists are trained professionals who can help people with their mental health, and they will never be replaced by robots.


With the help of teachers, children can learn how to read, write, and do the math. Teachers are also responsible for keeping children safe from bullying and abuse.

They have a lot on their plate; it’s unlikely that robots will replace them anytime soon. People will always need education, and only teachers can do that, not a robot.


Nurses must be compassionate, and patient, and have an excellent bedside manner. They must also understand how to diagnose illnesses, provide proper treatment, administer medicine, and more. Nurses are trained professionals who know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to their patient’s health. Paramedics People will always need paramedics because they save lives every day.

Robots are not capable of performing the duties that nurses must do every day. Only humans can perform these tasks well, so nursing jobs will always be irreplaceable by AI or robots.


Doctors are not always available, so paramedics are needed to rush to the scene of an accident or other emergency and provide immediate care. Paramedics must have a high level of stamina because they often work long hours and may be called upon at any time.

They also need strong problem-solving skills because they must figure out how to treat their patient’s injuries in difficult situations. Even though many hospitals have started using robots to help with surgery, they still need paramedics who can perform the tasks that only people can do well.


Scientists are necessary for the advancement of human knowledge, so we need them to continue making discoveries that will improve our lives.

Even though many scientists use computers to conduct research, they must be able to think outside the box and create new ideas. These are things that a robot cannot do.

Human Resource Managers

Human resource managers are safe from automation because they must be able to interact with people and understand their needs. They cannot simply plug in a formula that will tell them what type of person to hire for a position.

Human resource managers must be able to assess applicants and find people who will fit in with the company culture. They also need to know when someone is not right for a position, even if they have all the right qualifications.

Human resource managers have to be able to think on their feet and adjust their approach depending on the situation. They must also be able to communicate with people at all levels of an organization.


Artists must use their own creativity to create new works. An original work of art cannot be created by a computer program by thinking creatively outside the box.

Artists also need to have a good eye for detail so they can spot mistakes in their own work and fix them before anyone else notices.


Journalists must know how to write stories, which means they have to have a good grasp of grammar and punctuation. Journalists also need to be able to interview people and get them to open up about their personal lives.

They must also be able to use this information in their articles without violating anyone’s privacy or rights. So there’s no way for a robot to replace that.

Software Developers

When you think about it, software developers are kind of like artists. They create things that don’t exist in the real world: computer programs.

And just like any other art form, the software has to be perfect—or else it won’t work properly.

Event Planners

Event planners are the people who make sure everything goes smoothly on the day of an event. They have to organize seating charts and ensure that there’s enough food and drink for everyone who attends.

But they also need to keep things fun and exciting so that guests don’t get bored while they wait for something interesting to happen!

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In the end, it is up to you to choose which job is right for you. You should not be afraid of losing your job because of artificial intelligence or robots taking over. Humans and machines must collaborate to make the world a better place for everyone, not just one group of people.

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