Tips to Help You Land More Job Interviews

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How to get hired at your dream company? There are hundreds of thousands of companies out there looking for talented employees. How does one stand out from the crowd?

You might think that landing a great job requires years of experience or a degree from a prestigious university. In reality, though, it takes only a little bit of effort to land a position at a top company.

The truth is, most employers don’t care what kind of school you went to or whether you have any relevant work experience.

They’re more concerned with how well you communicate if you know what they do, and — perhaps just as importantly — if you seem excited about working at their company.

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What you can do to land more job interviews

As long as you show up on time, know the material, and act enthusiastic during interviews, you shouldn’t have trouble finding a position — especially if you’re targeting a specific role within a large organization.

So, here are some tips to help you improve your chances when applying for jobs.

1. Learn What They Do

Before you go into any interview, learn everything you can about the company. By doing this, you’ll not only demonstrate a keen interest in the job but also be able to answer questions like “What would I be working on?”

Doing research before going into an interview could mean the difference between getting a job offer or being rejected outright.

This means that you should familiarize yourself with the organization’s history, its products, or any other information that might relate to what you’d be doing.

2. Know Your Target Companies’ Culture

In addition to knowing what they do, you should also understand the company’s culture. To start, look for clues online. If people are talking positively about the company, it’s likely a good place to apply. If lots of folks are complaining, consider moving along.

However, don’t limit yourself to online sources. Look through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter for clues about the company’s culture.

This may give you a better understanding of the type of person who works there, which could influence how you present yourself.

3. Be Prepared During Interviews

To stand out in the competition, you should always be prepared ahead of time. That means having a list of questions ready. It doesn’t matter if those questions aren’t relevant to the job. The point is that you’ll be showing off your knowledge — and that knowledge counts!

It also helps to prepare for the actual interview by mentally rehearsing your responses. This way, you won’t come across as nervous or unprepared.

4. Dress Appropriately

There’s nothing worse than walking into an interview and realizing you forgot a jacket because you didn’t plan ahead. So, avoid this mistake by dressing appropriately for each interview.

For example, if you’re interviewing for a technology firm, wear a suit instead of jeans and a T-shirt.

While this isn’t required, if you’re looking for work in an office environment, dress professionally. A suit or blazer worn with slacks or a skirt is appropriate. However, if you’re applying for a retail position, you probably want to stick with casual attire.

5. Show Up On Time

When you walk into an interview, be sure to arrive promptly. When it comes to technology companies, arriving 15 minutes early is standard practice. Many firms hire based on punctuality.

However, this rule doesn’t necessarily hold true for every industry. For instance, a medical facility might require applicants to be 30 minutes late.

Regardless of workplace policy, you should show up on time for each interview. Doing otherwise makes you appear unprofessional and can cause you to lose opportunities.

Land More Interviews With A Professional Resume

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6. Practice Beforehand

The last thing you want to do when you’re waiting around for an interview is to fidget. Instead, take some time to rehearse your answers and practice presenting yourself as best you can.

You shouldn’t expect to nail it on the first try; however, at least you’ll have something to base your performance on.

7. Network With Others In The Industry

One of the best ways to land an interview is through networking. Asking friends or colleagues in the same field for recommendations is a great tactic. Plus, these connections often help them secure jobs too.

8. Ask Questions About What You Want To Do Next

Another great strategy for landing interviews is asking potential employers about the next steps. Let them know you’d love to continue working with them after the interview.

9. Don’t Get Too Personal

Unless you’re asked directly, don’t divulge any personal information during an interview. In fact, you never know where someone’s going to lead. While most hiring managers appreciate honesty and integrity, many prefer candidates who stay professional.

10. Follow Up With Thank You Notes

After the interview is complete, send a thank you note via email. This lets the employer know you enjoyed meeting them and would be interested in continuing business.


If you follow the tips above, it will make it much easier for you to get hired. Just remember: Even though you may not receive offers from every company, this doesn’t mean you aren’t prepared.

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