Should You Add Temp Work on Your Resume? (How-to Guide)

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Are you looking for ways to earn extra cash during the holidays? If so, then why not consider adding temporary jobs to your resume? This way, you’ll get paid without having to worry about finding another job after the holiday season ends.

Temporary jobs come in handy at times such as these because they allow you to earn some extra income without sacrificing your current position. In addition, you don’t have to worry about being laid off or fired from your full-time job.

You should definitely include temporary positions on your resume. Not only does it show employers that you’re willing to take on additional responsibilities, but it also shows them that you’re flexible enough to change your career path.

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What is temp work?

temporary worker is someone who works part-time for an organization on a short-term basis. A person may be hired by a company to fill a specific need and will usually remain with the same firm until their assignment has been completed.

There are many reasons companies decide to use temps. One reason could be to save money. Since a temporary worker doesn’t cost much more than a permanent one, the company might find it cheaper to employ a temp rather than keep an existing employee on staff.

Another reason could be to meet a certain deadline. When a company hires a temporary worker they are most likely aware that this individual won’t be around forever. Therefore, it makes sense for them to bring someone in now to help them complete a task

Why you should consider adding temp jobs to your resume?

If you decide to add temporary work to your resume, make sure that each entry includes information that will appeal to an employer.

This means that you should include details such as your responsibilities, duties, and any awards or honors you received while working at that company.

For instance, if you helped prepare financial statements for a public company, you would use bullet points to highlight key facts about your role in the process.

Similarly, if you worked at a fast food restaurant, you would be able to describe your responsibilities in detail. If you made a customer happy or completed a task well, this should also be mentioned.

Here are a few benefits of adding temp jobs on your resume:

It helps you gain valuable work experience

When you list your temporary work experience on your resume, you can demonstrate to potential employers that you’ve gained relevant knowledge while working under different circumstances.

For example, if you worked as a receptionist for a company, you’d probably say something like “worked as a receptionist” and “had general office duties.” However, when you add temporary jobs to your resume, you can expand upon those facts.

For instance, you can mention you had to check the mail every day or answer phones. This is great practice for any future career you might choose.

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It allows you to show flexibility

In today’s competitive environment, employers are always looking for people who are eager to accept new challenges. By mentioning temporary jobs on your resume, you reveal just how adaptable you are.

Many people would never think of themselves as being able to adapt well to changing environments. Yet, when you list temporary jobs on your resume you give recruiters an excellent opportunity to see how open you are to learning new things.

It improves your chances of getting a second chance

Employers are increasingly using social media sites to locate suitable candidates for vacant positions. Because temporary workers do not have a permanent record, they often go unnoticed by recruiters.

However, when you list temporary work on your resume, you provide potential employers with a good reason to consider giving you a second chance. In fact, some recruiters may even ask you to send them your resume so they can view your previous position descriptions.

It highlights your willingness to learn

When you list temporary work on a resume, you are showing potential employers that you’re willing and ready to learn new things.

If you feel that temporary work doesn’t belong on a resume, then remember that a resume isn’t supposed to look like a resume. A resume is designed to showcase your achievements and accomplishments. Everything else should be included in the cover letter.

It demonstrates professionalism

Companies hire individuals with extensive job histories because they value stability. They know that these employees will stick around for longer periods of time. Therefore, they tend to give more responsibility to experienced professionals.

By adding temporary jobs on your resume to show that you possess the necessary qualifications, you increase your chances of getting the job.

People notice your enthusiasm for a particular field

One way to stand out from other applicants is to talk up your passion.

If you love what you do and enjoy going to work every day, then no one will argue with you about wanting to pursue a career in accounting.

On the other hand, many people don’t realize that their desire for a specific profession is enough to catch a recruiter’s eye. As soon as you start talking about your passion for whatever industry you want to work in, potential employers will definitely take note.

It shows initiative

Although it’s true that you shouldn’t lie on a resume, saying you worked at Walmart while really working at Mcdonald’s won’t help you get hired. However, if you say that you were working at Walmart after school without mentioning how long you spent there, that could work against you.

This is especially true if there was something wrong with this experience. For example, if your boss didn’t pay you properly, it could come back to haunt you down the road. On the other hand, if you volunteered at a soup kitchen and learned a lot, this could be seen as a positive experience that will impress a hiring manager.

How can you add temp jobs to your resume?

Once you’ve decided to put temp work on your resume, follow these steps to ensure that you get the best possible results:

Step 1. Decide where to place the temp work

Do you want to list your temp work in chronological order? Or would you rather separate your temp work into different sections such as education, employment history, etc.?

The first thing to decide is how much space you’ll dedicate to listing your temp jobs. If you plan to list your temp work throughout the entire resume, make sure to leave plenty of room on each page so you can write an introduction to describe your skills and responsibilities.

Step 2. Provide details

A resume is meant to tell a story. Although it’s fine to briefly mention why a company needs someone with your skillset, it’s better to provide additional information.

This includes explaining the types of positions you held during your temporary stints, how long you lasted before leaving, and any special circumstances such as promotions or raises.

Step 3. Include your responsibilities

Whether you worked part-time at McDonald’s or full-time at Wal-Mart, explain exactly what tasks you performed. Did you clean the tables? Answer phones? Maintain inventory?

The more detail you provide, the better chance you have of being noticed by recruiters.

Step 4. Be honest

Don’t try to hide anything, even though it’s perfectly legal to do so. It may sound clichéd, but honesty is key when applying for a job. Make sure you’re upfront about everything you did, including dates and times. Doing otherwise could hurt your chances of getting hired.

Remember, if you are ever asked about a particular job, always give the truth, because employers can check references, call former bosses, and dig up your past records.

A simple mistake like lying about your previous employer on a resume will cost you later in life.


You don’t need to include every single job on your resume, but you should be truthful about all of them. This will increase your credibility and also prove to potential employers that you’re trustworthy.

Additionally, a well-written resume will be your ticket to getting the attention of hiring managers. Our team of professional resume writers has been trained to help job seekers like you land your dream job.


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