How to Write a Cover Letter That Gets Noticed (+ Examples)

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A cover letter is a great way to introduce yourself and your resume. A well-written cover letter can help you stand out from the crowd, but it’s easy to make mistakes that could hurt your chances of getting an interview. These are some tips for making sure your cover letter stands out from the crowd.

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How do you grab attention in a cover letter?

The cover letter is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd. If you are applying for a job that requires a cover letter, it’s crucial that you get this right. It gives you an opportunity to highlight why you’re the best person for the role and how your skills and experience can help the company achieve its goals.

You may be tempted to write an “off-the-shelf” cover letter that can be used for every application, but this is a mistake. Each job opening has its own requirements, and you need to tailor your cover letter accordingly. Try to find out as much as possible about the company and the position before you write your cover letter. Is it a large or small firm? What are its goals and objectives?

What are some of the challenges facing this business right now? What skills do they need in an employee to help them tackle these challenges?

For example:

  • “I am a seasoned professional with more than 10 years of experience as an editor at large publishing houses,” or “I have extensive experience with literary fiction but also enjoy nonfiction.”
  • If there are any specific examples of your skills or qualifications (for example, “I’ve edited several award-winning novels”), let those stand out as well; otherwise, include them in detail toward the end of the cover letter.

What are recruiters looking for in a cover letter?

A cover letter is a short document that introduces you to a potential employer, explains why you’re the best candidate for the job, and asks for an interview. Employers use cover letters to evaluate your writing skills, attention to detail, and communication style. The best cover letters are written with the reader in mind. They include specific details about the company, position, and why you’re interested in working there. They also highlight your skills and experience that are relevant to the job description.

Examples include:

  • “I’ve worked in this field for five years and have extensive experience with multiple projects related to X,” or “As a former intern at Y Company, I learned everything there was to know about Y.” These are both examples of positive statements that demonstrate specific areas where you would be an asset to their organization.
  • You could also use humor: “I’m looking forward to working on this project because it will give me lots of opportunities for personal growth.” This shows them how much fun you’re having while also showing off your enthusiasm for the job!

What is a good attention-getter for a cover letter?

There are many ways to get someone’s attention. A good attention-getter for a cover letter is something that will pique the reader’s interest and make them want to know more about you. You can use a personal story or anecdote, or even a quote from someone famous. You want it to be something that will make the reader want to read more about you and your qualifications for the position.

Here are some attention-getters that can be used in a cover letter:

  • “I am writing to apply for the position of _______.”
  • “I am seeking an entry-level position at your company as _______.”
  • “I would like to express my interest in working with your company and applying for the available position as ________.”

What are the tips for a great cover letter?

  1. Use a professional email address. Your contact information is one of the first things employers see when reading your cover letter, so make sure it looks professional. Don’t use a free email account or something that shows your first name only.
  2. Use the right salutation. Use “Dear” for a formal letter, such as one to a professor or someone with whom you have not yet met.
  3. Make sure your contact information is easy to find and clearly visible. This includes your name, phone number, and email address. If you have a LinkedIn profile or other social media accounts, include them in this section as well.
  4. Use the right format. For a formal letter, use a basic business letter format. This includes your contact information on the top left-hand side of the page, a salutation in bold, centered text, a body of text that is left aligned with one-inch margins on all sides, and a closing line that says “Sincerely,” followed by your name.

For example:

  • “Dear Ms. Smith” or “Dear Dean Jones.” If you are writing a more informal letter (such as an email), use just their last name.
  • “Sincerely, Sandy Potter”

What should a cover letter look like?

It should explain why you’re qualified for the position and what makes you stand out from other candidates. The first paragraph of your cover letter should be about yourself, not the company or position. Your goal here is to quickly explain why you’re interested in this particular job, what skills and experiences make you a good fit, and why you want to work there (if relevant).

The second paragraph should focus on why you want to work for the company. What do you like about it? Why is this position a good fit for you?

The third paragraph can be a recap of your relevant skills and experience (if not already covered in your resume), along with any other reasons why you think it’s important that they hire you.

The fourth paragraph should be a quick recap of the first three paragraphs, but it’s also a good place to mention that you’re looking forward to hearing from them.

Here is an illustration of how the body of your cover letter should be written:

Dear Mrs. Smith,

I was delighted to read your recent posting for the Lead Digital Marketing position at Sincerbee. I am convinced that I would be a useful addition to the Sincerbee team as a dynamic email marketing specialist with more than two years of experience conducting market research, analyzing consumer data, and running A/B testing to generate successful marketing campaigns.

Your job description calls for someone with expertise in email segmentation and campaign planning, both of which I happen to have a lot of. I currently work for Freelancer Inc., where I’ve developed my abilities by managing a number of extremely effective email marketing campaigns. I led a digital marketing campaign for the company’s new line of sandals while I was employed here, successfully increasing our overall online interaction by an astonishing 13% over the course of six months and significantly advancing the department’s annual goals.

I have no doubt that my exemplary work ethic, unmatched attention to detail, and talent for running highly effective email marketing campaigns would make me an instant addition at Sincerbee and enable me to contribute to the team’s success.

I’m eager to go into further depth with you about the Lead Digital Marketing role and my credentials. If you want to talk, feel free to do so as soon as possible. I’ll get in touch with you again the following week to check on the status of my application. I sincerely appreciate your attention and time.


Angela Mazon

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The cover letter is one of the most important tools for your job search, and it can make or break your chances of getting the job. If you’re stuck in a rut or don’t know what to say when writing one, we hope these tips help you get back on track!

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