How To Write a Career Change Cover Letter (+Examples)

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Preparing to change your career path can be like going on a Six Flags ride: It’s thrilling, but also terrifying. Imagine a less understanding hiring manager looking at your resume, and deciding to throw it in the “no” pile. They don’t understand why someone who has spent their entire career in software engineering is applying for a role as a financial analyst. Your cover letter is crucial.

It is not difficult to write a cover letter, let alone one that is compelling. Cover letters can be a powerful tool for career changers. Although resumes are a great way of displaying your work experience, covering letters let you explain how it will benefit you in your next job. You want to make sure you are convincing potential employers that you are the best person for the job.

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Draft a cover letter for a job change

A cover letter should explain why you are qualified to do the job. A cover letter that is written for a career shift must be more than just that.

Before you write your cover letter, make sure you have done thorough research about the company. This will help you convince the employer that it is a company you are familiar with and can show why you want to join it.

Three important points must be covered. This will allow you to stand out from other candidates with more industry experience. These topics don’t have to be covered in the same order. These points should be communicated in your letter.

1. Emphasize your transferable skills

It is important to focus on the transferable skills that you have that can be used in the new job, rather than the skills that are specific to your current position. Examine the job description of the position that you are applying for and consider the skills required.

Select the ones that are most relevant to your experience and skills. To illustrate these strengths, you can use, if possible.

2. You should mention your standout performance in past roles.

While other applicants may have relevant experience, if they lack strong references or tangible accomplishments, you might be more attractive for the job.

Your letter should be a concise summary of your previous successes and a description of your potential contribution to this position.

Ensure that your references back up your claims.

3. Display your enthusiasm for the business.

Mention your passion for the company. This will help you stand out among qualified candidates. Employers are more likely to be interested in candidates who are passionate about the company and the job opportunities than in those who only want a job. Your cover letter should show that you are familiar with the organization and excited about the chance to be part of it.

Career Change Cover Letter Sample

Below is a sample cover letter that you can use to help you write your career change letter. Be sure to adjust the sample to reflect your own experiences and the job you are applying for.

Example 1

William Applicant123 Main StreetAnytown, CA

July 21, 2020

Michael LeeDirectorXYZ Company123 Business Rd.Business City. NY 54321

Dear Ms. Lee:

This is my letter to express my interest in the Senior Customer Service Manager job posted on the XYZ Company website. This listing appeals to me and I feel that my education and experience will make me a strong candidate for the role.

While I am primarily an Operations Manager, I have also interacted with vendors and staff. This has given me multi-dimensional communication skills, as well as the ability to recognize, respond to, and satisfy customer needs and wishes in order to maintain a positive and lasting relationship with the company.

My ability to coordinate complicated logistics to ensure customers were happy, despite having no control over them, earned me an “Excellence in Customer Services” recognition in my last job as Operations Manager at ABC Company. This involved more than just managing operations, but also directly communicating with customers. This combination of my ability to effectively communicate with customers and manage operations makes me a great candidate for this position.

These are my key strengths for success in this role:

All customers will receive exceptional customer service.

For excellence, strive for continuous improvement

Strong communication skills.

Are you eager to learn?

I am confident, articulate, friendly, personable, and energetic. You can trust me with your customers. You will also find me to be versatile and able to put myself in any situation with the assurance that I will deliver the excellence you are looking for. For more information about my experience, please see my resume.

I hope you find my interests and experience interesting enough to schedule a face-to-face meeting. I believe I can add value to your company and customers as a team member. I am excited to have the opportunity to work with XYZ Company. Your mission to deliver the “five-star” factor to your employees and customers is something I can relate to. This principle is reflected in my professional and personal values and I strongly support my candidacy for this position.

You can reach me anytime by calling 555-555-5555. We appreciate your consideration and time. I look forward to speaking with you regarding this employment opportunity.


William Applicant (signature hard copy letter)

William Applicant

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Example 2

July 21, 2020

Michael Lee

DirectorXYZ Company123 Business Rd.Business City. NY 54321

Dear Ms. Lee:

As a former Digital Marketer at Tripod Media, I worked closely with the team of website developers to create and launch numerous landing pages. These conversion-optimized, A/B tested designs resulted in a 25% increase in conversions. This led me to become more interested (some might say obsessed) in how people experience websites and products online. This is how this digital marketer became a UX designer.


William Applicant (signature hard copy letter)

William Applicant


It can be difficult to transition into a new career and explain why. It requires courage and perseverance. It is possible if you take these steps. You also need a professional resume in order for you to stand out. If you need help tailoring your Resume, you can check out our site to work with a professional resume expert.

The cover letter is only one part of the application process. It is important to send a complete package. Make sure you take the time to create a cover letter that is both professional and concise. In our example, which one do you like the most?

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