How to Stop Feeling Guilty for Quitting Your Job

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A cloud of guilt may occasionally smother the excitement of being offered a new job. Regardless of how excited you are to start a new job or how eager you are to leave your current job, many workplace cultures foster an environment in which employees are expected to hand in their notice with guilt. Don’t let the company you are currently working for make you feel guilty!

Use these suggestions to get rid of that nagging guilt so that you can bask in the new beginnings you have made.

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1. Focus on what’s best for your career

The obligation to be loyal to a company was once an expectation. However, times have changed. While you, your HR staff, or your boss would likely feel guilty about laying off you or letting you leave, the company isn’t. The thought of focusing on what’s best for your career can help reduce any guilt for leaving your company.

2. Don’t let your bridges burn

It’s likely that you’ve built a few good relationships with coworkers, bosses, clients, or even customers while working at your current workplace. If so, part of the guilt you feel may be rooted in the notion of leaving them to their own devices. But don’t worry! You might not see them very often, but the best way to build a strong professional relationship is to avoid burning bridges. Stay in touch with the people you like at work, and you’ll feel less guilty as you build an impressive professional network.

3. It’s impossible to find a perfect day.

There’s a huge project coming up in the near future that your team might require assistance with. You haven’t yet completed this feature you’ve been working on, and you’re afraid that your coworkers won’t be able to finish the project without you. There’s never going to be a moment when you are not obligated to do anything at present or in the near future. If you’re looking for peace and tranquility before you leave and go on your own, you may not be able to find the right job for you. Instead of being a victim and resentful, give your boss ample notice and make sure you complete your current tasks at the highest level of your ability prior to your departure. Keep track of your work and make notes of the tasks you were unable to complete prior to the time you had to leave, but do not let the work you have left make you feel guilty about going.

4. Change is required for growth.

Here’s how you can quit a job without feeling guilty: take it on regardless of your feelings at the time.

Everyone wants a steady career without any growth, and there are some businesses that have a reason that one way or another, aren’t able to provide the growth opportunities that are required to flourish. If there’s no room to develop in your current job or you’re not feeling as if you’re getting any new knowledge or making progress, you can switch. Actually, it’s normal. Making a change for reasons of growth shouldn’t cause you to feel guilty. Just remember that!

5. It’s typically a sign of desperation, not disappointment.

If your boss or coworkers had a less-than-enthusiastic reaction to your announcement that you were leaving, don’t take it to heart. The majority of the time, these negative reactions are caused by the fear they feel when they are forced to take your place. The confusion between this despair and frustration can lead to more guilt, but should you be able to discern the difference between these two feelings, then you can say goodbye to the guilt.

6. Don’t accept a counter offer

If you’re adamant about your decision to leave, you could be surprised by a counteroffer from your boss. Don’t let your guilt convince you otherwise!

Counter-offers are usually negative since they do nothing to change the reason you were hesitant to leave initially and often do little to reestablish your employer’s confidence that you’ll stay. In the majority of cases, when you accept an offer to counter, you’ll leave for one or other reason within the same year. Don’t take advantage of your current job in the face of guilt!

7. Guilt makes us feel bad.

If you’ve accepted a brand new job opportunity after putting hours of energy into your job search, you’re likely to feel happy as well as joyful! However, getting caught up in one of these guilt-bringers can stifle your happiness or cause you to miss the whole thing.

Take in as many positive feelings as you can during this wonderful moment, but don’t allow guilt to prevent you from being present at this exciting time. These moments come along only once in a while!


If you are confident that quitting can help you get moving in the right direction, then winning for you will eventually be an overall win for everyone. Be as compassionate and mature as you possibly can, but be aware that struggle and chaos could occur. You’re not likely to make everyone happy with your choice It’s okay. It is your responsibility to be a solitary figure until everyone has a clear understanding. Believe that they, and you, are resilient enough to face whatever happens in the future (and that everyone is likely to be improved through your experience).

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The decision to leave your job isn’t an easy one. You’ve probably spent a lot of time and effort securing an employment offer you’re looking forward to. Don’t let your hard work be wasted by letting guilt ruin your parade! This is the perfect moment to celebrate. And, by following these seven tips for quitting your job without feeling guilt-ridden, you’ll be able to enjoy this wonderful moment. If you’re trying to get your resume noticed by your next employer and you’re looking for an expert resume, contact any of our resume experts to develop an ATS-friendly, professional resume that could help you get that ideal job!

Best of luck as you transition to your new position!

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