How To Set and Achieve Your Career Goals (5 Tips)

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Do you have goals in life that you want to achieve? If you could ask everybody about what their goals in life are, the majority would probably tell you that they would want to achieve their career goals.

Being able to achieve your career goals is a testament to your hard work, determination and drive to pursue the life that you want. Be it a career in sports, the corporate world, music, and so on.

It’s important to set goals because, without them, you won’t know whether you’ve achieved anything at all.

Setting goals also helps you stay motivated and focused throughout the year. In addition, setting goals gives you a sense of accomplishment once you reach them.

In this article, we will discuss how you should go about the process of setting your career goals if you want to achieve them.

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How should you go about setting and achieving your goals?

Before writing a blog post or drawing a portrait, you always start with an outline or a draft. The same thing applies when it comes to setting our goals.

Without a guide or a proper strategy on how to approach the process, we may end up wasting too much time, and not producing any results in the long run.

Now that you understand the importance of having a plan on how you should go about setting your goals. Here are 5 Tips that will help you get started:

Be specific with what you want from the start

There’s a saying that you should just get yourself out there and trust the process. Unfortunately, the majority end up doing this all wrong.

They mindlessly put themselves out there in an attempt to just ride the waves without any concrete plan or vision of what they want to pursue.

This kind of approach is usually a recipe for disaster. People end up getting lost along the waves and find themselves confused about what they really want to do in life. 

They then proceed to make the same mistakes over and over again by trying different things thinking that the universe will guide them back on the right track.

Being specific with what you want from the beginning will save you a ton of headaches along the way.

Set measurable goals

If your goal is to become a Billionaire in the next 2 years and you’re currently living paycheck to paycheck then you’ll have to re-assess your goals. When it comes to setting goals, we have to make sure that they are measurable.

We have to consider a lot of things such as your current financial status, do you have any existing responsibilities that may slow down your progress? or do you currently run a business that has the potential to blow up or are you currently serving fries at your local fast food chain?

Nothing against people serving fries but if you try to set goals that are way too far off without assessing your current situation, then you may end up wasting a lot of time and effort along the way.

Setting small measurable goals or milestones will ensure that you stay on track. Always keep in mind that small progress is still progress and will eventually accumulate into something bigger as you go.

Start taking action

You can have the best strategy or plan of attack to achieve your goals but if you do not do something about them then they’ll be nothing but a mere idea.

Everything starts with visualizing how you can approach your process. Earlier, we talked about the importance of being specific with what you want before getting yourself out there.

However, if you’re not taking any action, you’ll end up losing a lot of potential opportunities that could take you one step closer to achieving your career goals. 

We have to keep in mind that not all successful people were born rich or with talent. What set them apart is the fact that they decided to take matters into their own hands and just started taking action.

Be realistic with what you want to achieve

One day you woke up and you decided that you want to be a President or an Astronaut. But if all you do is sleep all day and play video games whenever you’re awake then you’re probably out of your mind.

Aside from setting measurable goals, we also have to make sure that they are realistic.

Manny Pacquaio did grow up in poverty and wasn’t able to finish college but he still ended up becoming one of the greatest boxers of all time.

Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard and ended up becoming the CEO of Facebook and is now one of the richest men on earth.

As inspirational as these stories may be, we have to take into consideration that these are an example of a case-to-case basis situation and sadly, not everyone will be able to copy their success.

So make sure to stay in your lane and set realistic goals. You may not be the next Manny Pacquaio or Mark Zuckerberg but you’ll definitely achieve your career goals in the future.

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Don’t be too hard on yourself

When you start working towards your career goals, you’ll most likely encounter some setbacks.

It’s normal for us to feel like failures because we’re not where we want to be right away. However, this doesn’t mean that you should give up.

Instead, you should use these setbacks as learning lessons and continue moving forward. If you fail to learn from your mistakes, then you’ll never get anywhere.

Remember that it takes time to build a strong foundation so don’t expect to see results overnight. It’s going to take a while before you reach your desired destination.

If you’re feeling discouraged by your lack of progress, remember that you’re only human and you’re bound to make mistakes. Just make sure that you don’t let those mistakes hold you back.


Setting your career goals isn’t easy especially when you’re just starting out. 

But if you follow the 5 tips mentioned above, you’ll be more than ready to tackle your challenges head-on.

Always remember that the journey you’re about to partake in won’t be a walk in the park, so make sure to take it one step at a time.

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