How to Respond When a Recruiter Reaches Out

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It’s wonderful to be approached by a recruiter about a job opportunity. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in the job or not. However, it is important to spend some time writing your response so that you can keep your relationship with them. There are several easy ways to structure your response depending on the situation. Continue reading to find email templates that you can copy and paste and general tips on how to write your response.

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What does it mean to be a recruiter?

Recruiters are responsible to identify and process qualified candidates for job openings. They screen and interview potential candidates and act as liaisons between applicants and employers to facilitate job offers.

A recruiter will contact you via Indeed with a subject that starts with their name or the company followed by “sent me a message about my resume on Indeed”.

You should make sure you check your spam folders and email settings to ensure that you don’t miss any messages. For notifications from employers, you can also check your account.

What to do if you are interested in the job

It’s time for celebration when an opportunity to apply for a top job comes your way. Employers have seen your compelling resume and profile.

When responding to a recruiter, be enthusiastic about the position and emphasize your qualifications.

Make sure also your resume is always ready, If you need help tailoring your Resume, you can check out our site to work with a professional resume expert.

The template that you can use

You may need to modify the template in order for it to be specific to your job opportunity.

Dear [Recruiter name],

We are grateful that you reached out to us about this opportunity. It sounds like a great job, and it aligns with my career goals. I am eager to learn more.

You may have noticed on my resume that I have [X amount of years] experience in this field. I have been consistent in my commitment to [Specific goal or skill that the new job requires]. My current job at [Name] has recently given me [impressive achievement that is related to the new position].

We could arrange to meet and discuss the opportunity. I would be happy to discuss the opportunity with you and learn about your role.

I am available to speak by telephone at [List of dates/times you are available]. I look forward to speaking with you.

Best,[Your name]

What to do if you are interested in a new role

A recruiter may be able to help you learn more about a company while you are still searching for a job. You can also steer the conversation to find out more about possible roles if you are interested in a different role than the one you have been contacted for.

Include a reference in your message to show how your qualifications match the job you are applying for.

The template that you can use

If you are interested in a different position, here is a template for your response:

Dear [Recruiter name],

We are grateful that you reached out to us about this opportunity. Thank you for considering me.

This is a great time to be looking for a new job. Although I am excited about the work of [Potential employer] I am not interested in a job as [Job title] they contacted me about.

I noticed that [Potential employer] also hires a [Job title]: [Link is to job description]. It would be great to speak with you and a colleague about this job opportunity. I would be an excellent fit for this role if my experience is in the area described.

Best regards, [Your name]

Don’t hesitate to reply

Many recruiters send out hundreds of emails at once, which can cause their calendars to fill up quickly. Keep your responses short and concise.

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Plan a time with the recruiter

When a recruiter asks for a call, be sure to give them some times that work for you. Even if the recruiter says “I’d love to connect” but doesn’t specify when, by providing them with times that work for you, you can save a step and possibly get on the phone sooner.

A recruiter may include a link to schedule a meeting and request that you arrange a time. First, choose a time and then, in your reply, tell the recruiter that you have already scheduled the time.

Be diligent

Be cautious about the information the recruiter shares with prospective companies if your initial contact results in an interview. Prior to your encounter with a customer company, inquire as to what information they have sent.

Use your personal email

For any communication with recruiters, be sure to reply through your personal email. This is because it is not possible to know who is watching your email or your internet history within your IT department.

It’s possible that your manager is unaware of the specific activity reports you have gotten about yourself.

Most people don’t realize that recruiters can play a significant role in job searches if they aren’t employed. In some industries, such as IT, recruiters can play a significant part.

Say thank you to the recruiter

Thanking them for reaching out makes a positive first impression by demonstrating your appreciation for their efforts. As you wrap up, be upbeat about any potential future moves. Whether it’s engaging in conversation with coworkers, submitting an application for an impending opportunity, or perhaps even having a job interview. Don’t forget to express your gratitude to them once more for reaching out.


It doesn’t have to be intimidating to respond to recruiters. Recruiters can be people, but they are people who can help you. This page contains email templates that will allow you to quickly and accurately respond once you have identified the reason a recruiter contacted you. If you need assistance in creating or improving your resume, you can check out our site and work with a professional resume expert.

Good luck in your job search!

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