How To List Accomplishments On Your Resume (Examples)

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The best candidates are those who list their achievements. Most job seekers only speak about their responsibilities and daily tasks and this is not what will make you stand out. The hiring manager will know exactly what your responsibilities are for your job because they are the ones who wrote your job description. To really stand out from the rest, talk about your greatest achievements and accomplishments to get ahead of others. This article will show you how to list your accomplishments on your resume.

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The best way to list your achievements on a resume

Employers will be impressed by your past achievements and you can show them your potential.

Your accomplishments can be listed in a few areas of your resume. Your achievements should be included in your work experience. Your resume summary statement will sound more professional and impressive if you include measurable achievements.

What if you’re a recent graduate? You should also include accomplishments if you are a recent graduate with little experience. You can also share your achievements through internships and projects.

These are just three examples of how this might look on a resume.

Resume Introduction

At the start of your resume, emphasize your most noteworthy accomplishments to catch hiring managers’ attention right away.

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Experience section

Your resume’s job experience section is where you should highlight your greatest professional accomplishments.

Awards section

If the notable achievements you wish to highlight involve a lot of honors, including distinct academic awards, and professional awards section on your resume.

Examples of Resumes for Administrative Assistants

  • An administrative assistant for a 12-person team of digital marketers responsible for driving $1.9million in annual revenue and generating an average of 180 business leads per month
  • Administrative assistant for a team comprising 10 Account Managers. Responsible for $109 Million in client accounts, and growing by 19% in 2020
  • Promotion from Administrative Assistant to Senior Administration Assistant due to consistent above-average performance. Recognized as a “Rising Star” in 2020, which is an award that is given to only 2% of all new employees
  • Spearheaded a record-keeping process restructuring that resulted in a 20% time saving across the administrative team for Q4 2020
  • With 100% accuracy, 11 supervisors and managers were able to schedule and coordinate meetings and make travel arrangements.
  • Two administrative assistants were trained during company expansion to ensure accuracy and attention to detail.
  • New document filing and organizational procedures were implemented, resulting in $9,200 annually in savings on labor costs.

You can change the order in which you start each bullet of your resume. Although bullets should start with verbs such as “Spearheaded”, you can also use a job title to begin others, like “Administrative Assistant”.

A variety of languages can make your resume more engaging to the reader. Using your job title in just a few bullets to add great keywords to your resume will help you get past any automated application systems your employer may be using.

Land More Interviews With A Professional Resume

Get a professional resume review from a certified career expert

Example of Customer Service Professional Achievements:

  • In 2020, achieved a customer satisfaction rating of 98.2%. This is 3rd highest among 100+ customer support staff.
  • Average of 200 customer inquiries per week. Educated customers about upsells, and other ways our company can help them. This resulted in an additional $188,000 in revenues in 2019.
  • By creating email response templates, you can reduce the average wait time for customer service requests by 3% across the company.
  • In partnership with the Department Head, managed training and onboarding for new customer service associates. This was done for each of the 12 customer support associates who were hired in 2020.
  • Assisted the enterprise division in its 244% year-over-year growth by managing 50+ inbound customer calls via email and phone.
  • As you can see, there are many ways to mix achievements. You can include your daily work as well as any projects or process improvements you made that saved the department money.
  • It is also possible to emphasize leadership abilities, such as assisting in the hiring process or coaching new team members.

These professional successes demonstrate to future employers your prior employer’s confidence in you and your ability to bring important talents to your new position.

Example Resume Accomplishments/Achievements for Sales & Marketing:

  • Increased company revenue division by 4%, achieving a 212% personal sales quota for 2020
  • The cross-selling promotional campaign was developed to bundle 3 top-selling items. This increased department revenue by 12% in 2020
  • A new social media marketing campaign was launched that resulted in a 30% increase in the number of online leads generated during Q1 2020.
  • In 2019, the team of 50+ sales associates achieved the third-highest total sales.
  • The successful rollout of a subscription service, spearheaded by me and three other team members, has resulted in a 9% increase in sales.

These are the most straightforward to include professional achievements on a resume. I won’t add too many. Remember to always read the job description and show skills that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Also, think about the quantifiable nature of your responsibilities and duties.

Examples of Human Resources Professional Achievements Resume:

  • In Q4 2020, 22 new team members were trained and onboarded. This ensured that they understood company policies, goals, and mission.
  • In 2020, I managed 12 contract recruiters and hired 19 new employees to increase the company’s growth by 22%.
  • A new process was implemented to help new employees onboard. This resulted in 20% less time for managers.
  • In 2020, promoted from Human Resources Associate to Human Resources Supervisor position
  • Facilitated a successful move to a new office for 2019 by coordinating more than 200 employees from 6 different departments to minimize downtime and maximize productivity during office transition

Software Developers Can Use These Examples to Show Off Their Work:

  • Responsible for the development of a subscription video platform that earned the company $3.1million in its first year.
  • Code optimization was performed on the online customer dashboard. This resulted in the elimination of over 2,000 lines of code as well as a 19% reduction in server resource usage.
  • Directed and managed a development team of 9 people to build the new mobile apps for the company (iOS and Android). Both projects were launched in 2020 with an average app store review rating of 4.6 stars.
  • Assist with quality assurance for the company’s Android app. Diagnosed and eliminated 104 bugs/errors within the first three months of launch. This resulted in an average user rating increase of 22% in the next 3 months.
  • We interviewed 22 potential software engineering candidates. This ensured that we had a good knowledge of both software development and computer science as well as cultural fit.


If you include achievements and results on your resume, you are more likely to be interviewed for a job. Your resume should not be viewed as a listing of past tasks. You should instead share your achievements and show them in numbers. You can list many achievements, including managing a project or training new employees, selling more products, creating new processes, and receiving an award. You’ll be able to stand out among other job applicants if you list as many achievements as possible on your resume. This approach will help you get more job interviews.

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