How to Get a Job Without a High School Diploma (GED)

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It isn’t easy to find a job with an education degree from a recognized school. However, there are many opportunities for those who want to look for them. If you are able, try getting a general equivalency diploma or GED instead of a high school diploma since this can open the door to many possibilities. In the absence of formal educational qualifications, personal references are another effective method to find employment. If you’ve held jobs that you’ve been successful at before, you can ask for references or letters of recommendation that show your dedication to work and your job history. In this article, we will help you get a job without a high school diploma or GED.

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Set a Goal

First of all, you need to understand what you’re aiming for. Establish a goal. Knowing what kind of job you’d like and the salary you want to earn, or your ideal employer, is vital. Once you have what you know, you will be able to conduct the necessary research to find out what steps you’ll be required to follow to achieve your goals.

Build your skill set.

There’s no need to attend a school or depend on your current position to discover opportunities for growth. There are many other options available when you’re willing to put in your time and money. You may be looking to improve your knowledge in a particular field or acquire an entirely new skill.

Make Use of Your Referrals.

Most of the time, it’s not about what you’ve learned, but the people you know. Contact your contacts and inquire about who’s hiring. You may be amazed at the opportunities you can get just by asking.

Start applying for a Job

If you’ve got a target in mind You’ve made progress towards personal improvement and you’ve improved your CV, so it’s now time to apply for positions. This can be done by using job search sites such as or by hiring a local employment agency such as MAU.

Working With an Employment Agency

Employment and job placement agencies offer a range of job applicants in a range of job categories. They are also aware of what hiring managers they are seeking and are able to match your abilities to their requirements. Agents are aware of whether jobs require specific skills or credentials and will provide recommendations based on that.

Look for jobs in industries where there is high demand for workers.

The most likely jobs to require a high school diploma are located in manual labor, food service, service, or retail-oriented positions. This could include

  • landscaping
  • Retail stores
  • Fast food or restaurant service
  • Convenience stores and grocery stores
  • Delivery services
  • Transporters and drivers
  • Warehouse workers
  • Janitorial staff
  • Attendants for movies or car washes
  • Cooks
  • Bussers
  • Waitstaff
  • Kitchen staff
  • Personal caregiver
  • Refuse collection
  • Agricultural work


Be cautious when applying for cash-only or freelance positions. People who aren’t careful could be able to take advantage.

Be Ready to Explain 

There’s a stigma that’s often associated with not possessing an education degree from a high school So, be prepared to provide a reason why you didn’t finish this degree. If you had to work to provide for your family, suffered from an illness, or have an interesting back story, be sure to share it with prospective employers. The reason employers are looking for a minimum of high school education is that they seek to hire employees who are accountable and able to finish tasks given to them. You should make a point of the interview about your reliability, dedication, and loyalty and present a convincing argument for your reasons why you’re the ideal candidate to do the job.

How to Put Together a Professional Resume

A resume is “a brief account of a person’s education, qualifications, and previous experience, typically sent with a job application.” If you have a more polished resume, you’ll significantly increase your odds of getting through an interview process.

A Career Without a GED or a Diploma

Construction Jobs

Construction is a lucrative job for those determined to master the necessary abilities. Cement masons, carpet installers, roofers, concrete finishers, and drywallers are examples of occupations in the construction sector that do not require an education beyond high school. BLS figures reveal that the number of jobs in these areas is rising, with most at rates of between 10 and 19 percent (between 2014 and 2024).

Career Opportunities Working with heavy equipment

If you enjoy working with heavy machines, you might be able to secure an income-generating job as an equipment or machine operator. Hoists, cranes, winches, and dredges are all machines that require operators with in-job training. Operators of rotary and derrick drills in the oil and gas industry need minimal on-the-job education and are able to earn upwards.

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Financial Success

As per researchers from the California Dropout Research Project, students with low financial resources tend to leave school earlier than other students. The student may quit school with the intention of obtaining work full-time or increasing the earnings of her parents. However, dropping out of high school can be a serious financial burden in the long run. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, high school dropouts. This is compared with the median for graduates of high schools. Median incomes rise at all levels of education.


Finding a job is always a challenge, regardless of the level of education you may possess. Statistics show that the chances of securing the highest-paying job you can get with no higher school degree or GED increase compared to securing a job that requires at least a post-secondary education. Although securing a job with a degree from a high school or GED may present some specific challenges, there are many opportunities there for those who take a look. If you’re trying to get the job you’ve always wanted with no high school education, or GED You can contact one of our resume specialists who can assist you in creating an effective resume that employers will not be able to reject.

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