How To Get a Job at Walmart? (Hiring Process)

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Finding a job is difficult. With the rate of unemployment rising, Walmart has a larger variety of job applicants than ever before. People who had previously not thought about applying to the retailer’s company are now submitting their applications. In this article, we will go through their hiring process and offer tips to land a job at Walmart.

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What’s the hiring process at Walmart?

The Application

The application can be filled out at home or used at an employee kiosk at any Walmart. It is typically located close to customer service and another near the end of the shop. It’s probably best to stay at home since there are fewer distractions and the entire process can be as long as an hour.

To complete the form at home, simply go your way to the Walmart careers site. It will then ask you to set up an account using a password.

After you have logged in, the system will prompt you to complete all the required details you usually fill in when applying for jobs. Make sure you provide your employment background, the job you’re applying for, and your availability for work.

The Assessment Test

Following that, you need to complete your assessment test. It will provide you with an idea of how you will respond to certain situations that concern customers, supervisors, and colleagues, as well as general issues. The results will place you in the category that Walmart is calling “Tier 1” or “Tier 2.” People who are in Tier 1 are picked over those in Tier 2.

The test is approximately 65 questions long, and it’s multiple choice. It will consist of a set of questions (for instance, “Being on time to work is important”). In each of these statements, you’ll pick a selection ranging from “Strongly Agree” to “Strongly Disagree.”

The First Interview

Walmart interviews multiple applicants for each job they offer and then chooses the most qualified candidate from among them.

Here’s the best part The interview will be conducted by three different people simultaneously!

Every interviewer will be asking questions. Some of them are multi-part.

“Did you disagree with any policies at your old company?” Did you make any changes to that policy? What were those steps? “

They will call you back within 7 business days to let you know whether they want you to continue or not.

The Second Interview

If they’re interested in you and they contact you back, they’ll request you to attend an additional interview. This means that you are the most qualified candidate out of the three candidates they were able to interview!

This interview is very much like the previous one, with three interviewers and a lot of repetition of the same questions. If they decide to hire you, then you’ll need to fill out an application for an investigation into your background. They’ll then send you for a drug test if your job requires it.


The orientation lasts for three days. (Seems like everything happens in threes, doesn’t it?) Two days of the trip are full of documents, videos, and getting to know Walmart. and, of course, learn how to spread the Walmart cheer! Don’t worry about it. Others are in the orientation along with you.

The third day is mostly spent at the computer, working through a series of modules. They are referred to as CBLs. One of them is “Alcohol Compliance.” An example Each module will teach you what you should be aware of and then provide an opportunity to take a test. If you don’t pass the test, you can just take it again until you pass. This isn’t bad.

After that, they provide you with an agenda for work and take you to your destination.

How long does it take to get hired at Walmart?

seven days, or less. It took approximately 2 weeks from the submission of the online form to an in-person interview, passing the fitness test, passing the drug test, and getting a response. The time frame varies according to what positions are available for the location and position you chose as your preferred options during the application. The applicant will receive an email if they weren’t selected for an interview.

Is it easy to get a job at Walmart?

Walmart employees appreciate the number of jobs for managers and entry-level positions at Walmart, which allows them to find a job as of 2022. Opportunities for openings are minimal based on the job. Alongside the numerous openings for entry-level positions, the relaxed demands, immediate hiring, and simple application process allow you to get a job at Walmart easily.

How is it working at Walmart?

At Walmart, there is an option for everyone to get a job, regardless of whether you wish to work in clubs or stores, continue your education, or be a leader.

They have more than 10,000 stores in 24 countries and they employ more than 2.3 million associates around the world. Every person who works at Walmart works at Walmart for a reason: to earn a little money by working as a part-time employee, to provide a source of income for their family or friends, or to learn something new that will make a difference in their careers for future years.

The aim is to provide members with the tools they require to become the most effective versions of themselves, both on and off the clock, while getting them ready for their future journey.

Access to Opportunity

Retail can be a fantastic opportunity to learn useful skills and develop a rewarding career. The second-largest sector in terms of the number of jobs, after health care, retail is still a vital part of American culture. American experience At Walmart, almost everyone can get a foot in the door to a rewarding job.

Removing Barriers

For many job applicants, their path to employment is usually obstructed by obstacles. Inexperience, criminal records, or the absence of formal education can all hinder certain applicants from being considered by employers.

They are happy with the ease of access to employment opportunities as well as the ways we’ve made to turn jobs into

In 2020, they hired more than 500,000 associates across the globe Many of them were dismissed from their jobs because of the effects of COVID-19.

Hourly Pay and Incentives

It continues investing in pay-for-stores and club associates across the U.S.

  • The wage structure is a reflection of the diverse market prices for the various roles. In March 2021, the median hourly salary within the U.S. was over $16.40 per hour.
  • The hourly rate of $19.52 an hour for both part-time and full-time associates after taking into consideration hours of pay and regular pay, 401(k) match, health insurance, discount for associates’ paid time off, and quarterly bonuses
  • Walmart boosted compensation for about 1.2 million hourly store employees in the previous year. It is based on a framework for store operations that is built on cooperation and has generated new roles that pay better and have more opportunities to advance your career.

Advancing a Career

We’re happy to see that many of our members begin their careers as part-time workers in between school and caring for their children. There are numerous opportunities to progress to full-time work if they want to.

  • Around 64 percent of jobs in the U.S. are full-timers, which is well above the industry average. By January 2022, most hourly employees in the U.S., excluding home office workers, will be full-timers.
  • 75 percent of U.S. salaried employees in the store or club employees as well as management of supply chains started in the form of hourly assistants.
  • A year’s salary of $180,000 is what managers earn.

Military Veterans and Students

They welcome anyone from any background and experience to join their families, and they’re determined to make the transition to work as smooth as it can be for their employees.

  • The Find a Future program aids in the movement of military personnel, the National Guard, and Reserves, as well as veterans and spouses of military personnel to positive futures by providing opportunities in work, education, and business.
  • Every year, they invite students—undergraduates, graduates, and MBA students—as well as new graduates—to take part in training and internship programs throughout the company. The positions are paid fully and provide exciting opportunities to think outside the box, tackle important problems, and meet with industry leaders and executives. A lot of interns are offered full-time offers following the conclusion of their time in the program.

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The most effective method to increase your odds of getting a job at Walmart

1. Apply to More Than One Store

While filling out the application, you’ll be asked what store or stores you’re applying to. You can apply to any Walmart, Sam’s Clubs, or neighborhood markets as well as distribution centers in your area (and beyond).

It is up to you to decide what distance you’re willing to travel every day. The more locations you’re interested in working at, the greater the chance you’ll be employed at one of them.

2. Have Plenty of Availability

If you apply, you’ll have a better chance of being employed if you’re accessible 24 hours a day, every day of the week. This will allow you to find a job. I’ve seen qualified candidates be overlooked in favor of less qualified applicants because they have restrictions on the hours and days they are available.

Sometimes it’s better for hiring supervisors to choose a stock person with wide access to work than to choose a stock employee with 10 years of experience that can only be available on weekdays. The more open you can be with how you work, the greater the chance you have of being hired, particularly if you do not have any relevant work experience.

3. Apply for as Many Positions as You Can

Walmart will help you prepare to be a professional for any position they provide. Therefore, you should apply for every job you are eligible for. Don’t limit yourself. The more positions you submit applications for, the higher your chance of getting selected for one. If you’re limited, for example, such as not wanting to be around hot grease, do not apply for a deli position However, you should make sure you keep your restrictions to a minimum.

4. Do Well on Your Assessment Test

When you’re finished filling out the application, you’ll be directed to a multi-choice, 55-question assessment test. The test, based on the answers you provide, will determine whether you are either in “Tier 1” or “Tier 2.” The Walmart Human Resources Department will only consider you for employment if you are in Tier 1.

To be in that level 1 class, one has to answer with positive responses (e.g., honesty is good, and making time for appointments is positive). Certain of your options are “strongly agree,” while others are “strongly disagree,” depending on the nature of the question. Do not choose any answer that falls in between, and always select “strongly agree” or “strongly disagree.” Walmart does not want to employ anyone who is on the fence. If one of the answers is similar to “speak with a manager,” that’s the one you should pick. Conferring to your bosses in difficult circumstances is a good characteristic.

5. Get Your Application to the Top of the Pile

The next thing you need to do is to network with employees who are currently employed. Visit the store and speak to managers as well as cart pushers, cashiers, and stockers. Meet with anyone that could aid you in getting ahead of the others.

Managers and employees may be able to move an application to the “top of the pile” if you make an excellent impression. A word of encouragement from a reputable employee can make a difference, and if you can talk to an employee, they may take your application and place it at the top of the pile, literally.

6. Be Persistent

Once you’ve completed your application, you’ll want to contact the human resources manager to find out if they’ve read your application or if they’re hiring for any positions.

You must be determined, so it’s best to determine when you should contact Human Resources when you are communicating with employees currently employed. Each HR manager has their own unique style, and getting a feel of the working conditions at the location you’re applying to is an excellent idea.

7. Be Prepared for Your Interview

If Walmart asks you to participate in an interview, you’ll need to be ready. You’re one of three applicants who will be interviewed for the job. This is correct, Walmart interviews three people to fill every job. If you’re armed with this information, you’ll have an advantage.

Interviews are conducted by three individuals at the same time, typically by two assistant managers as well as the department manager. Each manager takes turns asking you questions. Some could be multi-part questions, such as “Have you ever worked with a difficult person? What did you do about it? What was the outcome? ” You’re likely to be asked such questions, so make sure you’re prepared.

If you’re asked for a second interview, it’s a sign that you’ve been hired. However, they’ll want to run you through the process of interviewing a second time. These could be the exact interviewers that ask similar questions. If you passed your first attempt, you’ll get through the second interview without difficulties.

8. Create a Professional Resume

Resumes are the very first item that an employer will evaluate, so ensure that your resume is concise and accurate. An expertly written resume will dramatically increase the likelihood of getting hired. Let our resume writers help you create an impressive resume for job applications!

Good Luck!

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