How To Get a Job at USPS? (Hiring Process)

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The United States Postal Service (USPS) is the country’s second-largest company and offers a variety of career opportunities for its employees, including positions in administration, finance, marketing, delivery, and the operations team, which handles and delivers mail. The USPS also has special programs for students in the current year, recent graduates, and military personnel and veterans.

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How to Get a Job in the USPS?

Register your account through the USPS website. You must begin your application for all USPS jobs on the internet.

  • For registration, you just have to provide your email address and name, along with a username and password.
  • After you have set up your account, you’ll be able to edit the profile of a candidate to include information about your demographics, educational background, skills, and experience in the workplace.
  • The application asks you to submit the most recent seven years of work experience. If there were any gaps in your employment during that time, it is necessary to state that you were unemployed.

Exams are conducted according to the relevant exam. Applicants for many posts within the USPS must pass an exam for civil service. It is necessary to score a qualifying score in order to be considered for a position. However, scoring high on the test doesn’t assure you of receiving an offer.

  • A majority of USPS employees—city carriers, mail processing clerks, mail handlers, sales service, distribution, and sales associates—are required to pass Test 473, which tests your ability to verify addresses, complete forms, utilize and allocate codes, and keep track of details.
  • Test 473 can take about two hours to pass. The USPS offers sample questions through its site. 
  • Veterans get special treatment on this test, which includes an automatic 5 or 10-point increase to any score, and priority access to tests that are not accessible to the general public.

Fill out an application for a job. When you are filling out the application, be sure you’ve clearly stated how your abilities or education level match the requirements for the position you’re applying for.

  • The USPS also suggests that when you finish the section titled “Summary of Accomplishments,” you add a separate piece of paper detailing how your abilities specifically are compatible with the position for which you’re applying.
  • Upload a resume in addition to your application.

Go through the process of hiring. Once you have successfully passed the required test and submitted an application for a job and been accepted, you might be invited to a group interview and then a private interview.

  • If the USPS decides to offer you the position and you accept it, you will be asked to take a drug test and a criminal background investigation.
  • In the last step of the selection process, you might be asked to attend an interview in the final stage before being offered a job.

How is it working in USPS?

The USPS job is appealing because of the variety of positions available, the opportunities for advancement, and the extensive retirement benefits. In addition, those working for the USPS will be delighted to discover that their salaries are much more than the national minimum wage, even in low-level jobs. The abundance of benefits makes the USPS an ideal job.

Because of the nature of business in the office of postage, the majority of workers are on a schedule of eight hours a day, five days a week. Certain positions, however, need early morning and late-night shifts, like truck loaders, package sorters, and unloaders.

Shifts could begin at around 4 a.m. and continue well through the night.

Clerks, mail carriers, and others who work in processing plants might also have to be on the clock during the holidays.

Fortunately, on “widely observed” holidays like Christmas Day, everyone gets a well-deserved day to themselves.

What’s the most efficient way to increase your chances of being hired by the USPS?

While there are specific qualifications you’ll require for employment with the USPS, which will depend on the job you’ve applied for, you’ll need general skills that will be required in addition.

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  • Technical abilities One of the prerequisites for almost all post office posts (except corporate jobs) is a passing grade on the Postal 473 Exam. This test is free and includes some parts that you can complete online, but the majority of it has to be conducted in person in front of a professional. The following are the subjects that you will test:
    • Verifying addresses
    • Complete the form.
    • Memory and code applications
    • Professional and personal experiences after you pass this test, you can then utilize your score on all of the applications you submit for post-office positions for a number of years.
  • Soft abilities In addition to the abilities tested on the test, USPS hiring managers generally want to know if candidates possess specific soft skills.
    1. skills for communication. Since the USPS comprises such a large network of physical facilities and employees from across the country, communication skills are crucial for employees. Even if you’re only working with a smaller group of individuals, communicating effectively with them is essential for ensuring that your operations run efficiently.
    2. Flexibility. Remember the mailman’s credo? “Neither snow, rain, heat, nor night gloom deters these couriers from completing their assigned rounds on time.” Delivery of mail can’t be stopped regardless of current weather and events aren’t cooperating. If you’re the person who delivers the mail or does the work behind the scenes, you’ll need to be prepared to face sudden challenges and shifts with enthusiasm.
    3. reliability. Every company wants to be able to count on its employees to be on time and accomplish their tasks effectively. However, this is particularly true in a company that has millions of people relying on it to function efficiently. In turn, employers will be looking for proof that you’re someone they can trust.
    4. cooperation and teamwork. Being a good team member is important for any career, and working for the post office is no different. Interviewers want to know that you’re prepared and willing to help your team, and that includes performing your work well and also offering assistance whenever they require it. Bring to the interview instances of how you’ve achieved this before to demonstrate that you’ll be an asset to the team.
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