How To Get a Job at Tesla? (Hiring Process)

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Being employed by Tesla isn’t a quick process. Tesla is a multibillion-dollar company with a wide range of attractive career opportunities. Due to the repute of the electric vehicle manufacturer, there is a lot of competition for jobs that is very high.

If you’re considering making an application to Tesla but aren’t sure where to begin, you’re in the right spot. This guide will help you understand the traits and skills necessary to be successful when applying for jobs.

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How do I go about the hiring process at Tesla?

If the concept of sustainable transportation is something that interests you, then apply for a job at Tesla. Tesla is a global company that hires and has a list of all positions available on its site. The Tesla recruiter will reach out to you after you’ve been invited to an interview.

The whole Tesla hiring process takes about two weeks. Candidates can apply through the company’s official website, or via job sites such as Glassdoor as well as Indeed.

If you’re shortlisted as a candidate for an interview, the initial interview will typically take place by phone. If you are successful in the initial test, you will then be invited for a personal interview. After that, you’ll take written tests for reasoning ability, aptitude, and technical skills before an interview for the last time. The test will be carried out by the hiring manager or a group of managers.

Is it easy to be employed by Tesla?

The process of getting a job with Tesla is a difficult task. It is essential to make every effort to ensure that your resume is noticed. For each job posting on Tesla, the company receives several hundred thousand applicants.

If you want to be on the shortlist, applicants will need to tailor their application to the specific job you’re applying for. Read through all the specifications and requirements of the position, and describe why you’re the ideal candidate for them.

You can also study previous Tesla interview questions and tests to help you prepare. Tesla is very strict when it comes to hiring applicants who are in line with its vision of design and sustainability. Make sure you are clear about your enthusiasm for sustainable development and the motor industry when you submit your application.

Advantages of working in Tesla

According to several Tesla employees, both former and current, working at the company is very satisfying. However, many jobs are extremely demanding and you’ll be expected to be 100% committed.

If you join Tesla, you’ll be on the leading edge of the new motor industry. Employment at an environmentally sustainable company like Tesla will also give you an abundance of opportunities to advance your career. Below, we’ve given an overview of the working atmosphere at Tesla.


As with many mega-companies, Tesla is also well-known for providing excellent rewards and benefits. If you are a Tesla employee, you’ll enjoy a premium benefits package. Tesla offers full insurance coverage and retirement along with 401(k) programs.

The company also provides short-and long-term disability programs, as well as a discount for Tesla shares. The company also offers programs to help you pay for tuition for those who wish to continue their studies. If you are offered an offer at Tesla, it will ensure that you are very well looked after.

Collaborative Culture

Tesla is proud of the mentorship program it offers. Employees are in the company of others with the highest standing in their profession. You will receive assistance and direction from your coworkers to help improve your performance.

Making, designing, and promoting the product is an interdisciplinary process that involves many departments. It is common to collaborate largely when it comes to problem-solving work. Former Tesla employees have described the teamwork component of their jobs as stimulating and enjoyable.

To succeed at Tesla is to have the general skills of a professional as well as a range of other abilities. Because Tesla utilizes IT in every department, it is essential to master the most commonly used techniques to be successful in the field of technology.

New Technology

Tesla is known for its innovation, and along with that comes adaptability. As a Tesla employee, you’ll be constantly exposed to the latest technology and gadgets. As a Tesla employee, you will have access to the latest technology. You’ll be required to be aware of and utilize new technologies to improve your performance.

The employees describe the workplace as a lot of fun because the company focuses on efficiency. You’ll be successful if you are a fan of a high-speed work environment.

Focus on Innovation

Tesla is a forward-thinking company that is committed to sustainable innovation. If you’re working for the company’s marketing or design department, then you should anticipate that innovation will be the main focus of your job.

You’ll always be pushed to think outside of the box and come up with new ideas. Additionally, you’ll learn about the latest trends in the field from your coworkers, which is an element of the workplace that many employees praise.

It is the most efficient method to increase your odds of being hired by a Tesla

love the purpose

One thing that differentiates Tesla—as well as Tesla employees—is their commitment to the firm’s primary purpose: “to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport by bringing compelling mass-market electric cars to market as soon as possible.”

To prove that they are a perfect candidate for Tesla, applicants must prove that they are enthusiastic about their work.

“We are very focused on our mission. There’s lots of excitement all over the world about what we’re trying to accomplish. “There are some really difficult problems to address, and I believe people want to be part of the solution,” says Nicola. “There are not many companies that you can work at today where there’s a direct impact between the work you do and changing the world.”

Prove your DNA

At Tesla, the application process is tailored to each job. “One of the things that is unique about the way I run my business is that we do not have a cookie-cutter approach,” says Nicola. “So we shy away from kind of that one-size-fits-all approach.”

Candidates must know exactly what the job needs and have the ability to perform well in the position as well as at Tesla. Candidates should seek out an individual who has a similar post and study the traits that Tesla values.

“There are four main principles that are important at Tesla—being innovative, driven, collaborative, and trustworthy,” says Nicola. “It is important for us to preserve the culture that we do have and to design assessment processes that make sure that people have the right DNA to be successful at Tesla.”

If you want to work at Tesla, applicants must show that they have these traits. Utilizing examples from their previous experiences, including your portfolio of work, or pointing out specific sources can aid in showing that you’ve got the personality that they’re searching for.

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Show Don’t Tell

“We are big believers in showing us what you can do, versus telling us what you can do,” says Nicola. “So, for example, if you were an engineering candidate and you were coming in, there might be some coding test or some problem solving that we would do on a whiteboard.”

In these tests, Tesla is assessing a candidate’s competence and ability to think critically.

“We are looking for people that are comfortable with ambiguity,” says Nicola. “What we are doing here is really hard. It’s never been done before, and there’s not always an instant right answer, so when we are doing those problem-solving exercises, we are looking for how people think and how they approach problems, versus having the perfect answer.”

Candidates must make the effort to describe their thinking process to interviewers. When you talk about the way you’re approaching a difficult issue, candidates can show that they’re comfortable with challenging problems and demonstrate their communication skills.

If you can get a job with Tesla, congratulations! Buckle up for a thrilling journey. As Nicola states, “Our growth has been incredible and exponential—and there’s no end in sight.”

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Good Luck!

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