How To Get a Job at Subway? (Hiring Process)

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Going to Subway for lunch can satisfy your hunger But have you ever thought about why it’s working at Subway, the restaurant chain? Subway is always seeking new team members, from sandwich chefs to cooks, managers, and even positions at the corporate level. If you’re looking for ways to begin your career with Subway, we’ll guide you through the various options and the application process online and some strategies to help you succeed.

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What’s the hiring process at Subway?

According to candidates that attended their interviews, the process takes around an hour and consists of a series of questions. On that specific occasion, it is recommended to wear something basic. You may potentially be employed on the same day.

The process of hiring at Subway differs based on the position, but for the majority of posts, the fundamental procedures include:

  • Application forms in-store or online
  • Screening of phones
  • Interview in person
  • In certain cases, another interview may be necessary.

Most subway restaurants are operated by franchisees, which means the process can differ between locations. For regional or corporate headquarters jobs, the process is typically more extensive and can comprise personal and Zoom interviews, several interviews, as well as online tests or questionnaires.

In interviews, prepare to talk about your experiences in the past and how you’ve dealt with challenges. In the case of sandwich artist jobs, they emphasize the ability to multitask and demonstrate that you are able to remember the ingredients of each sandwich (acronyms, as well as mnemonics, can be excellent methods to accomplish this).

According to current employees, many of the questions asked during sandwich chef interviews are based on personality or experience. Some examples include:

  • “How do you handle a stressful situation?”
  • “Where do you see yourself in five years?”
  • “What would you do if a customer was mad?”
  • “What knowledge do you have about food safety (temperatures)?”

Prepare in advance for the answers to these kinds of questions.

How long does it take to get hired at Subway?

They will contact applicants within one week. If you have an interview as well as a background check. Once you submit your application online, the process of hiring does not take long in any way. It took about three days.

How hard to get a job at Subway?

The process of finding a job at Subway is thought to be easy for job seekers in 2022. To find job openings, go to the Subway website, then click on the careers link, and then fill out the application. After submitting, the waiting period is several days before receiving an answer. The process of interviewing the Subway manager will include questions regarding working ethics and other pertinent issues.

How is it working at Subway?

In spite of being the world’s most popular restaurant chain, there’s an incredibly low amount of actual cooking performed at your local Subway. In spite of the freshness, they would like you to believe that their meals are It appears that if you open the bag, you’ll be able to do the majority of the “prep” work being done in the Subway kitchens. According to an alleged employee, the meats are already cooked and pre-sliced, the bread is already made and portioned, and the lettuce is already shredded to make it easier for every sandwich maker. Don’t fret about the cooking skills of the exhausted teenager who sits working behind the counter. They simply need to put the ingredients together.

Dress Code
All employees must be well groomed and uniforms must be clean and free of any major blemishes. All employees are required to wear a Subway visor, a Subway polo shirt, either black or khaki pants, and an apron.


You need to have an outgoing personality and always wear a smile and be nice to the customers.

Customer service

Remember the menu, and have good customer service and a positive and friendly attitude.

If you’re a teen looking for your first job, you may be wondering how much Subway pays 16-year-olds. While your compensation is determined by your previous job experience and length of time with the organization, 16-year-olds are normally compensated in line with the above-mentioned norms.

Subway provides benefits for full-time employees. Benefits include medical, vision, dental, and life insurance. Other benefits include:

  • Life insurance
  • 401K
  • Paid time off
  • Paid sick time
  • Paid holidays
  • Bonus pay/incentives
  • Employee discounts
  • Options to purchase stocks
  • Profit-sharing

Keep in mind that a large portion of the retail locations are owned by franchisees themselves, so the eligibility benefits can vary based on the location, position, or length of time spent with the company.

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Customer Service Is Crucial
Subway requires employees to be pleasant to customers. Being able to remain on track while providing exceptional service is equally important. In the subway interview, emphasize the customer experience in order to generate more interest.

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Interview Tips

The applicants must keep a professional attitude throughout the subway selection process. Meet each supervisor by smiling and shaking their hands. Be enthusiastic when speaking to hiring managers.

How to Dress for Job Interviews
The candidates can wear casual attire for meetings. For a better impression of subway manager hiring, dress in formal pants, button-down shirts, or smart skirts and blouses.

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