How To Get a Job at Starbucks? (Hiring Process)

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Starbucks has always been known as a place where employees enjoy great benefits, such as free food and coffee. Nowadays, Starbucks hires thousands of new employees every year. How does the hiring process work? What should you expect from the interview?

The company was founded in 1971 in Seattle, Washington. Today, Starbucks operates over 28,000 stores worldwide. In addition to its retail operations, Starbucks also owns several other businesses, including Teavana tea shops, Tazo teas, La Boulange bakery cafes, Evolution Fresh juice bars, and even a chain of bookstores called Book Passage.

Starbucks hires tens of thousands of new employees each year. This means they have a huge number of applicants applying for open positions. They hire between 20,000 and 30,000 new employees per year.

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What is the application process at Starbucks?

1- Application

When an applicant wants to apply for a job, he or she goes through the company’s website. The application asks basic personal questions about the candidate, such as name, address, hobbies, interests, and so on.

2- Online test

After filling out the online application form, candidates will be required to take one or more tests. These tests include aptitude tests (such as math or verbal skills), personality quizzes, and other tests. Candidates are given 5 minutes to complete each test.

3- Phone call

Once the results come back, a recruiter calls the candidates who pass the initial screening. During the phone conversation with the recruiter, the applicants can ask any follow-up questions to the recruiter.

4- Group Interview

At this stage, the candidates will join groups of people who have already passed the first round of interviews. Each group consists of 6 to 8 candidates. The aim of the group interview is to find out which candidates fit best into the company culture. While some interviewers might want to get to know each individual better, others may try to figure out whether the candidates are a good fit for the team by observing how they interact with their colleagues.

5- Onsite interview

If the candidate passes all five rounds of interviews, then he or she would go through another round of interviews before being offered a position. There are three kinds of interviews that the candidate needs to undergo.

First is a behavioral interview, where the interviewer talks to the candidate about his or her strengths and weaknesses.

The second is an in-depth technical interview, where the interviewer tests the candidate’s knowledge in areas such as computer programming, customer service, management, marketing, accounting, finance, human resources, and many more.

Finally, there is a final offer or “offer letter” interview, where the employee gets to meet the manager he or she will report to.

6- Negotiation

After accepting the offer, the candidate must sign a contract, pay any taxes owed, and wait for 2 weeks before starting employment.

How to start applying for a job at Starbucks?

Apply online

Go to the Starbucks website’s Careers Page. You need to fill up your information and upload documents like a resume, cover letter, and references. Once you click submit, Starbucks will send you an email inviting you to schedule an appointment with a recruiter.

How long does it take to start working at Starbucks?

It depends on what type of role you’re looking to apply for and whether you’re doing it online or over the phone. If you apply online, you should expect to hear from a recruiter within 24 hours.

However, if you apply over the phone, you could receive a response from Starbucks in 3 days to 4 weeks.

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Is getting hired at Starbucks, difficult?

Yes. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance. Since the hiring process is very competitive, most people don’t make it past the phone screening. So, your chances of success decrease after every round of interviews.

Also, since the number of open positions at Starbucks is so high, it becomes increasingly difficult to stand out among the crowd.

That said, there are still some ways you can increase your chances of success:

• Pay attention to detail. Your application must contain detailed and accurate info. For example, if you put down “Sales” instead of “sales,” or leave off the word “manager” when describing your work experience, your application won’t even move forward.

• Be proactive. Submit your application early. This way, you’ll be sure to catch the recruiter’s eye. And if you do manage to get selected, it gives you time to prepare for the next phase of the process.

• Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that just because you’ve applied to one company, you can never apply again. The hiring process is highly selective and companies often hire multiple candidates who didn’t make it past the first stage. So, if you want to keep applying until you find something that works for you, you should try applying to other companies, too!

• Networking is also a great way to advance your career. Reach out to friends who have been working at Starbucks and ask for their advice. They may know of someone who has a position available that you might be interested in.

• Keep practicing. Even though it’s important to perfect your resume and cover letter, it’s equally important to practice answering questions during the interview process. This not only shows that you’re prepared but also helps you remember lots of key points about the company and its culture.

Do I need the experience to work at Starbucks?

No. Starbucks hires hundreds of new employees every week. You don’t necessarily need experience to be hired.

But, if you do have experience, you can still apply; it just makes things easier for Starbucks recruiters.

A lot of applicants don’t realize this — but they can apply right away. And with Starbucks’ diverse workforce, the majority of its jobs are open to those without previous experience.

So, there really isn’t such a thing as a “hard” or “easy” job at Starbucks. All that matters is that you’re passionate about coffee, and you’re willing to put the time in to learn everything from barista skills to how to build a relationship with customers.

Once you’re ready to start applying, we recommend starting with Starbucks’ careers page. There, you can search by location and filter results based on whether you’d like to work part-time or full-time.

What’s it like to work at Starbucks?

Starbucks is what many people think of when they hear the term “coffee shop.” A place where customers go to relax, socialize, and enjoy a cup of Joe.

It’s no wonder why so many people dream of working in Starbucks. But before you set foot through the doors of your local store, here’s what it’s really like to work for Starbucks.

When you start at Starbucks, you’re likely going to spend several months learning a variety of different tasks. Depending on which department you choose, you could be cleaning restrooms, stocking shelves, making espresso drinks, preparing food, or anything else.

You’ll be doing all these jobs while helping others in your team. Your role will depend on the needs of the day — and the responsibilities you take on may vary, too.

For example, if you join the baristas, you probably won’t actually brew any coffee — rather, you’ll help train new baristas to properly pour cups of joe. If you join the restaurant team, you’ll be responsible for prepping food and serving customers.

You’ll be paid hourly, plus tips, which come in the form of merchandise discounts. While you won’t earn a high salary, you’ll certainly earn more than minimum wage.

Subscribe to Starbucks’ YouTube channel for a behind-the-scenes look at what life as an employee is like.

Best way to increase your chances of getting a job at Starbucks?

After reading our guide above, you should feel confident enough to apply to Starbucks’ stores. What’s next?

We’ve broken down the hiring process into 4 steps:

1. Apply online.

2. Complete background checks and reference checks.

3. Get interviewed.

4. Find out if you got the job!

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