How To Get a Job at Amazon? (Hiring Process)

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Amazon doesn’t require a resume to apply for hourly positions. This is what you can expect when you click “Apply” on your first day at the job.

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Get a preview and apply for a job

The online application requires you to provide some information about yourself and complete an assessment online. Finally, you will be asked for your preferred shift. Once you submit your application, you will receive an email with a link to a virtual job preview. This is where you can learn more about Amazon and the last steps before you start your first day. Travel is not required. This preview is an essential step in the process.
Tip Many candidates find it easier to complete online assessments using a computer or laptop than a smartphone.

Participate in Office Hours

After you have completed your Virtual Job Preview, you will be invited to an in-person Office Hours appointment for 20 minutes. Bring proof of your employment eligibility and identity to the appointment. It is not a part of the application process and you don’t get paid for going to Office Hours.

Tip Make sure you have the correct I-9 ID.

Your First Day!

An email will be sent to you with the schedule details. You will learn safety rules and dive deeper into your work when you arrive at Amazon on your first day.

Tip Dress in the right attire: Wear close-toed shoes and no jackets or hoodies that have drawstrings. No long necklaces. Long hair should be pinned or pulled back.

We are glad to have you join the Amazon team. We are glad to have you.

Here are 7 tips from recruiters

Just click “apply now” and thousands of people around the globe can begin their Amazon journey every day. Although our hiring team cannot respond to all applications, they strive to make each candidate’s experience the best possible.

Michelle Jackson, Senior Client Lead, Global Specialty Fulfillment, Amazon, stated that “just like we obsess about customers, we obsess about our candidates.” We want to ensure you have an enjoyable experience and have all the resources you need.

Setting up candidates for success is part of creating a positive candidate experience. We interviewed recruiters from all levels of the company to create a series of two parts for applicants and interviews at Amazon. We’re going to start with tips for job applications because the journey starts with you applying.

According to Amazon recruiters, here are seven ways to create an application that is more effective.

Find out what you want to do.

Beau Higgins Senior Program Manager, Military Affairs said, “This seems like simple advice.” He said that even though you may have held a particular role or had certain responsibilities in the past it doesn’t mean you need to apply for the same position at Amazon. Higgins said, “You should spend time thinking about what you want to do and not what you should do.” There might be skills you could use in other roles that you hadn’t thought of before.

Based on your basic qualifications, pick five roles

After narrowing down your job search, you need to ensure that you have the necessary skills. Amazon lists both preferred and basic skills in its job descriptions. Essential skills are required to fulfill the job’s requirements. Stacy Milgate (Senior Client Lead, Amazon Web Services), stated that she would consider five positions if they felt you met all the basic requirements. “The basic qualifications exist for a reason. These skills should also be reflected in your resume.

Do not judge a job by its title

Rasheeda Liberty Senior Recruitment Manager Finance and Global Business Services said that while you must have the necessary skills to be considered, it is important not just to consider the job title. She advised that you focus on your transferable skills. Amazon, a larger company than most, sometimes doesn’t model certain industries. You might see a different scale from where you have worked previously. Liberty stated that, for example, if you were previously a vice president in an organization with 50,000 employees, your potential scope at Amazon might make you a good fit for a senior management role. It’s important that you pay attention to the basics of the job, such as years of experience, and not just your job title.

Data can help you frame your story

Cody Nelson, Senior Management of Recruiting, Worldwide Operations said that it is important to use data when you are writing your resume. He said, “Make sure to paint a picture of your accomplishments in a measurable manner.” This tip is important for any company but especially important for a data-driven company such as Amazon. Nelson said that although it is difficult to convey the qualitative impact of your previous job, math and numbers can be used as a universal language. Your resume should clearly show things like time savings, cost savings, process improvements, and other data points.

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Identify your unique value

Dia Harris, Senior Diversity and Recruiting Program Manager for Student Programs, said, “Your resume should be a CliffsNotes description of your personal strengths.” He said, “I want you to be who you are, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and what makes you different from the other candidates.” Harris said, “When I see it on a resume I really want to speak to that person because they have a story to tell.” Harris suggests reviewing the job description to find the unique skills that you can bring to the position, and then using data to highlight these skills in your resume. Harris recommends creating multiple resumes to reflect the different skills you are looking to highlight, depending on the job you are applying for.

Reduce the complexity of your resume

While you could spend hours creating a beautiful resume with images and design elements, Amazon only wants to see your skills. Jackson suggests keeping your resume short and sweet. Jackson said, “Make sure your resume is concise and includes all of your experience, skills, and qualifications.” It’s important to emphasize your achievements and not only your responsibilities or duties. She recommends that you use common words and skills from your job description on your resume. She said, “But be truthful.” If you look at the job description and see things that apply to you, include them in your resume.

Do not cut corners on your experience

Danielle Deshields (Undergraduate Recruiter, Student Programs) stated, “I recommend listing all of your previous work experiences.” Don’t pick and choose the things you think the recruiter is looking for. It is important to show the whole picture of your professional involvement. This is especially important for students with less experience, but who have been involved in university clubs and volunteer organizations. She said that she had met students who were nervous about including sorority or fraternity involvement in their resumes. I advised them to include it. We can see more potential in you to make an impact at Amazon if we have more detail about your story. Deshields pointed out that while it is important to keep your resume on one page, even people with longer careers should be able to fit in their most relevant, recent experiences.


You can find more information about applying to Amazon by reading our FAQs on Amazon hiring. jobs. Continue reading to learn tips for interviewing at Amazon. Reach out to one of our experts that can create ATS-friendly resumes and if you need assistance upgrading your resume for more chances of landing a job at Amazon, Good Luck!

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