How to Get a job at a Car Dealership (Hiring Guide)

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A job in car sales could be an excellent way to work with others and earn an income. It is one that requires a positive attitude as well as strong car expertise and a knack for selling. To become an effective car salesperson, you must first start by learning about customer service and gaining an understanding of car models and brands. Then, you can find open positions on the internet or through a local dealership. When you have a position, you are able to succeed in the car business by listening carefully to clients and responding appropriately to their demands.

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What’s the hiring process at a car dealership?

Certain car dealerships post salesperson openings on their sites or via the job board on their websites.Check for openings at car dealerships near you. Find online job websites like,, and

Go into your local dealership to see whether they have openings for sales representatives. Make yourself appear professional by being pleasant and friendly to the employees. Dress professionally and keep an original resume prepared to present it to the employees in case they need it. In most cases, visiting the auto dealer and asking for an opportunity will show the staff that you are confident, which is an essential aspect of becoming the most successful car salesperson.

If you get invited back for a formal interview, dress in a manner that is appropriate for business, including formal trousers or a blazer. You should also wear an untucked shirt. You can also wear a tie for an added level of professionalism. Wear shoes that are casual for business, such as high heels or leather loafers. Don’t wear sneakers to the interview, as it is considered to be casual.

Make yourself appear friendly and friendly in the course of your interviews. Smile and greet the person who is interviewing you. Keep eye contact with the person you are interviewing. Relax your body, with your arms on your lap or at your side. Feel confident and excited to appear for the interview. Engage with an interviewer in a professional and casual manner. This will allow them to get an impression of your character and whether you’d make an excellent salesperson.

Make sure that your resume informs the prospective employer that you’ve worked in sales, regardless of whether it’s a minor experience or from an entirely different field. Include any business classes you’ve taken. Bring a copy of your resume with you to the interview so you can hand it over to your prospective employer.

End the interview by shaking hands and ending with a “Thank you for your time” or “I look forward to hearing from you.” After that, contact or email the dealership in the next two to seven business days to follow up regarding your interview. Inform them that you appreciate their attention and want to find out if they will let you know how your request is progressing. It is a good idea to follow up since it helps employers remember your application and lets them know you’re interested in the job.

How is working at a car dealership?

Based on the findings of the National Auto Dealers Assn.’s 2016 Workforce Report, almost every U.S. dealership offered standard employee benefits that included the following three categories of benefits:

Health Insurance During the previous three years, 99 percent of the dealerships polled offered employee health insurance plans. Of those, 96% of them offered family and employee plans. Ninety-two percent of the dealerships that were surveyed also offered dental plans for family members of employees in 2015.

Paid vacation and sick time are common benefits that all full-time automotive retail employees will receive in the coming year 100% of U.S. dealerships provided these benefits to their employees in 2013, an increase from 96% in 2013.

The retirement plan 97 percent of dealers offer a 401(k) retirement plan to full-time employees. To encourage employees to join, most dealerships would match up to either 1% or 2% of the total compensation paid to employees. Nearly half of the dealerships that match contributions also did not have a limit on the total annual contribution.

While these are the only three standard benefits in the business, there are other factors at play that will dramatically influence the industry in the near future.

The most effective way to increase your odds of getting a job at a car dealership.

A car salesperson’s main task is to help potential buyers choose an appropriate vehicle to buy or lease. Car salespeople can assist buyers in evaluating cars they are considering by describing different aspects of the car like the model, make mileage, price, and features. They could also accompany customers for a test drive, during which the buyer is able to test drive the car to see the car’s performance.

In order to be a successful car salesperson, you need to know the particulars of the vehicles you’ll show to potential clients. This implies that car salespeople typically devote a significant amount of their time to learning about the workings and nuances of their vehicles and getting familiar with the different aspects of how specific automobiles function.

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Automotive salespeople must also sign all the paperwork required for the lease or purchase of a car and should be aware of the various rules and regulations pertaining to this procedure. This includes knowing the financial implications of purchasing or leasing the car, as well as understanding how different loan companies operate and what kinds of deals they offer potential customers.

The following are some of the duties that can be performed by a car sales rep and could be required to be performed on the job:

  • Learn about the attributes, features, and capabilities of automobiles on the market.
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest models of cars available at the car salesperson’s dealership.
  • Inform customers about different car specifics.
  • Find customers’ vehicles that meet their needs and are the type of vehicle that they desire.
  • Stay in touch with potential customers by either email or telephone.
  • Respond to inquiries regarding vehicles from potential customers.
  • Talk about price as well as car features to make sure you are able to seal the terms of a deal.
  • Complete reports to provide data about sales to the management.
  • Participate in sales education offered by the dealership.
  • Prepare and file all the paperwork that is required for the car purchase or lease.

Last but not least, ensure that you include all the relevant skills required within your application. Resumes are typically used to separate the applicant from those who are not as excited about their job. We have a highly-skilled group of resume specialists that can assist you with making a resume certain to impress your hiring manager at the car dealership!

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