How To Get a Job as a Bartender (With no experience)

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Bartending jobs require skills, along with a strong personality and the determination to continue working until the light goes out. It’s not always an easy feat. Bartending jobs are extremely sought-after; therefore, prior to applying, be sure that you’ve perfected the fundamental skills and know the most popular drinks. Learn more about how to secure a lucrative job as a bartender.

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How to Get a Bartender Job

Learn to prepare drinks. If you want to create drinks that look and taste as if they were prepared by an expert, you’ll have to master basic bartending techniques beyond mixing and pouring. Take a look at online tutorials that provide specific information about the following techniques, and then practice them until you’ve mastered them. Here are the basics you need to be aware of prior to searching for a bartending position:

  • shaking This requires the cocktail shaker to mix drinks and chill them.
  • straining Cocktail shakers come with strainers that you can use to separate the liquid ice.
  • Stirring There’s a correct way to make sure that the drink does not get watered down.
  • Muddling This is done by using an adsorbent to squeeze the fresh flavor of the ingredients.
  • Blending. You’ll need a blender in order to create drinks like blended margaritas.

Remember the oldies. Start building your understanding of the various types of alcohol and learn how to prepare the most popular drinks. In a way, the kind of drink you’ll have to learn to prepare will depend on the bar you work at. For instance, a luxury urban bar could be a hot spot for specialty martinis, or a bar in a college setting could serve plenty of Irish car bombs. However, regardless of the location you work in, you’ll need the most popular classics for your bar’s repertoire. Learn to create these:

  • Simple mixed drinks such as whiskey soda, Greyhound drink, orange juice, coke, vodka, Jack and Coke, gin and tonic, and more.
  • Other highballs include a Bloody Mary, dark and turbulent, a fuzzy navel melon ball, and an Alabama Slammer.
  • lowballs, such as the white Russian Godfather and peppermint patties.
  • Martinis, Manhattans, and Rob Roys.
  • drinks such as daiquiris, pina coladas, margaritas, hurricanes, and margaritas.
  • Shots such as an orange drop, a slippery Jager bomb, a nipple, or even an orgasm.
  • Other cocktails include a mojito, mint juice, and an Irish coffee.

Be observant of bartenders. There are little tricks to pouring the perfect drink, mixing drinks, and also reducing the time spent behind the bar. Be aware of how mixers handle the drinks you order. It’s not difficult to understand why the most popular drinks ordered are mixers with liquor. Purchase drink guides to learn about more complicated drinks, and then practice at home.

Think about whether you’d like to attend a bartending class. They’ll teach you the basics and give you the chance to make drinks. Be sure that the bartending school you select has a bar that is operational and includes all of the bar equipment. Bartending is a skill that requires manual effort and requires dexterity and speed. You can’t beat hands-on instruction.

Make an application for any job that you discover on the internet. A lot of bartending jobs are advertised on internet classifieds sites. Conduct a job search and make a list of jobs that seem attractive to you. Some will ask you to upload your resume online, while some might require you to come to an interview in person.

  • If you’re worried that you don’t have enough experience, this shouldn’t deter applicants from applying. If you’ve been practicing bartending skills and have memorized the drink recipes, it’s possible to be employed anyway.
  • Your resume should be well-written and proofread. Include your customer-service experience in any way that you have, not only bartending. Any kind of work in a restaurant is also an advantage.
  • Certain establishments prefer hiring bartenders without experience as they don’t have any bad habits to break. Whether or not they’re experienced, your resume and cover letter have to be engaging and brimming with personality. A positive attitude and personality can make you stand out from your competition each time.

Visit bars and speak with the manager. If you have your favorite bar, discover who the proprietor is and start chatting with them. Begin to make friends with bartenders, barbacks, and waitresses for cocktails and inform them that you’re seeking an opening in the bartending industry. Give them a tip, frequent visits, and, generally, be a pleasant, helpful presence at the bar. Managers will be thrilled to take you on if an opening arises.

Find charity guest bartending jobs. Many big cities have started offering this type of service. You choose a cause and then promote the event and bring your guests along. In the exchange, you, along with some of your guests, are prepared to host the event and learn to mix drinks throughout the night. It’s an excellent way to gain experience and meet new people. If you impress the bar’s owner, this may lead to a new job.

How is it working as a bartender?

For certain people, bartending is an amazing job and a good fit, but some people find it could be a major mistake. If you decide to pursue bartending as a career option (or perhaps as an occupation you’re planning to work for a while before you move on to another job), you should take a few factors into consideration.

It’s Actually Hard Work

A lot of people enter the bartending profession believing that it’s a simple job and that they’ll be hanging around the bar for the entire day. While this is a fun job with lots of enjoyable elements, it is also tough to do, both physically and mentally. Seriously, you’ll be up and about all day long, dealing with lots of people that all need the attention of others, plus you’ll always be in motion. When bars are full, bartending becomes stressful. The ability to multitask without losing track of things is vital. It is important to ensure that this is something you have the ability to master before you begin bartending.

You Have to Be Nice to People

You’re likely to spend your time with lots of people who are drunk, so no matter what you think about them, you’ll need to be friendly with them. Sure, there are bouncers who can help when you’re caught in the crossfire. However, you’re going to have to learn to accept some unpleasant things from people who are successful at bartending.

You Need to Be Able to Set Boundaries

While you’ll need to be kind to others, you’ll also need to be mindful not to appear too charming. Bartenders are often the targets of adversity, and romantically interacting with customers is usually an unwise choice. If you’re not great at establishing boundaries for your social life, you’ll likely be better off staying clear of this area of work.

You’ll make good money as a Bartender, but it won’t Be Steady

A bartending job that’s good will bring in a significant amount of cash, but there’s no guarantee of regular income. A large portion of a bartender’s earnings is derived from tips, which means that the shifts you’re offered and the clients that arrive while you’re at work can significantly affect the amount you make. Weather, changes in the seasons, as well as sheer luck, can make it hard to count on your paycheck.

You Usually Won’t Get Benefits as a Bartender.

The majority of bartending jobs don’t provide health insurance or something similar to that, which means you’ll have to think about being accountable with your cash and obtaining insurance on your own if you plan to continue bartending for the long haul. If a significant medical or dental expense is incurred and you don’t have savings, you may be in a difficult situation.

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Having a Job as a Bartender Comes With Risks

There is a chance to be in some legal trouble as a bartender if you don’t take your time. If you offer excessive amounts of alcohol to someone who’s drunk and they leave the bar, hop in their car and cause an accident, you’ll be facing legal issues. If you offer drinks to someone who is underage, even if their fake ID seems legitimate to you, then you could lose your job, or be charged. While there might be security measures in place to protect you from this problem, you must know that you’re assuming the burden of responsibility when you become a bartender. It could be a recurrence.

It is the most efficient way to boost your chances of securing a job as a bartender.

Be prepared for an interview correctly. Most bartending job candidates are able to go into interviews with no preparation. If you think of bartending as an easy fix or something so simple to master that you don’t even need to be prepared, you’ll not be hired. Like you would for any other job, you must show up at the interview with an enthusiastic, positive attitude and respect for the job.

  • Make sure you dress to impress. Your appearance is an important factor when you’re ready to go for a job interview. If you’re hoping to get a job at a posh restaurant, wear a professional dress. If you are looking to work at a trendy club, dress up in a snarky outfit. If a bar with a dive vibe is acceptable to you, wear a tough outfit. The majority of bars will be looking for an image or style regardless of whether they say this or not.
  • Make sure you are ready to display your abilities. Don’t be a novice and show up with no idea of how to make the perfect martini.

Be likable. If you have an engaging, charismatic personality, then your inexperience won’t be a factor at all. Make up funny stories and play a variety of jokes. It is important to make it clear that you are passionate about speaking to people, telling stories, and listening.

Be responsible. A bartender’s job is enjoyable, but there’s lots of responsibility. You’re required to be able to open the bar and shut it down, manage credit and cash, and ensure you don’t serve minors. You should stop serving patrons who have consumed enough alcohol. Make sure you’re competent and mature enough to handle the kinds of scenarios that are certain to occur late at night when drinking is on the rise.

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