How to Get a Job After the Age of 30? (Career Advice)

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If you’re older than 30 and have no work, there are myriad reasons why you might not have found the perfect job yet. However, it’s not too late. You’re more successful than others who are younger since you’re likely to know more about yourself and also your particular talents and capabilities. Additionally, you’re more likely to accept the first job you get and feel more confident about the kind of job that is the best fit for you.

In this article, we offer some tips to use when you’re trying to create an income in your 30s.

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Job hunting tips if you’re 30 with no career

It’s possible that you’re not in a job because you don’t know what you’d like to pursue as well as what you’re most passionate about. Perhaps you’ve been looking for a new job throughout your career for various reasons, and you could be feeling stuck in your job and have been with one employer for too long. Try these strategies in order to help make the job search more efficient:

If you’re narrowing down your passion, be open. It’s because interests and passions can change, and you might be able to switch towards a profession that evolves in the same way you do. Be aware of the things you are spending both your money and time on and think about what things you’d like to discuss with friends.

Transferable abilities are relevant abilities that can be applied to any job. Create an inventory of these skills so that you can mention them in your application, in your cover letter, as well as during any interviews you take. Being aware of the abilities you possess that make you an attractive candidate will also help you gain confidence to be able to work in the field you’d like to be in.

Your transferable skills may include:

  • Communication is strong.
  • Organization
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Listening skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Amazing time management.
  • A work ethic that is strong.
  • Problem-solving

If you write these skills down, you’ll be able to apply them to whatever job you’re applying for. It is possible to explain to the hiring manager the ways in which your transferable skills can aid you in your job.

Education may open up career possibilities for you since certain jobs require a certain amount of education or a certain level of education. Before you go for return to college, decide what you’d like to do and what you’ll need to accomplish it. It’s not necessary to earn a bachelor’s degree or attend graduate school. Instead, you could be able to take the less costly route of attending a community college to earn an associate’s degree.

While certain careers might require higher education, most professionals believe it is possible to change jobs without having to go back to the school of their choice. Learn the capabilities to aid you in pursuing an entirely new career path by completing certification courses, online workshops or courses, and networking with those working in your preferred industry. Additionally, you can gain experience in your new area by working for a short period of time in your chosen field and then transforming it into an all-time job.

If you are aware of the career path you’d like to pursue and have not succeeded in turning your interests into a profession, connect yourself with a mentor who could serve as a useful guide. They will give you an insight into the field as well as share their own experiences, and might even connect you with their network of experts.

While volunteering opportunities don’t give you a paycheck, they can give you contacts. For instance, if you work at your local non-profit animal sanctuary, you’ll be able to get acquainted with the staff or other volunteers, and possibly members of the Board of Directors who might make crucial decisions on behalf of the animal shelter. Any person you meet with whom you have a common interest in your career could be able to assist you in achieving your goals.

Good Careers to Start in your 30’s

Mental Health

Mental health is a field that is based on experience and maturation. With years of knowledge, you can provide advice and guidance to those in need. If you don’t possess education in counseling or psychology, it is worth investing the time and money required to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree, including a master’s degree. Making the choice to invest in mental health is wise since the field of mental health is one in which you can practice up to well beyond the standard retirement age.

There are many jobs in the field of mental health which are perfect for those who want to begin a new career before 35. Here are some of them:

  • Therapist As a therapist, you are able to be a private practitioner, in a group practice with other therapists, or in a treatment center. You can be a part of an entire group of individuals, including teens or those struggling with addiction. You could focus on therapy in particular areas, like yoga therapy, art therapy, or music therapy.
  • Counselors at school. School counselors or guidance counselors support students while they attend school. They offer assistance with everyday challenges or personal issues, as well as career guidance. If you opt for an exciting profession, you will have the opportunity to make a significant impact on the lives of children.
  • Life coach Put your life experience to work as a life coach. You can assist people in achieving their goals in life and reaching their potential.

A career in the business sector

If you’re interested in business, you will find plenty of work opportunities in the business sector. The business continues to grow at a steady rate, which means an occupation in the business sector can lead to stability in your job for the long term. There are many possibilities in business that can lead to a fresh career after 30. Here are some of them:

  • Management of business operations. All businesses need an individual to oversee their departments and assist in guiding their strategy. As a manager of business operations, he is responsible for hiring, budgeting, and contracts as well as general operations. If you’ve worked in the field of business, this is an ideal time to move into this position because your experience and knowledge will be extremely valued.
  • Fundraising. Fundraising is an excellent career choice at the age of 30 if you’re adept at contacting people, creating a community, and writing letters to ask for their support. Educational and non-profit organizations, as well as research and medical institutions, all require help and assistance when they attempt to raise money for their cause.
  • The financial expert If numbers are your thing, you should consider becoming an expert in financial analysis. You’ll be at the top of the economic trend and assist people in managing their investment portfolios. Financial analysts typically work in the insurance and financial services sectors.

Land More Interviews With A Professional Resume

Get a professional resume review from a certified career expert

Be a recruiter

If you’ve worked in a field for long enough and have the experience, you might be able to make the transition into recruitment for the sector. Recruiters assist in finding and recruiting talent within specific industries. Recruiters are employed in nearly every area: legal, management, creative, and education. To become successful as a recruiter, you’ll need some essential skills. They are communication, the ability to make a sale, a great attitude, and a positive attitude. If you’re starting your new job at age 35, it’s best to begin in an area that you are familiar with.

Beauty and Wellness

Desk jobs aren’t ideal for everyone. This could be one reason why you’re deciding to change your profession at the age of thirty. The field of wellness and beauty provides many opportunities. When you reach 30, you can turn your time working out or running marathons into a new profession. It is also possible to use the experience you’ve gained from doing your daughter’s hair or even giving yourself massages for your husband. You’ll need a certificate for a lot of these tasks. However, you’ll be able to make a decision on the time and place you can work.

  • Personal trainers Help others achieve their fitness goals by becoming individual trainers. You can coach them individually and in groups. Your workplace could include a gym, a park, or even the beach.
  • A Massage Therapist Everyone loves a good massage. You can use your relaxation skills in salons or spas or even at home for a massage.
  • Esthetician Estheticians do waxing as well as facials and other treatments.
  • Hairstylist. Everyone needs their hair styled at one time or at some point in the future. You can choose from cuts or colors and let your imagination flow.

Hands-On Jobs

A new career after 30 is a chance to make your passions your job. If you’re proficient in painting, carpentry, car mechanics, or general repair work, expand your skills and begin an enterprise of your own. You can begin by referring people to you and connecting with your local community via friends or on social media. It is possible to establish enough of a business that you can begin your own business.

Health Care

Healthcare jobs are in constant demand. There are many options to choose from based on your preferences. You could work as a dental assistant or patient care technician, handle health insurance billing, be a patient advocate, or be a nurse.

Whatever career path you choose at the age of 30, make sure it is one that you will enjoy doing for the next 30 years. You can do this up until the time you choose to switch your career once more.


There are plenty of opportunities, even at 30, to continue in your pursuit of knowledge and stick around if you think that you’re already doing your interest. Your resume is among the most important documents you have to create if you’re looking for work. We have resume writers that will help you create a professional resume that includes all the abilities you require and get you that job you’ve always hoped for.

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