How to Ask if a Job Is Still Available (Still Hiring?)

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How often do you check your email or social media accounts for new jobs? Should you even bother checking them at all?

It seems like every day there’s another article telling us to stop looking for a job because no one wants to hire anyone anymore. The problem is, these articles don’t tell you how to get hired. They also ignore the reality that companies are still hiring.

Companies are still hiring. In fact, they’re hiring more than ever before. And if you want to get hired, you need to take advantage of those opportunities. That means being proactive and using the tools employers are already using to reach out to candidates.

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Why should you ask if a job is still available?

You should ask if a job is still available because it’s good to know whether or not the position you’re applying for is still available. If the employer has filled the position, then you can move on to another company that might have an opening. If a position that was advertised has become filled, then you may want to look for other opportunities within your budget range.

If there is no opening for a position that you are interested in and have applied for, then it is time to move on and apply for other positions. This will help you develop skills and knowledge that will help you when it comes time to interview for another job.

How should you ask if a job is still available?

If you’re looking for a job, chances are you’ve already applied to hundreds of positions. But how do you know if a job is still open?

Well, there’s no easy way around it. You can’t just go out and ask someone in HR if they have any openings. You need to do your research and ask the right questions to find out what’s going on at the company.

Here are some tips for how to ask if a position is still available:

1) Ask about the company’s culture: Is this a fun place to work? Is it collaborative? Is it high-pressure? If so, then that could affect how quickly they’ll hire new employees.

2) Ask about their hiring needs: What kind of skills do they need in order to get the job done? How many people will be needed on each team? What kind of experience does the company look for when hiring new employees?

3) Find out what kind of feedback they give each other: If they don’t give positive feedback, then it might be harder for them to hire new employees because they won’t feel like they’re getting any help from their peers. 

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How to write a letter asking if a job is still available?

The letter you write will depend on what you want to know.

If you’re asking if the job is still available and there are no particular reasons for asking, then you can just say “I will be happy to take the position” or “I would love to consider your offer.

If you want more information about the position, you might say something like this:

I was very impressed by your company’s business plan and the way it was presented at the conference last month. I think I could be a great asset to your team as part of your sales team, and I would love to learn more about how to get involved in that area. Would you be willing to meet with me next week?

If you want some sort of response from them other than “Yes,” then you can also write something like this:

I am looking forward to hearing back from you.

And then, just wait for them to respond!

Where should you look for jobs that may still be available?

If you’re looking for a job that may still be available, there are several places you can go. You could search for the type of position that interests you and then search through postings on sites like Indeed or You could also look at other people’s LinkedIn profiles and see if they have any positions they recently left open.

You can also look at job boards and ads online. Some companies have their own websites where they post positions, while others use third-party sites like Monster or CareerBuilder to post jobs. Other companies will post jobs on other sites so that job seekers know about them before they do an in-depth search for the company’s website.

This is especially important because many companies don’t have their own websites or apps for job seekers—they use third-party platforms instead.

So there are lots of places to look for jobs—just make sure you’re looking at all of them!


Whether you’re looking for a job or hoping to get a new contract, you should always have the initiative to ask if the job position you’re interested to apply for is still available.

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