How to Ask for a Job Referral? (Examples)

How to Ask for a Job Referral?
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Are you looking for a job? Are you finding it difficult to find jobs through online resources or job postings? You may want to ask your friends and family for help. In particular, you may want to ask them for job referrals.

Job referrals can be a great way to find a job that is the right fit for you. So, how do you ask for a job referral?

In this blog post, we will provide some tips on how to do just that. Keep reading to learn more!

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What is a job referral?

A job referral is similar to a recommendation letter. This type of communication is used to help you land interviews with companies. When you apply for jobs online, you might see a button labeled “Refer me.” Clicking it takes you to a web form where you enter information about the person you want to recommend for a particular position.

The person you’re referring to must work for the same employer as you do. If you don’t know anyone, you can always find people who worked there in the past. They could include current employees, former colleagues, classmates, friends, relatives, or acquaintances.

Employees who use referrals are more successful because they tend to be better networkers. They’ve already established relationships with the organization’s managers, directors, and executives. These contacts can make introductions and pass along important information.

When, then, do you anticipate needing a job reference?

If you are looking for a job, you already know someone who works for one of the companies to which you want to apply.

But what about those times when you don’t know anybody who works at the company? Or maybe you’re just starting your career path and don’t have many contacts. In either case, you might ask people you trust to refer you to a potential employer.

You wouldn’t call a friend and say, “Hey, I’m thinking about getting into accounting,” would you? You’d probably think twice before doing such a thing. So why would you approach a stranger and ask them to recommend you?

Well, you know that person trusts you enough to tell their boss that you are a good candidate for the position. And since most employers won’t advertise a particular opening, you’ll have to rely on referrals to find out about jobs that aren’t posted online.

What is a professional network?

A professional network is your reference library. It contains everyone you know professionally, including friends, colleagues, former bosses, clients, and strangers. They could be people you met once at a party, someone who gave you a job recommendation, or someone you met while working in another industry.

Your professional network can include friends, family members, and mentors. It’s about building connections with people you know and supporting each other to achieve your career goals.

A guide on the proper way to ask for job referrals

When searching for a job, you must understand what referrals you can receive. Sometimes, employers may provide you with a list of people who work there.

If you don’t know anyone personally, you may want to consider seeking out a job referral. A job referral is someone who works at another organization and knows about your skills and experience. They might even introduce you to a potential employer.

Here are some proven and tested tips on how to ask for a job referral:

1. Reintroduce yourself

Suppose you want to ask friends and family members for referrals. It might help to reintroduce yourself. This way, the person you ask knows what you look like, how you communicate, and what you do. You can use this information to make the introduction more personal. For example, you could say, “I’m looking for a job. I saw your work there once and thought you’d be perfect.”

2. Be polite

When asking someone for a recommendation, it’s essential to show respect. This includes being professional, courteous, and well-mannered. Asking for a referral is no different.

The best way to start is by thanking the person for taking the time to help you. This shows respect and gratitude. Next, explain what you’re looking for, such as a job opportunity, scholarship, or internship. Then, state why you want the letter written.

You don’t necessarily need to say, “I’m applying to XYZ University,” but you do want to mention where you plan to apply. Finally, tell the person you’ll be sure to let them know when you hear back from the school.

3. Focus your efforts on the link you’ve established

Your request for a referral can come in many forms. You might ask someone in person, or you could write a formal letter or send an email. But there are some situations where it makes sense to use a different method. You could even text them directly if you know the person well enough.

The most important thing here is to tailor your approach based on your relationship with the person. Do you know the person very well? Are you friends with them? Are they one of your clients? Do they work for your company? Will the person be able to help you out? These questions will help you determine how best to make the request.

4. Can they refer you? Try to ask them

When you’re looking for referrals, it’s essential to find people who can provide a good recommendation. But sometimes people aren’t sure how much they can help you because they’re worried about hurting your feelings.

So rather than asking them directly, try asking them if they think they know you well enough to refer you for a position at their organization. If they say yes, follow up with a question: “If I asked you to recommend me for a position at your company, what would you tell me about my experience and skills?”

Then, if they hesitate, you can gently suggest that they might want to do you a favor. This gives them some room to say no without feeling awkward about it.

5. Facilitate the process of referring you (Make it easy for them)

To encourage referrals, make sure the process is simple. This includes offering multiple ways to send a referral — via email, phone, text, social media, or even a physical postcard. Make sure the individual sending the referral knows how to complete the task and include clear instructions. And remember to thank the person who referred you!

6. Offer to Share Your Credentials

If you’re asked to provide a reference letter for someone else, it’s essential to understand what you’re being asked for. If you don’t know what’s expected of you, ask questions to ensure you provide the best possible reference.

Offer to provide a copy of your resume and other relevant documents. These include your LinkedIn profile, professional certificates, degrees and awards, letters of recommendation, and even testimonials. These materials make it much easier for the reference provider to write a glowing report.

Job referral request examples

Here are examples of job referral request templates to connect employers with qualified candidates. You can modify each example to fit your needs.

Example 1

Hi Jenny,

I a not sure whether you remember me, but I graduated in 2019 and we met in Western Leyte College.

I recently heard about the position of information systems analyst at Himalayas, Inc., and I’m considering applying.

Would you mind giving me some input on the resources I sent for my application?

If you have time, it would be fantastic if we could get coffee and talk more about the situation.



Example 2

Dear Jenny,

Our mutual friend, Jessica, asked us to contact you about a position opening at her hotel. She mentioned that you are looking for a P.E. teacher because she knows you enjoy helping people improve their fitness and wellness. We are happy to tell you that we have a great opportunity open up at our resort.

I am currently employed as a gym instructor at Mahaplag Hotel & Resorts. I have taught classes since 2013 and have worked with clients of all ages and skill levels. Recently, I completed a course in child development and learned how to work with kids. I have also taken several courses to become certified in children’s fitness.

If you think I would be a good fit for this job, please forward my resume to the hiring manager. You can find his email address on our website. Thank you for being so considerate.



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Asking for a job referral doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as sending an email or picking up the phone.

By following these tips and reaching out to your personal and professional networks, you’ll be on your way to landing that dream job in no time.

And don’t forget, our expert team is here to help! We’ll guide you through the process of acquiring good job referrals so that you can focus on what’s essential – acing the interview.

Do you have any questions about getting started? Let us know in the comments below!

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