How Long Should a Cover Letter Be for a Job Application?

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A professionally prepared resume and a cover letter can significantly improve your chances of getting the job of your dreams. Writing a cover letter professionally is required. This article will outline the fundamentals of cover letters, including how long they should be and how to write one.

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Length of a cover letter

A cover letter should be between one and two pages long. These cover letters are short but contain sufficient information to allow the employer to decide on the candidate’s candidacy.

There are no one-size-fits-all standards for the length of cover letters. It is best to keep your cover letters short, just like resumes. This is because recruiters and HR managers must sort through many applications. They might be tempted not to read yours if they find it too lengthy.

Avoid using extremes in your cover letter. For example, avoid writing quarter-page or two-page cover letters. A recruiter might take a short cover letter as an indication of insufficient diligence. If your cover letter is too long, it may be taken as a sign that you are not able to communicate your thoughts.

The number of words should be on a cover

A cover letter should be between 250-300 words. You can keep your letter short and informative while still being concise. Employers have different requirements so it is difficult to suggest a standard word count for your cover letters. Before you begin writing your cover letter, make sure to check with the company about the word limit. If so, make sure to keep your letter within the specified word count.

When writing your cover letter, don’t be so focused on keeping it short. Instead, focus on the important details and not how many words you have. Writing a lot can stifle creativity. Write freely, then later edit for clarity. This will save time and help you not waste time writing your first draft.

details needed in a cover letter

Your cover letter can be lost if it is not properly formatted or has the right length. When writing your cover letter, be sure to follow the correct formatting. These sections should be included in your cover letter format:


Your name, address, contact information, and phone number should be included in the heading. To streamline your contact information, you can include your online profile link in the heading.


Address the cover letter to someone in your salutation. It is not uncommon to address a cover letter to “To Whom It May Concern”, but it is best to avoid it. This will give your letter a personal touch. Ask the HR department if you are unable to locate the name of the person online. This not only shows thoughtfulness but also adds personal touches to your letter, making it more eye-catching and attention-grabbing.


The introduction should contain a clear statement that clearly explains the purpose of the letter. The introduction should contain the title of the job you are applying for so that hiring managers know exactly what skills and experience they should be looking for.

The introductory paragraph can be used to show your knowledge and interest in the company. This is an example of a first paragraph:

Jane Energy Co. would like to consider my job application for the Corporate Social Responsibility Director (CSR) position. I admire your commitment to giving back to society. I would love to coordinate these efforts to make a greater impact.

Qualifications and Skills

The second paragraph should highlight your qualifications and skills, and explain why you are a perfect candidate for the job. To give the employer an idea of your past accomplishments, you should also list them.

Be careful not to go overboard when listing your skills and achievements–remember your cover letter must be concise. Your most relevant skills should be highlighted.

You can also list career achievements that are relevant to the job you are applying for. This will increase your chances of being hired. To show your work history, you can use one, but complete, accomplishment. When listing an achievement, make sure you provide context and state your previous role.

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Only focus on the achievements

It might be tempting to highlight all of your work experience in your cover letter if you have a long work history. It can also feel appealing to highlight your lack of experience in your cover letter.

Hiring managers are busy and won’t have the time to read a poorly written cover letter. Your most relevant experience and relevant qualifications should be included in your cover letter to keep it concise and clear.

For example, imagine you’re writing a sales associate cover letter. Instead of listing four to five less relevant examples, you should focus on just one or two stories about how your sales revenue increased at your previous company.

Check for errors

Before you send your cover letter, proofread it at least twice. This is an effective cover letter practice as it prevents typos and other mistakes from making a bad impression. Professionalism is important. Make sure your resume and cover letter are professional. Understanding how to create a resume is just as important as writing a cover letter. Do not send in a cover letter, resume, or application with spelling or grammar errors. Sometimes it can be hard to see your own mistakes. Ask someone to help you. This guide will show you how to create a resume that increases your chances of getting an interview.


A great resume partner is essential for a good cover letter. Our professional resume Expert can help you improve your cover letter. The purpose of the cover letter should be to grab the attention of the reader by convincing them that you are a good candidate. If you do this well, they’ll want to learn more about you. Your cover letter should be short and sweet. Keep it simple and don’t overdo it. You only need to include what’s necessary to convince the hiring manager that you are a good fit for their company. Remember, your cover letter is your chance to get noticed. Good Luck with your job search!

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