How Hard is it to Get a Job in Marketing?

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Marketing is one of the most challenging jobs. It’s all about collecting data and analysis, figuring out how to create effective marketing and communication strategies and using the 4 P’s (place, price, place, and product), and many more. Marketing careers are difficult not just due to the knowledge and strategies you will learn in college, but additionally because it’s an ever-changing process that involves continuous growth due to the development of new technologies and products. In this post, we will discuss how difficult it is to find employment in the field of marketing.

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The Reasons You’re Struggling To Be the First to Get Your First Marketing Job

Finding your first job in any field can be a challenge. Even though it’s true that the American job market has been constantly bouncing back, it can seem like it when you receive what seems like the millionth rejection message arrives in your inbox. This is especially the case in the field of marketing, which attracts thousands of applicants each year.

No matter if you’re fresh out of school or planning changes to your career, there are some aspects to think about in case you’re having a tough time finding that first position in the field of marketing. There are a few possible reasons why you’re trying to get your step forward.

Each corporate job opening receives around 250–250 applicants. Only four to six percent of these applicants are evaluated at one time, and only one is hired. In an effort to be noticed, you should create a compelling cover letter with each application, even if it’s not mandatory. If you’re not a professional in the field of knowledge of marketing A cover letter can be a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your genuine enthusiasm for the business. Show your understanding of the company, describe the reasons you’re drawn to this position, and outline what you’re able to provide the company to create an impressive impression.

In the time it takes to search and apply for job advertisements, the sad reality is that if you’re not networking, you’re not getting the majority of the jobs in marketing available. The majority of jobs are filled through networking. Approximately 15% of jobs are advertised on job boards. The majority of companies fill the positions internally or via referrals. Contact those in the field to make connections and gather information on the requirements to become a successful marketer. They’ll be sure to keep your name in mind whenever positions become available in their businesses.

Every open position in the United States costs approximately 4,000 dollars to fill. It’s a significant expenditure, so you’ll need to show that you’re worthy in order to be considered for a job—especially if you’re not experienced. One option to make up for an inexperienced position on the job is to create your portfolio. Build your own experience through completing independent projects or even writing for a blog about marketing, and then include it in your portfolio to prove that, despite not having years of experience and the challenges ahead, you’ll still succeed in your position.

48 percent of small-sized businesses find that there are very few or no qualified candidates for the jobs they’re trying to fill. It is possible to show the search committees that you’re among the few who have an understanding of the field of marketing. Be sure to be familiar with influential experts on the subject, read marketing blogs, and look through a few books to learn the terms and the most recent advancements.

If you’re a qualified candidate but you’re not receiving any offers for work, it’s likely that hiring managers are looking to know what you have to offer to the table other than just the requirements for the job. Learn certain soft skills related to marketing fields such as Photoshop, software for designing, and video editing to demonstrate that you’re knowledgeable of the entire field of marketing. You can also help with a broad range of tasks. Don’t forget to work on your social and professional skills as well, because more than 90% of companies want the front-desk staff’s opinion on candidates before making a hiring decision.

Marketing can be difficult, but it’s worthwhile.

To achieve the highest level of marketing, you need to be passionate about your work and understand how to mix effort with pleasure. It’s important to know when it’s time for breaks and to seek help when there is too much to manage. Be aware that you need to stay up-to-date with other classes that are equally crucial.

Marketing offers amazing opportunities for employment and provides you with the benefit of knowing how you can manage your company in the event that you decide to create your own business. In order to be successful, it is essential to know what and how to study. Make sure you are studying when you’re at school and attempt to learn about different aspects of marketing like sales and marketing, public relations, international marketing, and business. Consider pursuing two majors in such areas as public relations and marketing or marketing and business. In this way, your college work will be based on similar projects and assignments that will be a good fit for your studies and projects.

There are some guidelines to be aware of when applying to get a job in marketing.

* Stay up-to-date with relevant news in the field of marketing So make sure that you’re subscribed to a variety of magazines.

* Create your presence known on social media platforms and implement the digital strategies you’ve learned.

* Create your own blog and then put your marketing expertise into helpful articles that others might benefit from as well. This can also help enhance your communication abilities.

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* Take advantage of all available opportunities for work experience and internships. You’ll be able to utilize in real-world scenarios the concepts of marketing that you’ve learned. You will also learn the skills needed for a future career in this field.


With the need for marketers increasing and the need for marketers constantly increasing, it’s an injustice to quit in this field because you aren’t able to take on the complexity and/or volume of the task. Every business and industry has a marketing staff, and that means there are always opportunities available to you. Be sure to acquire the necessary know-how and experience, as well as all the assistance in marketing you need to get the career and job you’ve always dreamed of. Make sure to include all the information on your resume if you are going to apply for a marketing job.

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