How Hard Is It to Get a Job at Deloitte?

How Hard Is It to Get a Job at Deloitte?
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If you’re looking for a job, there’s a good chance that you’ve considered Deloitte. It is one of the world’s largest professional services firms. With over 300,000 professionals in 150 countries, Deloitte helps clients around the globe solve their toughest challenges and realize their biggest opportunities.

As a leading provider of audit, tax, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, technology, and related services, it partners with its clients to improve performance, build lasting relationships and create sustainable value.

So how hard is it to get a job at Deloitte? Read on to find out.

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Is it easy to get a job at Deloitte?

Getting a job at Deloitte is no easy feat. There are many steps involved before you even apply.

Deloitte offers several different career paths within its organization. The most common path is to start as an Associate Consultant (AC) and work up to Senior Manager (SM).

The AC program comprises two years of study and one year of full-time professional experience. During this period, you will be required to complete a minimum of 30 hours per week of paid training. After completing the AC program, you may apply for SM positions.

To become an AC, you must first earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration, accounting, finance, engineering, mathematics, computer science, or another related field. In addition, you should have completed at least 12 college credits in accounting, business, economics, management, statistics, or other relevant courses.

After earning your bachelor’s degree, you’ll need to pass a rigorous series of exams before being accepted into the AC program. Once you’re accepted into the AC program, you’ll spend the next two years studying for and taking the following exams:

  • Financial Accounting Principles exam
  • Professional Standards in Auditing exam
  • Uniform Audit Test Exam
  • Uniform Business Environment Examination
  • Uniform Cost Principles Examination
  • Uniform Ethics Examination
  • Uniform Experience Requirements Examination
  • Uniform Induction Examination

Once you’ve passed all of these exams, you can begin working towards becoming an SM.

What Does Deloitte Look For When Hiring Employees?

Deloitte looks for people who will be successful at their jobs because they possess strong interpersonal skills, excellent communication skills, and an ability to work well within teams. It looks for employees who demonstrate initiative, creativity, and innovation and are committed to our values and culture.

Deloitte also looks for self-motivated individuals who can take responsibility for their own actions. In addition, it seeks flexible, adaptable candidates who are willing to learn new things.

Finally, the company looks for people passionate about helping clients succeed and want to contribute to a positive work environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

Does Everyone Who Applies Get Hired At Deloitte?

No, not everyone who applies gets hired at Deloitte. The company employs people based on their qualifications and experience.

Deloitte does not discriminate against applicants because it does not believe in hiring someone just because they applied. However, the company may not be able to offer an interview to all those who apply.

If you don’t hear back from them within two weeks of submitting your application, you can check their website again.

Deloitte will continue to accept applications until positions become available.

How long does it take to get hired at Deloitte after applying?

It takes anywhere between 3-6 months to be hired into Deloitte. The process includes an initial phone screen followed by a series of interviews.

If you do not pass the first round of interviews, you will return to school to complete additional training before being considered again for future rounds.

The time it takes to be hired varies depending on where you live. For example, people living in New York City may need up to 6 months, while those living in other parts of the country only need to wait 2-4 weeks.

How to pass the interview process at Deloitte?

To pass your interview with Deloitte, make sure that you have done the following:

1. Do your homework.

Candidates that have taken the initiative to familiarize themselves with our company are always met with favorable attention. Viewing this page, it’s safe to assume that you agree. Explore the area and soak up as much information as you can. Having a plan in place can also help you feel less stressed.

2. Create an impression.

Put on appropriate attire. When in doubt, it’s better to overdress. Recent trends have favored business casual clothes, although suits and ties are always suitable. Display your seriousness. Also, remember that first impressions aren’t always based on words but on how you portray yourself.

It’s important to make strong eye contact and provide a firm handshake. Keep your chin up and mind on the interview at hand. Your inattention will be obvious if your mind wanders.

3. Just remember to trust in yourself.

In the corporate world, maintaining composure is essential. Also, an interview is a great barometer of how you perform under stress. You must avoid giving off an overly edgy vibe. However, try not to be too blasé.

Keep your professionalism at a high level without being inaccessible. True authenticity is the greatest policy. You strike people as kind and outgoing. Bring that to the table during the interview. Individuals who do well working in teams are encouraged to apply.

4. Inquire further.

Knowing that you’re curious about us as a company and what we do is a great feeling. Depending on your questions, it may also show that you’ve done your homework. Make sure you have a list of questions ready for the interview that we might not have covered.

5. Sell yourself.

You were accepted because you met the requirements. Acquire the self-assurance to talk about your professional and academic accomplishments.

Tell us about a time when you made a significant contribution to a group or when you learned something new and interesting. We think you have great potential, so make the most of it by highlighting your many strengths.

6. Get clarification.

Don’t be shy about asking for clarification if you need it. Knowing exactly what we mean can help you provide the most helpful response.

7. Follow up.

It is proper etiquette to express gratitude to those granted an interview. Get a business card from the person(s) you meet with, then follow up with a letter as soon as you can following the meeting. Doing so may let us know that you appreciated our efforts and would want to be contacted again in the future.

Can you work at Deloitte with no experience?

Yes! Deloitte offers an entry-level position called “Associate,” which is designed to provide its new hires with the opportunity to learn all aspects of the business while gaining valuable real-world experience.

Its Associates will be responsible for supporting clients across various industries, including financial services, technology, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, telecommunications, retail, consumer packaged goods, transportation, media, public sector, education, insurance, and more.

Its Associates will gain exposure to different areas within the firm, such as audit, tax, assurance, advisory, finance, legal, IT, operations, client management, research, risk, compliance, and internal audit.

They will also gain exposure to other functions within the firm, such as those related to human resources, recruiting, training, and compensation.

The Associate program provides a comprehensive curriculum covering ethics, fraud prevention, professional development, leadership, communication, teamwork, problem-solving, decision-making, and more. The curriculum includes both classroom learning and hands-on experiences.

We believe our Associates will benefit greatly from this unique environment and look forward to welcoming them into our team!

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