Does Linkedin Easy Apply Work for Getting a Job?

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If you are looking for job opportunities through LinkedIn, chances are you’ve seen the “Easy Apply” or “Apply Now” buttons on job postings. This easy-to-use feature allows you to submit an application directly through LinkedIn without having to go through the company’s website. This feature is a great way for job seekers to streamline their application process and allow them to quickly apply for multiple job opportunities.

Although this may seem like a great way to get your name before as many hiring managers as possible it is not the best strategy. We will be discussing the best ways to use this application submission option and give you insight into how it might benefit your job search efforts.

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LinkedIn Easy Apply:

Easy Application allows job seekers to quickly send their profile information to the hiring managers of companies that have open positions. You will find job listings on LinkedIn that include a button to submit your application. Some companies opt to use the “Apply to the company website” button. This will take you to their job application. Some companies choose to use the “Apply on company website” button. This bypasses the company’s site.

LinkedIn Easy Apply is the best way to increase your job search volume… without having to write a letter or fill out pages upon pages of online information.

LinkedIn jobs are often high-quality and reliable. LinkedIn is also a huge job search site so you can apply for almost all your volume through LinkedIn. You should still network and do targeted methods such as emailing companies directly. LinkedIn is a good job board.

Employers see if you use Easy Apply

Click on Easy Apply to upload your resume. This will be attached to the hiring employer. The employer will allow you to ask basic questions. So far, so good, right? These are the details you want prospective employers to see. But, the question is: Will the hiring manager be able to see enough to ask for more?

It’s not an easy question to answer. The first thing they will see is your name on a list of candidates. They also have your photo, address, and headline on LinkedIn. These are the only details a hiring manager will need to make a decision about whether or not to look into your resume, application, or profile.

It is important to know that hiring managers will view your profile before they see your linked resume. If your profile isn’t interesting, they might not bother opening your resume. If your initial headline is not up to the mark, they may not even look at your profile.

Employers who receive Easy Apply applications may only view a small amount of information. Your application will likely be sent along with many other submissions. This means you’ll need to do more than just a quick glance to get your application noticed.

What are the best times to use Easy Apply?

Hiring managers only see a small amount of information in your Easy Apply contact. This means that you should only choose this option if your commitment is to upload your resume along with your submission. This type of submission should not be used unless your LinkedIn profile has been optimized in a way that will attract the hiring manager’s attention. The hiring company will first see your profile. Many will base their initial decisions based on the information in your profile.

If you find a job posting that interests you and you have to submit your application via the easy apply option, do so. If you want to increase your chances of being considered for a job, make sure you have a professional profile.

How to make the most of your LinkedIn profile

This brings us to the most important aspect of all: making sure your profile makes a good impression. These tips will help you optimize your profile in order to get the most out of Easy Apply.

Easy Apply’s convenience is hard to ignore. We won’t tell anyone that it’s not worth your time. Make sure your headline, summary, and photo are all correct. Also, make sure your industry and location are accurate. Your skills should be updated according to industry-standard job titles so they are in line with employers’ needs.

Start with your profile headline

Use the easy-apply option if you plan to write a headline that begins with the job title. Why? The reason is that the hiring manager will only see the first 30 characters. If your desired job title is unclear, your submission could be ignored.

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Optimize your profile

Optimize your profile to include all information that a hiring manager would need. This may seem counterintuitive but it is important to realize that no one can guarantee that the person viewing your profile will open your resume.

Keywords are important

Your profile should include the keywords that you saw in the job description. Include important filter keywords that relate to your job title and location.

Get recommendations

Your profile should include recommendations. Writing recommendations for other people in your network is the best way to get recommendations. This will help you get the information you need to ask them for their opinions.

Employers will appreciate your summary.

Your summary can be turned into a cover letter, by sending it to potential employers. If you’re hired, focus on your strengths and experience.

Include your resume whenever possible

Even if you have most of the information on your profile, don’t forget to attach your resume. Employers will request your resume if they are considering you for the job. This is to ensure that they have a full picture of you as an employee.

Remember to reply

Even if you decide not to accept the position, you must always reply to employers who contact you about your application. You should not knowingly destroy any relationships that you might need in the future.


LinkedIn’s Easy Application option can seem simple and effective, but it can also pose unique challenges. These tips will help you get noticed and land that interview. If you are looking to land a job on Linkin or any platform, you need to enhance your resume. Reach out to one of our experts that can help you enhance or upgrade your resume.

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