Do Dell Employees Get Discounts? (+ Benefits)

Do Dell Employees Get Discounts?
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The corporation, started in 1984 by Michael Dell, has expanded worldwide. Dell Technologies is among the most trusted names in the industry regarding business IT solutions.

Technology, networking, communications, mobility, security, storage, management, analytics, and human resource management are just a few areas where Dell Technologies excels. Over 165,000 individuals are working for the corporation worldwide, with headquarters in Round Rock, Texas.

Dell Advantage is a program that gives employees of Dell’s business customers up to a twenty percent discount on all systems and electronic devices for personal/home use. This includes desktops, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, accessories, printers, monitors, projectors, scanners, cameras, TVs, home theater systems, and more.

All current and future Dell workers are eligible for this discount. Here, we’ll go through some of the perks of joining the Dell Advantage program.

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Dell Advantage Program: What Is It?

The Dell Advantage program was launched to provide its employees with discounts on products and services.

It is important to note that only some employees get the same discount. For example, if employees work at one of the company’s headquarters locations, they would get access to the full range of discounts.

However, if the employee works at a branch office, they would only be able to enjoy some of the discounts available.

In addition to providing discounts, Dell offers other benefits such as free technical support, free shipping, and even free training courses.

Does Dell offer employee discounts?

Yes! Dell offers multiple ways for its employees to save money. One of the most popular is the Dell Advantage program.

This program allows employees of Dell business customers to receive discounted prices on various items ranging from computers to software. To avail yourself of these discounts, enter the relevant discount code when checking out.

You should keep in mind that not everyone receives the same discount. Some people may not qualify because they don’t work for Dell’s business customers.

Are all Dell employees eligible for discounts?

Dell offers its employees a wide range of benefits, including discounted prices at its retail stores, health insurance plans, tuition reimbursement programs, and more.

All Dell employees who work full-time for at least one year are eligible for an annual bonus program that provides up to $5,000 per employee towards travel expenses and other personal purchases. Employees must be employed as of January 1st and remain engaged until December 31st of the same year.

To qualify for this benefit, employees must meet eligibility requirements such as enrolling in the company’s healthcare plan and working a minimum number of hours during the year.

The Dell Employee Discount Program allows eligible employees to take advantage of special pricing on select products and services offered by Dell Retail Stores throughout North America. The program includes savings on laptops, desktops, monitors, printers, software, networking devices, storage solutions, and more.

Can you get employee discounts at other Dell stores?

Yes! You can use the Dell Employee Discount Program at Dell retail stores nationwide. If you’re already a Dell employee or plan to become one soon, you can shop at Dell retail locations without paying retail prices.

However, some restrictions exist on the products and services purchased under the program. For example, only certain equipment categories can be purchased at discounted rates.

These include Laptops, Desktops, Monitors, Printers, Networking Devices, Storage Solutions, Software, and Other Computers & Accessories.

Can a family use a Dell employee discount?

Yes! A family can participate in the Dell Employee Discount Program regardless of whether it’s a single person or a group of individuals.

If you have children, you could enroll them in the program too! They’ll still be able to save money while shopping at Dell retail stores.

There are two different methods to apply for Dell employee discounts.

One way is to request a Dell employee discount card directly from your employer. These cards can be found in the Dell store where you work.

Another option is to apply online through the Dell Employee Discount Program website. You will need to provide information regarding your employment status and location here.

Once approved, you’ll then be able to print out your discount coupons and present them when making purchases at Dell retail stores.

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What other benefits do Dell employees receive?

Dell provides several different types of benefits to its employees. These include but aren’t limited to:

Employee Health Care Plan (EHC) – The EHC plan covers medical expenses, prescription drugs, dental care, vision care, mental health counseling, and much more.

Paid Time Off (PTO) – All employees have a certain number of days off each year. They can use these days for vacation, sick leave, maternity leave, etc.

Retirement Savings Plans – Each employee is given a 401k account which will help them save money during their career.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) – Employees who work for Dell can purchase stock shares from the company.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) – If you need assistance dealing with any problems at work, the company will pay for your sessions at an EAP center.

Free Training Courses – Dell offers many different free online courses to its employees so they can learn new skills.

There are also other benefits, such as tuition reimbursement programs, relocation allowances, and more.


As a Dell employee, you get some great benefits and discounts. You receive discounts on your purchases.

The amount of discount varies depending on location and type of purchase (e.g., computer, printer, etc.). For example, an employee who works in California may be able to save up to $50 off their purchase of a new laptop computer.

The company, as a whole, offers some excellent employee benefits that include various discounts. However, these are subject to change at any time and may not be available to all employees – so it’s always best to check with your HR department first.

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