Do CVS Pharmacy Employees Get Discounts? (+Benefits)

Do CVS Pharmacy Employees Get Discounts?
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CVS Health, often known as CVS Pharmacy, is a large healthcare corporation. It has been in business since 1963 and has its headquarters in Woonsocket. CVS Caremark Inc., headquartered in Connecticut, is its parent business and a Fortune 500 firm. CVS Health has almost 300,000 employees worldwide and a yearly revenue of $292 billion.

Customers can visit one of the company’s retail locations to either fill a prescription or stock up on over-the-counter remedies. Online and mail-order services are available from CVS Pharmacy. The chain also has MinuteClinics, where customers can get medical attention.

After Walgreens and Rite Aid, CVS is the third-largest pharmacy chain in the United States. Most CVS employees have access to employer-provided health insurance, but others may qualify for Medicare Part B or Medicaid. This is why CVS does not provide its employees with reimbursements or discounts at stores not owned by CVS.

To that end, this article explores whether CVS Pharmacy employees are eligible for employee benefits, such as discounts at other CVS Pharmacy locations, free prescriptions, or even cash back. Read on!

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Does CVS Pharmacy offer employee discounts?

Yes! CVS Pharmacy offers many benefits to its employees. Some of them are listed below:

Discounted Store Brands – If you work at a CVS Pharmacy location, you will get up to 30 percent off your total bill. You can shop online and receive free shipping too.

20 Percent Off Non-Sale Items – Another perk that comes with being employed by CVS Pharmacy is the ability to save 20 percent off all non-sale items.

Are all CVS Pharmacy employees eligible for discounts?

All CVS pharmacy locations offer various discount programs for their customers, including those who work at CVS Pharmacy stores. However, not all CVS Pharmacy store employees qualify for these discounts.

For example, customer service associates do not receive discounts when purchasing items such as prescription drugs or groceries. In addition, cashiers may be unable to use certain coupons or earn rewards points while working.

However, most CVS Pharmacy store managers are eligible for various discounts. For example, managers who spend more than $500 per month on prescriptions will likely be given an additional 10% off their purchases.

Managers who spend between $300-$499 per month on prescriptions will typically receive 5-10% off their purchases. Finally, store managers who spend less than $300 per month on prescriptions may qualify for a 2-5% discount.

Can you get employee discounts at other CVS pharmacies?

No. Unlike CVS Pharmacy stores, which CVS Health owns, other CVS Pharmacy locations are independently operated. Therefore, they do not offer the same employee benefits.

For example, if you work at one of the independent CVS Pharmacy locations, you may not be eligible for the discounted prices offered at CVS Pharmacy.

Also, unlike CVS Pharmacy employees, you won’t be eligible for tuition reimbursement or the colleague stock purchase program.

Can a family use a CVS Pharmacy employee discount?

Some workers at CVS Pharmacy are eligible for discounts when they make purchases for their households. To receive the discount, you must ask for it before making your purchase.

Don’t feel obligated to accept a purchase if you’re not interested because you may change your mind later. If you don’t pay attention, you might pay more than you would otherwise.

Family members may be able to split the cost of CVS Pharmacy coupons in specific circumstances. However, the unique rules at your local CVS Pharmacy will determine this.

You should always double-check with your boss before assuming you’re eligible to receive a cut of the profits. In this approach, you can forestall future issues.

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What other benefits do CVS Pharmacy employees receive?

CVS Pharmacy offers many types of employee benefits. Some of them include the following:

Medical Insurance

Employees who work for CVS Pharmacy usually have the option of choosing between two different plans. One is the CVS Pharmacy Employee Flexible Spending Account Plan (FSA), and the other is the CVS Pharmaceutry Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). Both plans offer their members a wide range of coverage, including hospitalization, doctor visits, preventive care, prescriptions, and more.

Prescription Drug Coverage

In addition to offering FSA and PPO plans, CVS Pharmacy also provides prescription drug coverage. Its Rx Savings Program allows eligible employees to save money when they buy drugs through the company’s website or mobile app.

Dental Insurance

Employees who work for CVS can choose between three different dental plans. They include the CVS Health Dental Plan, CVS Health Dental Plus, and CVS Health Dental Choice. These plans cover routine checkups, cleanings, x-rays, and much more.

Vision Insurance

Those who work for CVS Health can opt for either a Vision Plan or VisionPlus. These plans allow workers to pay monthly premiums for eye exams, glasses, contacts, and more.

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

The company’s HSA plan enables employees to contribute to an individual retirement account (IRA). They can use the funds to pay for out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles, copays, and medications.

Adoption Benefit

This benefit helps those who want to adopt children. Eligible parents can take advantage of it to help offset the costs associated with adopting a child.

Life Insurance

If you work for CVS Pharmacies, you might be able to avail yourself of the company’s life insurance policy. This includes both term and permanent policies.

Accident and Disability Insurance

Another way for CVS employees to protect themselves against accidents while working is by taking part in the company’s Accident and Disability Insurance Plan. It covers any injuries sustained during employment.

Paid Time Off

All full-time and regular part-time employees working for CVS pharmacies can enjoy paid vacation days. However, some people may only be entitled to 10 paid vacation days per year.

Tuition Reimbursement

This benefit lets eligible employees attend college courses on company time. The benefit is meant to provide financial assistance to students enrolled in school.

Colleague Stock Purchase Plan

CVS pharmacy employees have access to the company’s colleague stock purchase plan. This benefit allows them to purchase from CVS Pharmacy without paying sales tax.


Working at CVS Pharmacy has many benefits. Besides providing affordable healthcare services, the company offers various customized benefits to fit your needs. 

Now, it’s time to take action and apply for a job at CVS Pharmacy if you want to enjoy its employees’ perks.

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