Best Side Jobs that Mechanics Can Do for Extra Money

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As a mechanic, you’re probably not getting rich. But you may be able to earn some extra cash with side jobs that don’t require any previous experience. These are just a few examples of the ways you can make money as a mechanic without actually being one.

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Deliver Packages for Amazon

As a mechanic, you can also deliver packages for Amazon Flex. This is the same service that Uber drivers use to make extra money on their own time.

To become an Amazon Flex driver, you’ll need to go through an interview process and pass a background check before being approved as a driver in your area. Once approved, you can start delivering packages right away—though if this isn’t what you want to do full-time (or even part-time), there are other side jobs available at Amazon that don’t require driving around in an unfamiliar vehicle all day long!

Field Technician

If you want a side job that’s a little more physically demanding and competitive, consider becoming a field technician. You’ll be responsible for doing everything from oil changes to replacing tires on your own vehicles and equipment.

You’ll also have to work in all types of weather conditions—from rain or snow to hot sun or cold sleet—which means you need good physical stamina as well as mental fortitude. To succeed at this type of job, it’s important that you have patience and endurance when it comes to dealing with customers who may not be easygoing about their vehicle needs.

As an employee at most auto repair shops (and other businesses), you’ll eventually become familiar with how things work along the way at first; however, there is no guarantee that every client will want exactly what we offer them!

In some cases this means being willing to admit defeat even though our advice has been soundly rejected by another individual/group/organization; but if we give up too easily then who else would take up our cause?

Freelance Contractor

Freelance contractor work is a great way to make extra money, especially if you’re not interested in working full-time. You can work from home or at a local shop, and it’s flexible enough that you can pick and choose the jobs that suit your schedule best. Plus, freelancing allows you to earn as much money as possible without having to put in excessive amounts of time each day.

You’ll likely be paid per project (and often by the hour) so there’s no pressure on meeting deadlines or getting things done quickly—just get paid for what you do!

Mobile Mechanic Service

Mobile Mechanic Service is a side job that mechanics can do to earn extra money. This is a great way for mechanics who own their own service trucks, or those who have access to one. It’s also ideal for those who want to work at home and still make money on their schedule.

The best part about working as a mobile mechanic is that you get paid per hour, so you don’t have to worry about the boss looking over your shoulder every time you take off from work (or worse yet, coming into the shop). You also won’t have any employees under your supervision so there are no HR issues with hiring someone new every single day!


A mechanic is a person who repairs mechanical systems. It’s the name used in the automotive industry, but it can also apply to other vehicles and industries. Mechanics can work on cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats; they might also perform maintenance on other equipment such as lawnmowers or refrigerators.

Mechanical systems include engines (the part of your car that makes it go), transmissions (which transmit power from the engine to wheels), and brakes (which stop you from going too fast).

Automotive Technician

An automotive technician is a person who repairs and services vehicles, including cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

The role includes diagnosing problems with engines and transmission systems; removing or installing parts in order to make the vehicle driveable again; inspecting tires for safety issues; replacing lights on vehicles (e.g., headlights); adjusting brakes on bicycles as well as motorcycles so that they are safe for riding in traffic lanes.

The responsibilities of an automotive technician include:

Diagnosing engine problems by taking apart parts of engines such as spark plugs, filters, and distributor caps

Changing oil lines at different points within cars’ engines

Inspecting tires for wear patterns indicate possible flat spots that could cause accidents while driving around town due to bald spots appearing quickly when these areas get damaged by contact with other objects like holes caused by nails sticking out into spaces between tire treads’ rubber compound.

These types of defects can lead to serious accidents causing injuries if not dealt with immediately after noticing them

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It’s true that there are many side jobs that mechanics can do for extra money. Some of those side jobs aren’t actually in the car industry, but they still require mechanical skills and the ability to work on various types of vehicles.

Automotive technicians are one example: They typically work for dealerships or repair shops as well as private customers who want help with something like car repairs or maintenance services. Other examples include mobile mechanic service companies, which provide mobile service at your home or office (or wherever else you might need repairs done).

Last but not least: freelancing contractors offer some flexibility when it comes time to schedule hours because they can work from wherever they have Internet access!

Your resume should focus on the skills you have that are relevant to the job. If you’re applying for a position as an automotive technician, for example, emphasize your ability to diagnose problems and perform repairs. If you’re applying to be a mobile mechanic contractor, highlight your experience with cars and knowledge of auto repair techniques.

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