Best Side Jobs that Baristas Can Do for Extra Money

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Going to college is expensive, and that’s why many students find themselves in need of extra money. Although baristas can’t pay their tuition with coffee sales, there are other ways for them to make money. These jobs require little to no experience, but they’re still attractive to those who want a side hustle without quitting their regular jobs.

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Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is a popular, easy-to-do business model that allows you to sell products online. You don’t have to own any inventory or store space (you just buy them from other sellers). You can also get started for very little money and time.

To start a dropshipping business, you’ll need:

  • A website where people can find your products and make purchases
  • Products that fit within the category of goods or services you’re selling (for example, coffee beans) and are available in bulk quantities at cheap prices through wholesalers or distributors

Random bar gigs

Bar gigs can be fun and provide a good income. You can make money bartending, as a bouncer, or as a barback. If you have experience in the bar industry, this is the side job for you!

You will need to have an attitude that matches your personality—are you outgoing or shy? Friendly or reserved? This will determine how well you do at different jobs and where they are located.

Pet sitter

Pet sitting is a great side job for baristas because it can be full-time or part-time, depending on your schedule. All you need to do is have experience with animals and references from past clients who know you well enough to vouch for your ability to handle any type of pet.

You’ll also want to make sure that insurance coverage is in place before starting this gig. If someone has been injured by an animal while in your care, they may seek legal recourse against you and/or the company where they work (if applicable).


If you’re looking to make some extra money while you study, consider driving for Uber or Lyft. Both companies offer flexible schedules, which means that if you have a class or work shift in the morning and another in the evening, it’s possible to work this into your schedule as long as it doesn’t conflict with other jobs.

Uber and Lyft both offer good benefits too, such as healthcare coverage and 401(k) matching programs, so if these are important factors when considering whether or not to drive part-time, then they are worth checking out!

Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn extra money while you’re on the job. It’s not just some random gig that can be done during your breaks or at night in between shifts; affiliate marketing actually requires you to be online and actively promoting products throughout the day.

To get started, first find out what types of products are available for affiliate marketing (this will vary by niche). Then check out sites like Amazon and eBay for potential candidates—these are usually the best places because they have lots of traffic but don’t pay much in commissions.

Once you’ve found a few programs that interest you, it’s time to promote them! There are numerous ways to accomplish this, including posting links on social media accounts and blogging about them on websites such as yoursiteblogtoday! Or, even better, make videos demonstrating how awesome your chosen product is and how simple it would be if everyone bought one!

You could also write reviews on sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor, etc., though these tend not to offer quite as high commissions as those mentioned above (if any at all).

House Cleaner

In this job, you’ll be cleaning a client’s home. You can charge by the hour or by the project, depending on how long it takes you to do the work. You’ll need supplies like cleaning products and tools (like a vacuum). Before starting any job, make sure your client has given you their address so that they know where to send payment—you don’t want them sending money into an empty mailbox!

Once they’ve hired you, take care of any details related to scheduling and communication: calling in advance if necessary; confirming when they’re going away for vacation or business trips; etc.

Once everything is set up and ready for business (and perhaps even before), get started! Begin with small jobs to gain experience so that when bigger jobs come along later on down the road, they will seem easy in comparison to what came before!

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a great side job for baristas. You can write for blogs, websites, and more. If you have a good command of the English language and are willing to put in the time writing articles or articles about coffee shops (or anything else), then freelancing as a freelance writer could be an excellent way to make extra money while you’re at home every day waiting on your customers.

Freelance graphic design

Freelance graphic designers can make money by designing logos, brochures, flyers, and other marketing materials. You can sell your designs on sites like Etsy or Fiverr. There are many ways to make money as a freelance graphic designer:

  • Designing websites
  • Creating posters and flyers
  • Creating company branding

Research Participant

Research participants are people who are paid to take part in a research study. They can earn up to $200 per hour, and they usually have to travel to the research facility. Research participants must be over 18 years old, so if you’re under this age, it’s important that you find another side job before applying for this one!

Online Tutor

If you have a passion for teaching, then you may want to consider becoming an online tutor. There are plenty of ways that baristas can make extra cash by tutoring English as a second language (ESL), computer skills, and other hobbies or skills.

  • Teaching ESL: This is a great way for those who want to teach others but don’t have any experience in the field. You can help students improve their reading comprehension through online lessons and practice tests.
  • Teaching computer knowledge: If you’re good at explaining concepts like why one program works better than another on your computer system, then this could be an ideal side gig! You’ll also have access to all sorts of resources, such as books related to technology and software tweaks that will make learning easier for your customers.
  • Tutoring hobbies like photography or art: If these are things that interest you but require some extra training beforehand (maybe taking classes), then consider offering this type of service instead—just remember that it’s not just about offering instruction but also providing feedback afterward so there’s no confusion about what worked well or poorly during each session together!

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I’m sure there are other ways to make extra money, but these are the ones I found most useful. Remember that the best way to start any side gig is by doing a little research and finding out what kind of person you are before diving in headfirst. If you take your time and do your homework, then you will be able to find something that suits both your interests and skill sets perfectly!

Your resume should be updated and ready to go. You should also take some time to review how you present yourself in general—especially if you plan on meeting with potential employers face-to-face. Be sure that your appearance is clean, groomed, and professional; it will help you make a good impression no matter what type of job you are applying for!

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