Best Alternative Jobs for a Working at a Factory?

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Working at a factory can be a great way to earn some extra money and build your resume, but it’s not always the most fun job. If you’d like to find the best alternative jobs for someone who works at a factory, consider these options.

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Shipyard Worker

A shipyard worker is a person who works in the shipbuilding industry. They usually work at a boatyard, which is a place where boats are built and repaired. They might be responsible for painting the boat or putting together the engine.

Working in a shipyard can also mean working on boats that are already built, such as tugboats and sailboats. This kind of job is ideal if you’re interested in marine biology because you’ll get to see firsthand how these boats are made.

This job can be dangerous and stressful because there’s so much equipment involved, but it can also be very rewarding when you see your finished product come out of the water for the first time.


An assembler is someone who puts together the components of a product. This can be anything from cars to electronics or furniture. Assemblers are responsible for following directions and making sure all parts are correctly installed and functioning properly before they’re shipped out.

They might also have some customer service experience, as they need to answer questions about how to use products or troubleshoot them when something goes wrong.

Assemblers typically work in a factory or warehouse setting, and they’ll have to follow safety requirements. They might also need to lift heavy objects as part of their job duties.


A carpenter is someone who builds things out of wood. They could build houses, furniture, or other structures, depending on the project they’re working on. A carpenter might also be responsible for installing windows, doors, and floors as part of their job duties.

This is a physically demanding job, and you’ll need to lift heavy objects on a regular basis. You’ll also have to follow safety requirements in order to avoid injury.

Mechanical Technician

A mechanical technician is someone who works with machinery and engines. They could work on cars, trucks, or other vehicles. You’ll need to have a basic understanding of how engines work in order to do this job well. You’ll also need to be able to repair broken parts and install new ones as needed.

You’ll likely have to work on both gas and diesel engines, so a basic knowledge of how each works is helpful. Mechanical technicians must be able to handle the physical strain that comes with working with heavy machinery.


A packer is someone who works at a meatpacking plant or other food processing facility. They’re responsible for putting products into packaging and making sure it’s done properly so that they don’t get injured or cause damage to the product. You’ll need to be strong enough to lift heavy boxes and other items regularly during your shift.

In addition to packing, you may also have to clean and sanitize the area where your products are stored. You may be required to wear specific types of clothing, such as hairnets or gloves.

Metal Fabricator

A metal fabricator is someone who works with metals like steel, aluminum, and copper. They help create products made from these materials, such as railings for stairs or doors. A metal fabricator may also be called a welder. In some cases, you’ll use a torch to melt the metals together so that they form one piece of material.

The size and shape of the products you make depend on what your employer asks you to do. For example, if they want to create a railing for stairs, then you’ll need to weld together several pieces of steel in order to build it.

In some cases, you may need to use a grinder or saw to cut the metal to the right size. You’ll also have to be able to read blueprints in order to make sure that you’re building exactly what your employer wants.


A technician is someone who works with machinery. They may be responsible for maintaining and repairing items, or they might have a more specialized job description. For example, if you work in a car repair shop, then your duties will include changing tires and fixing flat ones. You’ll also need to know how to change the oil in an engine so that it doesn’t break down while driving on busy streets.

A technician will need to have a lot of patience because they may be tasked with repairing something that’s been broken for several hours. They also need to be able to keep their cool when encountering an issue that seems unsolvable at first glance, since many problems can be solved by taking things apart and putting them back together again in a different order.

Forklift Operator

The job of a forklift operator is to load and unload materials for businesses. They need to be able to operate a machine that has two forks attached to it, one at each end, and lift heavy objects with ease. Forklift operators may also need to move boxes from one location in a warehouse or factory to another by driving the forklift through narrow openings between shelves.

They need to be good at following directions and being accurate when lifting objects since they could injure someone if they drop something heavy on them by accident. Forklift operators may also have to clean up spills or repair equipment that breaks down.

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There are certainly a lot of factors that go into making this decision, so take the time to consider everything before you make your final choice. Most importantly, based on what you’ve learned here and what you know about yourself, do your best to make the right choice for yourself and your career. Good luck!

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