Best Alternative Jobs for a 911 Dispatcher?

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Finding the right career path is a lifelong journey. But if you want to work with emergency services, you need to start by finding out what jobs are available. Then research those jobs until you know they’re the right fit for your skills and personality.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best alternative jobs for 911 dispatchers. You’ll find that some of these jobs have similar responsibilities as 911 dispatchers, but with a slightly different focus. Working in emergency services might be a good choice if you’re looking for an exciting career! Here are some of the best alternative jobs for 911 dispatchers:

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Fire Logistic Dispatcher

Fire logistics dispatchers are responsible for coordinating the transportation of fire equipment and personnel. They may also be asked to manage requests from other departments, including police, medical, and rescue units.

If a fire station is experiencing power outages or mechanical issues with their vehicles, these dispatchers will be called in to assist with repairs or provide alternative transportation solutions.

Emergency Medical Dispatcher

An EMS dispatcher is similar to a 911 dispatcher, but the focus is on medical emergencies rather than crimes. You’ll help patients with non-life-threatening injuries get access to the right care and provide information about what kind of help they should expect.

This position involves dispatching ambulances to emergency calls from hospitals or other facilities. You’ll receive calls from both patients and medical professionals, verify their location, and then dispatch an ambulance as quickly as possible.

Police Dispatcher

A police dispatcher’s job is similar to that of an emergency medical dispatcher, but with a focus on law enforcement.

You’ll also be responsible for taking calls from people who are reporting crimes, accidents, or other emergencies. In this case, you’ll provide information about the situation and then dispatch support as needed.

Security Officer

A job as a security officer is perfect for those who want to work in an environment where they can be on the lookout for suspicious activity.

You’ll also be responsible for handling any incidents that arise. You may have to make sure that employees aren’t harassing each other or stealing from the company, as well as make sure that everyone is following safety protocols correctly.

Parking Attendant

As a parking attendant, you should enjoy working outside and dealing with people. You’ll help direct traffic, issue parking tickets, and assist customers that need to park their cars.

You’ll also be responsible for cleaning up the parking lot and keeping it safe. You may have to help people find their vehicles as well as make sure that no one is stealing from their cars while they’re gone.


If you enjoy being on the water and swimming, this may be a good career option. You’ll be responsible for keeping an eye on swimmers to ensure that they are safe and following the rules. You will also be responsible for responding to emergencies and providing first aid, if necessary.

Patient Transporter

As a patient transporter, you will help transport patients from their homes, doctor’s offices, or hospitals to other locations. Some of the duties include lifting patients into and out of chairs and gurneys, as well as assisting them with walking when necessary.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives are responsible for providing customer support and assisting customers with any issues they may be having.

You will work directly with customers to solve problems, offer solutions, and help them in any way possible. There are many different types of positions within this category, including phone support specialists, technical support specialists, and sales representatives.


Dispatchers are responsible for coordinating all of the activities that occur within their company. They manage a team of drivers, workers, and other staff members to ensure that each task is completed in a timely manner. Some of the duties include making sure that all vehicles have gas, timesheets are filled out, and routes are planned.

Evening Shuttle Driver

Evening shuttle drivers are responsible for transporting passengers throughout the evening on a predetermined route. They may also be asked to provide customer service, operate maintenance vehicles, or perform other duties. This position usually requires an extensive driving record and the ability to work well with others in a team environment.

Fire Truck Driver

Fire truck drivers are responsible for driving fire trucks to the scene of emergencies. They must be able to maneuver their vehicles through traffic, avoid other cars and pedestrians at all times, and park in designated areas. Drivers may also be asked to perform minor repairs on the vehicle if necessary.

Hazardous Materials Dispatcher

Hazardous materials dispatchers are responsible for coordinating the response of first responders in the event of an accident involving toxic chemicals or other harmful substances. They may also be required to manage requests from other departments, including police and medical units.

Traffic Dispatcher

Traffic dispatchers are responsible for managing the flow of traffic in an area and coordinating responses from first responders when accidents occur. They may also be required to work with other departments, including police and medical units.

Disaster Recovery Coordinator

Disaster recovery coordinators are responsible for coordinating emergency response plans, including the evacuation and sheltering of civilians during a disaster. They may be required to work with other departments, such as police and medical units.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

EMTs drive ambulances to the scene of accidents or emergencies, where they provide medical care to victims until they reach the hospital. In addition to driving skills, EMTs must have knowledge of first aid and CPR techniques, which should be taught if you were a 911 dispatcher before.

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For a 911 dispatcher, the job can be stressful and can require additional education or training to meet special needs. Because of this, looking for an alternative job with a similar skill set can help you find new career opportunities while still being able to use your skills as a 911 dispatcher.

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