9 Best Side Jobs that Bank Tellers Can Do for Extra Money

Best Side Jobs that Bank Tellers Can Do for Extra Money
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Are you a bank teller looking to earn some extra cash on the side? If so, you’re in luck! There are a variety of side jobs that bank tellers are well-suited for, whether you’re looking for something part-time or full-time, in-person or virtual.

These side jobs can help you earn extra money to pay off debt, save for a big purchase, or have a little extra spending money.

One of the key benefits of being a bank teller is that you already have experience dealing with money and handling transactions. This skill set can be valuable in various side jobs, such as freelance bookkeeping or accounting.

Consider working as a cashier or salesperson at a retail store or as a customer service representative for a company.

If you’re looking for a more flexible side job, consider doing freelance work, such as web design, writing, or social media management. These jobs can be done from anywhere and often offer the opportunity to set your schedule.

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1. Freelance Bookkeeping and Accounting

Bank tellers interested in making some extra cash can benefit from taking on freelance bookkeeping and accounting work. Bank tellers are ideally suited for this role due to their expertise and experience handling monetary transactions.

Keeping a company’s or an individual’s financial records in order is the major focus of a freelance bookkeeper. Accounting entails various jobs, from data entry to bank statement reconciliation to report writing. Tax preparation and filing fall under the purview of freelance accountants.

Bank tellers with a solid grasp of financial concepts and experience with accounting software like QuickBooks can establish their bookkeeping and accounting businesses. They could also need a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license or anything similar.

Part-time and full-time bookkeepers and accountants might charge different rates based on the client’s location and work difficulty. This is a great option for bank tellers who want to work from home occasionally because the work can be done remotely.

2. Cashier or Salesperson at a Retail Store

A bank teller who needs extra cash might benefit from working as a cashier or salesperson at a retail establishment. Hardworking individuals must always fill the roles of cashiers and sales associates in retail establishments.

Cashiers at banks are expected to ring up customers’ purchases, process their cash and credit card transactions, and provide stellar service. Assisting customers in making purchases, stocking shelves, and keeping the business tidy are all tasks that may fall under a salesperson’s purview.

The ability to communicate and build rapport with customers is essential for a bank teller or sales associate career. They also need to know how to use point-of-sale terminals and other common retail technologies. Tellers at banks and other retail establishments need to be able to multitask and quickly and efficiently process many customer requests.

Jobs in retail can be found in many establishments, from supermarkets to mall-based department stores and even more specialized retailers. Employment in retail can be good for bank tellers searching for extra cash and schedule flexibility, but wages will vary based on the store and region.

3. Customer Service Representative

Customer service work is a wonderful option if a teller wants to supplement their income while putting their people’s talents to good use. Whether by phone, email, or in person, customer service agents must respond to customers’ questions, concerns, and requests.

Bank tellers must think clearly and solve difficult problems while maintaining a pleasant demeanor with customers. They must also know their way around computers and some standard office applications.

Banks, phone companies, and stores are some places you can find a customer care person at work. Pay is variable based on the organization and area. Still, many customer service professions allow flexible scheduling, making them a good option for bank tellers searching for extra income.

4. Web Design

If you’re a bank teller and want to make extra cash while putting your artistic and technical skills to good use, consider taking web design as a side gig. The term “web design” refers to developing a website’s visual style, structure, and features. Tasks in this category range from crafting the site’s aesthetic to improving its usability and coding in various elements like contact forms and social network sharing buttons.

Tellers with expertise in web programming languages like HTML and CSS can get a job as web designers. They need to be able to design visually appealing layouts and have an eye for aesthetics.

Web designers work independently or for an established firm. The length and difficulty of a project, as well as the location of the client, can both affect the agreed-upon rate of pay. Working from home is an option for many people in this field, making it a great option for bank tellers who wish to supplement their income.

5. Social Media Management

Bank tellers who are adept at social media platforms and have strong interpersonal skills may find success in social media management as a second career. Managers of social media are the ones who develop and execute social media strategies for companies and other entities. This category includes content creation and scheduling, follower engagement, and metric analysis to determine the success of social media marketing initiatives.

Tellers who want to work in social media management must be conversant with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Also essential are excellent writing and communication abilities and the ability to craft material that will resonate with the intended readers.

There is a growing need for skilled social media managers, and these professionals are increasingly being hired by agencies specializing in everything from marketing to public relations. Many social media management positions offer a flexible schedule, making them excellent for bank tellers seeking part-time employment because of the potential for extra income.

6. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assisting could be a fantastic option if you work as a bank teller and are interested in working from home and making extra money. Remote administrative, technical, and creative support is what virtual assistants are hired for. This can include responding to emails, scheduling meetings, researching, and making documents and presentations.

Bank tellers interested in working as virtual assistants must be well-organized, have excellent communication skills, and know their way around common office software like Microsoft Office and Google Apps. A stable internet connection and the ability to operate independently are prerequisites.

Freelancing and working for an established virtual assistance firm are viable options for those interested in the field. Costs may differ based on the work’s nature and the client’s location. Bank tellers who like to work on their own time and from the comfort of their own homes might do well in this line of business.

7. Tutoring

Bank tellers with expert knowledge of a subject and a passion for sharing that knowledge with others may find tutoring a rewarding second career. Tutors are adults who work with pupils one-on-one or in small groups to help them succeed in school. This can cover various disciplines, from mathematics and science to English.

If bank tellers want to make extra money as tutors, they should be well-versed in the subject they’re teaching and adept at breaking down difficult concepts for their students. They need the patience and flexibility to cater to each student’s unique requirements for success in class.

In-person and online tutoring is common, and tutors might charge different prices depending on their expertise, location, and the nature of the student they are working with. As many tutors work with students part-time, it’s a great gig for people who already have day jobs, like bank tellers.

8. Event Planning

Those who work as bank tellers and are detail-oriented, organized, and enjoy planning and coordinating events may find that event planning is a terrific side hustle. Weddings, business meetings, and social gatherings are just some of the events that event planners are tasked with arranging and facilitating. Some examples of this work are making vendor reservations, liaising with the host location, and keeping track of finances.

Bank tellers interested in event planning should have strong interpersonal and organizational skills and the ability to multitask well. They must be adaptable to deal with various personalities and unforeseen obstacles that may develop during the planning phase.

One can work as a freelance event planner or join a full-service event planning firm. The amount of money you get paid can change based on factors like your client’s location and their event’s complexity. This is a great option for bank tellers looking for extra income because of its scheduling flexibility.

9. House Cleaning

Bank tellers who are meticulous, tidy, and organized can make good house cleaners. Housekeepers are the people who make sure our homes and apartments always look spotless and run smoothly. Household chores, including sweeping, mopping, dusting, washing dishes, and sterilizing fixtures, are all examples.

Bank tellers who want to clean homes need keen eyes for detail and the discipline to stick to a set routine. They need to be physically capable of doing things like lifting and bending, and they need to be able to work efficiently.

Cleaning houses can be done independently or as part of a larger cleaning service. The scope of the cleaning work, its difficulty, and the client’s location are all factors that can affect the rate of pay. Since many maid services hire workers on an as-needed or part-time basis, bank tellers may find cleaning houses a suitable second job.

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Final Thoughts

Bank tellers can supplement their income by taking on additional work in fields such as bookkeeping, accounting, customer service, retail sales, social media management, web design, virtual assistance, tutoring, event planning, and house cleaning. Any side gigs would be a great way to supplement your income by using your special abilities.

Finding part-time work requires a solid resume that showcases your experience and qualifications for the position. A resume that effectively presents your skills and expertise to prospective employers can significantly impact your job search.

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