7 Job Interview Tips for Recent College Graduates

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There are a lot of things you can do to prepare for your job interview. You could read up on what to expect, practice answering questions, and brush up on facts about the company. But if you’re a recent college graduate, it’s especially important to look at what the employer will expect from you before the interview begins.

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Be prepared for the interview

Before you go in for an interview, it’s important to do some research on the company. This will help you prepare for what to expect during the interview and how to respond to any questions.

Make sure that your resume is organized and professional-looking so that it reflects well on both you and the employer!

When preparing for an interview, make sure that everything is in line with what they are looking for in their job description or posting. If there are any gaps in knowledge about certain aspects of the position, such as skills or experience needed, then make sure those areas are addressed prior to attending an interview (or at least after).

Identify what you have to offer

  • Understand the company’s goals.
  • What are your skills and experience?
  • How do you fit in with the team?
  • What is your passion for this position?

If you’ve been working at a similar job for a while, there’s a good chance that they know what makes you tick, so make sure to describe yourself in terms of who you are as an employee and not just how well-matched or experienced you may be with the job responsibilities listed on their website.

For example: “I am passionate about helping companies achieve their goals by achieving theirs.” Or: “I have experience leading teams while working towards companywide goals.” The key here is making sure that every word counts!

Follow Up

Follow-up is more than just sending a thank-you note. It’s also about following up with a phone call, handwritten note, email, LinkedIn message, or text message.

In the case of an online interview (via email), follow up within 24 hours to let them know that you’re interested in the position and ask if they’d be willing to provide additional information regarding the position or provide feedback on your application materials.

For in-person interviews at schools—whether it be through campus visits or town hall gatherings—choose something relevant to your field of study during these initial encounters, and make sure that your questions are well thought out ahead of time so there won’t be any awkward pauses between asking them!

Locate a Mentor

If you’re looking for a mentor, look for someone who has been in your shoes. They’ll be able to give advice and share their experiences with you, which can be invaluable as you navigate the job search process.

A good mentor will also be able to connect you with others who have gone through similar experiences as you.

This is an especially important skill when applying for jobs outside of your field of study—you might not know what kind of industry or company is hiring at any given time, but having someone else’s perspective on how things work there might make all the difference between getting an interview and not getting one!

Make sure your social media profiles are looking good

Your social media profiles are also a good place to start. You should clean up any embarrassing photos and make sure your profile is up-to-date with the most recent information about yourself, including education and professional experience.

Your headshot should be professional but not too formal or stiff-looking—you want it to look good enough that someone would want to hire you based on just seeing it without seeing more of your work history first! Also, avoid oversharing personal information like where you live or who else lives with you (no one needs that).

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Practice, practice, and more practice One of the best ways to prepare for a job interview is by practicing answers with friends or family members. You can also do mock interviews with your career coach, who will help you construct questions that are tailored specifically to your strengths and weaknesses.

For example, “Tell me about yourself” is usually pretty easy in theory—but how do you answer this question when it comes at an unexpected time (like during an actual interview)? It’s important to not only be able to think on your feet but also to be prepared with answers that show off what makes you unique!

Put on the appropriate attire

Dressing appropriately is a small but important step in preparing for an interview. Make sure your clothes are clean and pressed, as well as that they fit well. You should also think about what type of style you want to project during the interview: professional or casual. Don’t forget that it’s important to look good on camera!

The last thing you want is for anyone from HR or another company representative who is interviewing you to be confused about who YOU are when you meet them in person (or even over email). If this happens, then there could potentially be some confusion around what kind of person they’re dealing with when hiring someone new into their team, which means more work for everyone involved down the road!

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After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of how to prepare for job interviews as well as what it takes to make a good first impression. Remember that these tips are only helpful if they are practiced regularly, so be sure to keep them in mind when preparing for your next job interview!

Your resume should be tailored to the position you are applying for and showcase your skills and experience. Use active language, including verbs such as “achieved,” “managed,” “developed,” and “created.” Avoid passive language such as “was responsible for” or “aided in”; use these instead of other verbs only when they’re more appropriate in the context.

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