14 Best Alternative Jobs for a Restaurant Server?

Best Alternative Jobs for a Restaurant Server?
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Are you a restaurant server in a restaurant seeking alternative employment? Do you wish to work in your field of interest and earn more money? If so, congratulations—you are in the correct place.

Some of the lowest-paid employees in the hospitality sector are servers at restaurants. While many people aspire to work as waiters at upscale eateries like the Cheesecake Factory or Olive Garden, most servers work in fast food establishments like McDonald’s or Burger King.

The good news is that if you’re willing to look, you can always find other employment. There are many different methods to enter the business world without needing to devote years to learning specialized skills.

Here are 14 excellent alternatives to working as a waitress or server.

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1. Retail Salesperson

Retail salespeople help customers find products they’re interested in by showing them around stores and answering questions about the merchandise.

They also need to be friendly and helpful when it comes time to place an order. Many retail employees earn commission-based salaries rather than hourly wages. You can apply online or search through local job boards.

2. Bartender

A bartender mixes drinks for guests at bars and restaurants. They serve alcohol, mix cocktails, and pour beer. Bartenders typically have a college degree and usually start as barbacks before moving to bartend positions.

You may not be able to make tips directly, but you will likely receive free drinks during shifts. Bartenders often work long hours, especially during peak times, which means you could earn overtime pay if you work enough hours.

3. Cashier

Cashiers are responsible for taking orders from customers and then ringing them up with cash. Some cashiers may have access to a register, while others must ring up items one at a time using a separate cash drawer.

Cashiers usually start making minimum wage, but overtime pay can significantly increase their earnings. In addition to customer service skills, cashiers should be able to read and write well enough to take orders and process payments. Most cashiers work full-time; however, part-time positions are available too.

4. Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers deliver goods and services to customers’ homes and businesses. These jobs include providing groceries, furniture, flowers, cleaning supplies, and other household items.

Delivery drivers usually work alone or in pairs. They must be able to drive a vehicle and navigate city streets safely. Most delivery drivers work for companies that offer flexible schedules and benefits, including health insurance and retirement plans.

5. Dishwasher

Dishwashers clean dishes after meals and parties. Dishwashers typically wear gloves and aprons when performing this task.

Most dishwashers earn little money because they usually work part-time and don’t earn commissions. However, part-time dishwashers can sometimes earn extra income through tips. Dishwashers typically start as busboys or cooks before progressing to more senior roles.

6. Personal Assistant

Personal assistants provide administrative support for executives and professionals. Their duties include scheduling meetings, booking travel arrangements, ordering office supplies, setting reminders, and managing email and calendars.

Personal assistants are typically hired on a contract basis and work as independent contractors. You won’t get paid sick leave, vacation days, or any benefits. Personal assistants usually work 40-hour weeks, and some employers offer bonuses for completing tasks quickly.

7. Travel Agent

Travel agents book hotel rooms and flights for clients traveling for business or pleasure. They also research destinations and plan itineraries. Travel agents work closely with hotels and airlines to ensure their clients receive the best rates.

Travel agents usually need a bachelor’s degree in tourism or hospitality management and several years of experience in the field. Many travel agencies hire new agents based on their ability to speak multiple languages.

8. Warehouse Worker

Warehouse workers stock shelves and move inventory around warehouses. Warehouse workers may use forklifts, pallet jacks, and hand trucks to lift heavy loads.

Warehouse workers usually start doing the light lifting, such as moving boxes. As they gain experience, they may begin handling heavier items like crates and pallets. You might even find yourself loading and unloading trucks.

9. Customer Service Representative

Companies employ customer service representatives to assist customers over the phone. These roles are typically entry-level and involve answering general inquiries and directing callers to the appropriate department. Customer service reps are often responsible for taking messages, providing information about products and services, advising callers about billing issues, and helping resolve problems.

Customer service reps generally have skills but have yet to gain previous sales or marketing experience. Most customer service positions require at least one year of related work experience. Some companies pay student interns an hourly wage, while others pay them a commission.

10. Administrative Support Specialist

Administrative support specialists perform clerical tasks such as typing, scanning documents, and filing papers. They also keep track of expenses and organize files and records. Administrative support specialists may be required to answer phones, take notes during meetings, and help create presentations.

Administrative support specialists usually need a high school diploma or equivalent education. Most of these jobs are available full-time; however, many part-time opportunities allow you to fit your schedule around your job.

11. Tutor

Tutors teach subjects ranging from English to math to foreign languages to children and adults. They might work with a single student or lead a group of several people. Tutoring is especially common among college students who want to earn extra money while studying.

Most tutors need a bachelor’s degree in education or another subject area. However, some schools now hire teachers without degrees or certifications if they have relevant teaching experience. Tutors usually charge per lesson, although some companies offer tuition reimbursement programs.

12. Telemarketer

Telemarketers sell goods and services over the phone. They cold-call potential customers and use scripts to persuade them to purchase certain products or services. Telemarketing is most commonly used to promote business ventures and other commercial products.

Telemarketers usually need a high school degree. Some telemarketing jobs require specific training, such as computer programming or public speaking. Many telemarketing firms recruit through staffing agencies. Others advertise directly on job boards.

13. Data Entry Clerk

Data entry clerks type letters and numbers into databases such as spreadsheets and word processing programs. They might transcribe handwritten notes into text messages or emails. Data entry clerks can fill out forms or enter data into online applications.

The number of data entry clerk jobs has increased dramatically due to the growth of the Internet. Companies often hire data entry clerks as freelancers to manage their websites or to provide technical support.

14. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants perform administrative tasks like scheduling appointments, making travel arrangements, and managing email accounts. Virtual assistants sometimes do secretarial work, such as answering phones and taking orders.

Some virtual assistants act as personal assistants by running errands, shopping, cooking, cleaning, and organizing paperwork. Other virtual assistants perform research projects for clients.

Virtual assistant jobs typically involve working from home and communicating via email. Most employers prefer candidates with prior experience in office administration.

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These career prospects can be ideal if you want to start a restaurant business but need more time to pursue culinary arts. These jobs allow you to make a living while gaining practical experience in a field you enjoy.

A restaurant server has a wide range of potential employment options. You can always find a job that matches your abilities and interests, whether you want to be a baker, cook, bartender, or manager.

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