11 Best Alternative Jobs for a Professional Actor?

Best Alternative Jobs for a Professional Actor?
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You’re curious as to the range of an actor’s abilities. One thing to remember is that a performer with experience and skill has numerous options for employment.

Acting professions can be broken down into two categories: stage and screen. Actors in a live theater production deliver real-time performances to an appreciative audience. Actors in films and on television perform for cameras. Whether you desire to act on stage or in movies will determine the kind of acting work you do.

Freelance-acting jobs are another viable option. Acting as a freelancer is a terrific method to get extra money because no long-term contracts are involved. Dependent on your schedule, you can choose which tasks to complete.

This piece will discuss the top secondary careers for working actors. We’ll go into the economics of some well-liked alternates.

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1. Freelancing as an Acting Coach

If you love working with people and helping them improve their skills, then freelancing as an acting coach might be perfect for you. There are several websites where you can post your resume and start looking for clients.

As an acting coach, you could help students prepare for auditions, offer workshops to enhance performance, teach classes, give private coaching, or run seminars. You’d need at least a bachelor’s degree to become certified by the Screen Actors Guild (SAG).

Consider also considering becoming a teacher if you like teaching others how to perform better. This occupation requires a bachelor’s degree but does not require certification from SAG.

2. Teaching English Online

Do you speak fluent English? If yes, then consider teaching English online. This is one of the easiest ways to make money online. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and Skype. You can teach students from around the world who want to learn English.

The best part about this job is that you don’t need to leave home. The only requirement is having a good command of the language. You can easily make money as an ESL teacher if you understand what needs to be said.

There are many types of ESL courses available such as conversation lessons, grammar lessons, vocabulary building, pronunciation training, etc. To find out

3. Tutoring

This is another good option when you have experience in a certain subject. Tutoring is great for those who enjoy teaching others.

Whether you’re an expert in math, science, history, or any other topic doesn’t matter. You can tutor just about anything. Many schools hire tutors to teach subjects to kids struggling with grades.

Some tutoring companies provide services to adults too. These include learning-disabled individuals, children with ADHD, and more.

4. Singing

Many performers sing in bars and restaurants. You can even become a bar singer by learning basic singing techniques. For example, you can take voice lessons to develop your vocal cords and improve your range.

Bar singers usually earn between $5-$20 per hour, depending on the location. Many people think that they can’t sing, but it takes practice to master the art of singing.

5. Modeling

Modeling has been proven to be one of the highest-paying professions. Modeling jobs come in all shapes and sizes. Some models work in fashion shows, while others do commercial modeling.

To get hired as a model, you must first register with agencies and sign contracts. Most agencies charge a fee for each client they place.

Once you’ve signed up with an agency, you’ll receive calls from casting directors. They will ask you to submit headshots, resumes, and reference letters. Once you meet the requirements, you will receive offers to book jobs.

6. Writing Blogs

Blogging has helped many authors gain popularity and earn thousands of dollars every month. If you love to write and are passionate about something, then blogging may be right for you.

If you need to become more familiar with blogging, you might want to start small. Setting up a blog and using free platforms like WordPress.com or Tumblr is easy. But once you see how much traffic these sites generate, you might pay for hosting.

A blogger gets paid whenever someone reads their content. So there is no limit to the amount of income you can make as a blogger. However, you can try affiliate marketing if you want to increase your earnings.

7. Writing Books

Authors usually sell their books through Amazon, iTunes, etc. You can self-publish your book using platforms.

You won’t have to worry about distribution because most retailers handle this process for you. All you need to do is upload your book to them and wait for customers to purchase your product.

You can also create e-books that allow readers to download your book without purchasing it. This works well for newbies because it will enable them to test-drive your products before buying them.

8. Writing Screenplays

Screenwriting is another great career choice for actors. Although screenwriters are not paid as much as actors, they can make a decent living.

To become a professional writer, you should learn everything about writing. Reading books and articles on the subject is the best way to find out what you need to know.

Then you should join online forums where writers share tips and tricks. Finally, you should attend workshops and conferences to enhance your skills.

9. Writing Music

Music composers are usually paid less than screenwriters or authors. But many music composers are making millions of dollars each year.

The reason why musicians earn more than other writers is because of the amount of time they spend creating their songs. Composition takes years to perfect, so it pays to invest some time into learning.

There are several ways to earn money as a musician. One of the easiest ones is by playing gigs. You can play at weddings, parties, bars, restaurants, etc. It doesn’t matter where you play as long as people enjoy your performance.

Another popular option is teaching music lessons. You can teach students in person or online. Some teachers even offer both options.

Some musicians choose to compose music for movies, TV shows, video games, commercials, etc.

10. Personal Assistant

Working as a personal assistant is one of the best careers for an actor. A PA can help organize meetings, handle clients, book travel arrangements, etc.

It is important to note that a PA does not always mean a secretary. Many PAs work as independent contractors who take care of all administrative tasks. They also provide general support services such as booking appointments, scheduling events, answering phones, etc.

11. Event Planning

An event planner helps plan events such as weddings and parties. These events often need lots of organization and planning. Event planners usually charge per hour or project.

They may also be hired to coordinate with vendors such as caterers, florists, photographers, videographers, etc.

If you love to plan events, this could be a good career choice. You will need to master different aspects of event planning, including budgeting, negotiating contracts, organizing schedules, etc.

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Final Thoughts

You need to be sure acting is something you want to do professionally before deciding to make it your career. The vast majority of aspiring actors spend their early years in the industry desperately seeking work, only to grow to despise it later on.

Acting is a profession that calls for a lot of time and effort. You should probably search elsewhere if you want a speedy solution.

Acting is one half of the equation if you want to make it in the entertainment industry. You’ll need to hone additional abilities like public speaking, networking, self-promotion, etc., to achieve your goals.

Your Resume needs to showcase your strengths and accomplishments if you’re looking at different employment opportunities. Instead of outlining job duties, the best resumes focus on the candidate’s achievements.

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited university is required. Get some experience under your belt by attending a community college or trade school if you don’t already have a four-year degree.

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