10 Best Side Jobs that Accountants Can Do for Extra Money

Best Side Jobs that Accountants Can Do for Extra Money
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As an accountant, you may be looking for ways to earn extra money. Accountants can do many side jobs to supplement their income and gain valuable experience in different areas of the field.

These jobs can be flexible and allow you to work on your schedule, making them a great option for those looking to balance their career with other commitments.

Some popular side jobs for accountants include providing freelance accounting services, teaching accounting courses or workshops, working as a consultant, or even starting your own accounting business. These jobs allow you to utilize your skills and knowledge of accounting principles to help others or grow your business.

Other side jobs that accountants may consider include working as a tax preparer, offering bookkeeping services, or working as a virtual assistant. These jobs can be done remotely, allowing you to work from anywhere with an internet connection.

Regardless of your chosen side job, it’s important to be proactive in finding and promoting your services.

Networking with other professionals in the field and leveraging online platforms can help you find new clients and grow your business. Dedication and hard work can turn your side job into a successful and fulfilling career.

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1. Freelance Accounting Services

The term “freelance accounting services” describes providing financial and accounting services on a contract basis rather than as an employee. Bookkeeping, financial statement creation, tax preparation, and financial consulting are just some of the services that freelance accountants provide. Businesses and individuals benefit from this service choice’s versatility and convenience since it can be rendered in-person or remotely.

Providing individualized attention to each client is a major selling point for accounting freelancers. Freelance accountants have the flexibility to work with their clients one-on-one to determine their specific financial goals and formulate a strategy to help them be realized.

Everything from submitting tax returns to preparing financial statements to provide continuous financial consulting and assistance falls under this category.

Accountants who are interested in making some additional cash might put their abilities to good use by providing freelance accounting services. Those who would rather have more autonomy in their work environment may also find contracting a viable choice.

2. Online Accounting Tutoring

Tutoring in the accounting field that takes place via the internet, most frequently through video conferencing and other digital mediums, is known as “online accounting tutoring.” If you’re an accountant and enjoy sharing your knowledge with others, this could be a terrific side gig.

Online tutors in accounting can work with students of any experience level, from complete novices to seasoned pros wishing to sharpen their skills. Depending on the preferences of their students, they offer both individual and classroom instruction.

Both students and teachers can benefit from online accounting coaching thanks to its adaptability in terms of time and place. In addition, it’s a great method for accountants to make extra money on their own time by taking on as many or as few clients as they’re comfortable with.

3. Tax Preparation Services

The term “tax preparation” is used to describe the steps involved in getting ready to file personal or business tax returns. Everything from estimating tax liability to filling out tax papers can fall under this category.

Accountants may find that offering tax preparation services is a rewarding side hustle because it puts their knowledge of tax law and financial analysis to good use. The accountant’s role in tax preparation is twofold: they help clients file their returns correctly and completely and advise them on tax planning and ways to reduce their tax burden.

Tax preparation services, like freelance accounting and online coaching, can be delivered flexibly, making them an attractive choice for accountants seeking supplementary income. It is a highly sought-after service during tax season when many people and businesses need assistance filing their taxes.

4. Bookkeeping for Small Businesses

Bookkeeping is keeping a company’s financial records, which entails documenting, categorizing, and summarizing cash flows. It’s crucial to the success of any small business, as it helps keep tabs on cash flow by recording transactions like purchases and sales, and it shows where the money is going.

Bookkeeping for small businesses is a terrific side gig for accountants since they can use their knowledge by assisting business owners with financial records and reports.

In addition to helping their clients set up and manage financial records, reconcile bank statements, and create financial reports, accountants who offer bookkeeping services can also assist them in preparing tax returns.

The contract nature of bookkeeping services for small businesses means that accountants can take on as much or as little work as they’re comfortable with. It’s a convenient choice for the accountant and the client because many bookkeeping jobs may be done remotely.

5. Financial Consulting Services

Consulting in finance means assisting clients in the form of advice and direction concerning their financial situations. Financial advisors help people figure out what they want from life financially and how to get there. Advice on tax preparation and risk management are only two examples of what can fall under this category.

Accountants may find that offering financial consulting services is a rewarding side hustle because it allows them to use their skills in financial analysis and planning to assist others in reaching their financial goals.

To best serve their clients, accountants who provide financial counseling services may choose to meet with their clients either individually or in small groups.

As accountants can take on as much or as little work as they like, they can provide financial advisory services on a contract basis. Also, it’s a versatile choice because financial advice may often be given via the phone or the internet, saving time and energy for the accountant and the customer.

6. Virtual Financial Assistance

The term “virtual financial help” describes providing financial assistance and advice to individuals and enterprises using digital means, specifically the internet. To this end, financial advisors may do anything from helping customers organize their finances to advising them on investment strategies.

Accountants may find that providing remote financial assistance to clients is a satisfying side hustle that puts their abilities to good use. Virtual accounting services allow accountants to work with clients via video conferencing or other internet platforms, which benefits both parties.

Depending on their availability and workload, accountants can take on as much or as little virtual financial aid as they need. Virtual financial assistance is also versatile because it can frequently be delivered remotely, saving the accountant and customer time.

7. Business Planning and Analysis

The term “business planning and analysis” describes the steps to formulate and implement plans to reach a company’s financial objectives. Creating a budget and financial plan are only two examples of what falls under this category, but it can also involve researching the market and analyzing financial data.

Accountants may find success working as business planners and analysts since it allows them to use their analytical and strategic financial planning talents while supplementing their income.

Accounting firms that provide strategic planning and analysis for their clients are in a prime position to help businesses make the most of emerging prospects.

Contract-based service delivery for business planning and analysis enables accountants to accept as much or as little work as they feel comfortable with. It’s a versatile choice because accountants and clients can benefit from the remote accessibility of services like business planning and analysis.

8. Risk Management Consulting

Risk management consulting involves offering advice and direction to businesses on how to anticipate better, analyze, and deal with any threats to their operations. In this context, “risk management” might mean anything from determining the severity of a financial threat to devising tactics to lessen that threat.

Accountants interested in using their financial analysis and risk assessment skills while supplementing their income can find risk management consulting a rewarding side gig. If you’re looking for an accountant to help you identify and plan for potential hazards, look only as far as the consultants who specialize in risk management.

Accountants can take on as much or as little work as they can handle by contracting for risk management consulting services. Risk management consulting is also a versatile choice because it can frequently be given remotely, which is helpful for the accountant and the customer.

9. Auditing Services

Financial records and statements are audited to ensure their accuracy and completeness. Businesses, government agencies, and other entities can use auditing services to check that their books are in order and line with the law.

It’s common for accountants to offer auditing services as a side gig, allowing them to use their knowledge of financial analysis and auditing standards while also helping businesses maintain trustworthy books. Clients can have their financial records and statements examined and checked for accuracy and irregularities using an accountant’s auditing services.

The flexibility of contract work allows accountants to take on as much or as little auditing as they feel comfortable with. Auditing services can often be offered remotely, making this an adaptable solution that benefits the accountant and the client.

10. Financial Reporting Services

The term “financial reporting” describes compiling and disseminating financial data to various interested parties. This can encompass multiple tasks, from compiling and analyzing financial data, writing a commentary on financial performance and drafting financial statements and reports.

Accounting professionals interested in using their analytical and communication talents can do well to offer financial reporting services to businesses and organizations. Financial reporting services are provided by accountants who work with their clients to compile and display financial data in a transparent and intelligible fashion.

Accounting firms can take on as much, or as little work as their staff accountants can handle by providing financial reporting services on a contract basis. It’s a versatile choice because accountants and clients can benefit from the ease of remote financial reporting.

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Accountants can do many different side jobs to earn extra money while utilizing their skills and expertise.

These side jobs include freelance accounting services, online accounting tutoring, tax preparation services, bookkeeping for small businesses, financial consulting services, virtual financial assistance, business planning, and analysis, risk management consulting, auditing services, and financial reporting services.

Accountants need to have a strong resume when seeking side jobs, as it serves as a key marketing tool and showcases their skills, experience, and achievements to potential clients and employers.

A well-written resume can help accountants stand out in a competitive job market and increase their chances of landing lucrative side jobs.

Our expert resume writers can help accountants create professional and effective resumes highlighting their unique strengths and qualifications. Our writers deeply understand the accounting industry and know what employers are looking for in a candidate.

By working with one of our expert resume writers, accountants can feel confident presenting themselves in the best possible light to potential clients and employers.

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